Weekly Update: April 18, 2016

I hope that you had a fantastic weekend. Enjoy the week with your students and colleagues.

Jenn off campus Monday-Wednesday:

I have the opportunity to attend the ASU/GSV conference this week. While I am very excited to have this opportunity, I will be off campus Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Chris will be serving as our admin designee in my absence.

Staff Meeting:

On Wednesday, April 20th, grade 3-8 teachers and specialists, should plan to attend the SBAC/CAASPP training meeting in room 23.

CAASPP/SBAC Testing Schedule:

CAASPP testing begins April 25th and concludes May 6th. We will continue to conduct make ups, and administer the grade 5 assessments through May 20th. If you will be administering CAASPP/SBAC assessments, please review your emails from Chris and ensure that you and your students are prepared for a smooth administration. Let us know ASAP if you have any questions. Please DO NOT wait until the last minute to get yourself and your students comfortable with the log in process. You have worked so hard this year to ensure that your students are ready for this, please be sure to give us the best opportunity for our students to show how very much they have learned from you and know.

Click here to view the schedule.

PLC in Room 28 during testing:

To allow us to use room 23 for student assessment make ups, during CAASPP/SBAC testing (April 25-May 6) please use room 28 for PLC.Sorry for the inconvenience.

LCAP Student Survey:

As a reminder to teachers of 3rd -6th graders, by April 22, please have your students complete the LCAP student survey.

Student Survey Link


Padres Winners:

Congratulations to Erin and Connie! They each won four tickets to upcoming Padre’s games.

Million Word Challenge:

Thank you for submitting your students’ reading logs to Teresa. Readings logs are due this Monday, April 18.  The final reading log will be due Monday, May 2.Thank you to the classes that are participating.

SBUSD Ed Foundation Mini Grants:

Spring mini-grant applications are now available! Please click the link below for additional information, including instructions and deadlines.


Coach’s Corner:

Walking through classrooms, the work that’s been done to classroom libraries is evident.  Books are labeled and in bins ready to be read.  We have been learning how effective independent reading can be.  Establishing a classroom library / reading area is an important step.  With all the time and effort to create and organize libraries, don’t forget to invest time in the routines and procedures that will maintain books for as long as possible.  Have students practice how to respectfully visit the library and choose book.  Discuss what it looks like and sounds like.  Create charts and signs to remind everyone of the expectations.  Get students involved.  It is the end of the year, but trying it now will present opportunities to consider any changes for the next school year.  If you’re interested in establishing routines and procedures around classroom libraries and independent reading, l would be happy to help.

Quote of the Week:


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