Weekly Update: February 16, 2016

Thank you for your hard work administering the PTA’s. I hope that you are finding the data helpful as you make instructional decisions related to your students’ needs and plan with your team.


Performance Task Assessments (PTA):

Scores must be entered by Friday, February 19. 

Hope everything is going well for you and your students. Please let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance. Visit the Educational Services website to view Anchor Papers for your grade level.

Attendance Contests:

Unfortunately, we had some confusion related to our two new attendance contests. We will begin our classroom “Emory Eagles Soaring to Success Contest this week (the letters which had been prepared for your classrooms went missing). We will track the weekly winners for our student level contest in the office. We appreciate your support of these initiatives. Our students miss out when they are absent from your classroom. As it takes time for you to catch up students after their absences, it impacts you and the other students in your class as well.


We began our time together this week by sharing something that we are grateful for. If you are interested in learning more about practicing gratitude for yourself, your family or your classroom. Check out one or more of the links below.

How to Foster Gratitude in Schools

Gratitude and School Transformation


Digital Learning Day-February 17th:
Digital Learning Day is a global celebration for educators to share how they are integrating technology and how using technology is not “about the app”. It is about giving students choice, communicating with experts, collaborating with peers, creating something new to show their learning and to practice being a global citizen. Click here for some lesson ideas. You may use your twitter account to follow @officialdlday to see what other teachers are doing. Let me know if you’re doing something fun as I would love to stop by.


Report Cards:

Report Cards should be sent home on Friday, February 26th. See directions below from Jen Olivera.
Access report cards via illuminate.
     Access resources to help you (video, handout with pictures, etc) on the  Units of Study website
·         BROWSERS– Illuminate and the Ed Services Department recommend CHROME. Using an out-of-date Internet Explorer might cause technical difficulties specifically with Illuminate.
·         LANGUAGE– Remember you are completing the English version, and you have the option to print in either Spanish or English.
·         COMMENTS– You encourage you to draft your comments in WORD or on Google Docs and then copy and paste them into your report cards.
·         FINAL DRAFTS– Attendance, Performance Task Scores, Teacher Name will be finalized February 24th. Please make sure these fields have had a chance to populate before you print and send home.
·         Smarter Balanced Parent Guides– The CDE has good parent guides for 3rd-5th gradeand 6th– 8th grade. We don’t recommend sending these out,  but they might be a good resource for you if parents have questions.

Coach’s Corner:

Now that the Benchmark Assessment window is closing, scoring the assessments becomes the next task.  Entering the data and assigning a score can become the focus.  Let’s remember the big picture.  This is the time where we look at what students can do and what they need support with, according to the standards.  Take the time in PLCs to look for trends, discuss what was taught and why students responded the way they did.  Let the data drive the decisions you make around instruction.  In our staff development looking at data was tedious at times, but the conversation about the successes and challenges were productive.  Identifying the needs of our students will guide the action taken in instruction.  The action doesn’t have to be all out change, just what you feel comfortable with to meet the need of one student, a group or the whole class.  I look forward to the opportunity to participate in this work with you all.

Question of the Week:
Who is someone on our Emory team that you are grateful for?
Quote of the Week:

7 thoughts on “Weekly Update: February 16, 2016

  1. I am so incredibly grateful for the grade level teams I’ve been blessed to work with since returning to Emory. Although I had been on both CCUS writing committees, I didn’t actually implement any of the work until returning to the classroom. These teams have been so helpful to me, letting me ride on their coattails. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to be more proactive and useful them….unless I change grade levels again…ha!

  2. I am very grateful for the office staff. They are always supporting me and helping me deal with parents. Also I am very grateful for the parent volunteer center who is always helping when asked. Awesome staff!

  3. EVERYONE AT EMORY that remembers our purpose and continues to do it with a smile. Thank you. I’m grateful for you and how you inspire our children.

  4. I am great full for Rebecca keeping our team running. I am

    also great full for Teresa Wood our librarian, who is a great resource!


  5. Our Librarian, Office Staff, Cindy and Volunteers, also our Principal for assisting us with different needs and situations!!

  6. I am extremely grateful for everyone at Emory who works diligently toward making sure our students are not only educated, but works toward enhancing the “whole child,” mind, body, and soul!!!

  7. I am eternally grateful to my instructional assistant, specialist and PLC team for all their assistance everyday.

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