Weekly Update: February 22, 2016

Please take care of yourselves. I know that this has been a very busy month. Between administering and grading performance tasks and now preparing your report cards, hang in there! I appreciate all that you are doing for each other and our students.

Staff Meeting:

No meeting this week. Please take the time to finish your report cards. Or if you are done, get some planning done.

Report Cards:

Report Cards should be sent home on Friday, February 26th. See directions below from Jen Oliveira.
Access report cards via illuminate.
     Access resources to help you (video, handout with pictures, etc) on the  Units of Study website
·         BROWSERS– Illuminate and the Ed Services Department recommend CHROME. Using an out-of-date Internet Explorer might cause technical difficulties specifically with Illuminate.
·         LANGUAGE– Remember you are completing the English version, and you have the option to print in either Spanish or English.
·         COMMENTS– You encourage you to draft your comments in WORD or on Google Docs and then copy and paste them into your report cards.
·         FINAL DRAFTS– Attendance, Performance Task Scores, Teacher Name will be finalized February 24th. Please make sure these fields have had a chance to populate before you print and send home.
·         Smarter Balanced Parent Guides– The CDE has good parent guides for 3rd-5thgradeand 6th– 8th grade. We don’t recommend sending these out,  but they might be a good resource for you if parents have questions.

Coach’s Corner:

This week Jennifer Oliveira from the district Learning and Innovation department spent some time with some primary grade teachers and classified staff.  She presented ideas on how to utilize the computer lab with our K-2 students.  With Chromebooks being in all our 3-6 classes, I have overlooked the importance of exposing our primary students to technology.  I am grateful that the primary teachers were proactive in their learning.  They reached out to Jenn and made a commitment to learn.  I learned that our students would benefit from Computer 101.  They should spend some time to just explore the tools and programs that they will be using:  Google docs, Word, Sketchpad, etc.  We can show them how to use the shift key, change the font color or center the text.  ‘Playing’ with the tools will help them to be more familiar and efficient with them as time goes on.

ELD Updates:

We will be making some slight changes to our ELD groups and English only groups. The changes will occur on the March 1st. Updated lists will be sent this week.

Class Dismissal:

As a reminder, please keep your students in class until the bell rings. If you release students early, it can be disruptive for other classrooms.

CAASPP Meeting:

Save the date: on Wednesday, March 9th, we will need to meet with our 3rd-6th grade teachers and specialists. Topics include the testing schedule; designated supports, practice test administration. Details to follow.


Use of district email account:

As a reminder, your email, my email, and any public employee’s email account is subject to a public records request. That means any email that you send from your SBUSD account or receive to this account may, by request, possibly be released. I am sure that your communication via email is always professional, however, wanted to share this reminder with you.

New Impact Schedule:

Beginning Tuesday, Feb 23, our Impact teachers will switch classrooms and begin a new unit with your students. Click here to view the schedule.

Million Word Challenge:

Beginning Monday February 22, Emory will join other schools throughout California in participating in the Million Word Challenge. The intent is to increase the time that students read outside of school together with their families or on their own. I will speak about this, briefly, with our students on Monday at flag salute and Teresa will explain the program in detail to our students during your library time this week.

Who: Our students, their families and us

What: Million Word Challenge

When: February 22-April 29

Where: Library and our community

Why: Reading is an important skill to succeed in school and life. Practice makes perfect.

How: Please encourage students to read, complete their reading logs and return them to Teresa in the library.

Week of Feb 22

Kick Off Million Word Campaign

               Jenn, Teresa and Teachers promote with students and families

               Teresa to explain details and pass out reading logs in the library

               Students read 🙂

District Professional Learning Survey:

I encourage you to complete The Learning and Innovation professional survey. Please click here to participate in a brief survey.

Quote of the week:

Image result for the impact of a teacher quotes







One thought on “Weekly Update: February 22, 2016

  1. I appreciated Chris loaning me his computer power cord; so I could complete entering PTA scores and begin inputting report card grades. Thank you, and I hope your ankle is alright!

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