Weekly Update: April 4, 2016

Welcome back!! I hope that you enjoyed a fantastic vacation and are rejuvenated and ready to have fun working hard alongside each other and our students.

April Character Trait Focus-Kindness:

For your use during your PBS lesson this week. The video is available on the connect with kids website (http://sbusd.connectwithkids.com/). The video can be reached by going to Student Resources-> Elementary->Character/Life Skills. Lesson plans to use/modify are right below the video and the K-2 lesson plans are available on the previous page. I am hoping we don’t run into the same problem with accessing the videos like we did last time, but please let Lindsay know if anyone can’t access the website.

Staff Meeting:

We will have a staff meeting this week, much of our time will be spent providing input related to the Site and District LCAP/Single Plan for Student Achievement Process. As always, please plan to bring your laptops. See you in room 23 at 1:45.

Parking near portables:

Don Visnick, Director Facilities and Services, informed me today that as of Monday, April 11th, staff will no longer be allowed to park in the areas adjacent to the portables. Per the fire marshal, all staff will be required to park in the Emory parking lot. Understanding this impact, I asked about parking at the warehouse, and was told that they would not be able to accommodate this as the parking there is very limited.

New Technology:

During spring break, three of you should have received a new projector. The rest of our classrooms are due for an upgrade next school year. We will receive updated information about the planned laptop replacement soon. Based upon previous projections, most Emory staff will receive a new laptop this school year. Details to follow. For more information about the new projectors, click here.

Classroom Libraries:

I enjoyed seeing the before and after pictures of your upgraded libraries. Thank you for spending time enhancing your libraries for your students’ access and enjoyment. If you came in over break, please see Eunice on Monday to complete your timesheet.Prior to being compensated for your library upgrade (6 hours), you must take and share with me a before and after picture of your library. Remember that you have a $50 budget to purchase bins and supplies (keep the receipts).

Coach’s Corner:

The home stretch.  Now that we are back from Spring Break, the end of the year is fast-approaching.  Before we know it, testing will be over (CAASPP and benchmarks) and report cards will be sent home.  Before that happens, take the time and reflect on successes and challenges so far.  What do you feel proud of?  What do you feel needs some attention?  If you set a goal at the beginning of the year, evaluate your progress.  If you didn’t set a goal, think about making one for the end-of-the-year.  It can be a professional goal or personal goal.  I, for one, am going to commit to trying the reading workshop model in a primary and an upper grade classroom.  I’d like to work with a couple of teachers that are willing to try incorporating reading workshop in their day.  Another goal of mine is to work with someone to meet a goal he or she has set.  It is always helpful to have support with achieving goals.  I look forward to hearing from anyone that may be interested.  

Parent/Guardian LCAP input survey:

Many of you send home a digital newsletter or communicate electronically (dojo, google, etc). As we are in the process of collecting input from families (and the more responses the more valid the data), please share the links below which will take our families to the annual Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) survey.

English: http://goo.gl/forms/Gk94HEIAOU

Spanish: http://goo.gl/forms/UjYVj11bvc

Fountas and Pinnell:

Wow! So many of you have administered the Fountas and Pinnell and entered your scores into Illuminate. Thank you!!! I learned that there is a letter in Iluminate which you might send home to your students’ families. If you think this is helpful, please use it. Or think about how you might use it next year. To view a copy of the Illuminate parent letter, click here. To access the letter, you must have entered Fountas and Pinnell scores into Illuminate and then you should access it on the reports screen. Please let Chris or me know if you need help finding this letter or any other information. Click here for Directions for Entering Fountas and Pinnell Scores into Illuminate

Artbox Fundraiser:

You will find the artbox fundraiser personalized order forms in your mail boxes. Please send them home with your students ASAP. All order forms will be collected by the company on Thursday. PTA will receive approximately 30% of the proceeds from each order.

Million Word Challenge:

The challenge continues….

Who: Our students, their families and us

What: Million Word Challenge

When: February 22-April 29

Where: Library and our community

Why: Reading is an important skill to succeed in school and life. Practice makes perfect.

How: Please encourage students to read, complete their reading logs and return them to Teresa in the library.

Week of April 4

Teresa collects reading logs and distributes new logs or returns partially completed logs

Students who submit a Second reading log (with reading documented) will receive a pencil. (first time submissions will receive a sticker)

All of us continue to promote the Million Word Challenge with our students and families

Students Read

Quote of the Week:


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