Weekly Update: January 18, 2016

I hope that you enjoyed the long weekend. Let’s be sure to have the very best week having fun and learning with our students.

Staff Professional Learning:

We will be meeting together this Wednesday from 1:45-3:15 in room 23. I can’t wait to see you all there!

Coach’s Corner:

It was a challenge but I was able to kickstart my journey into reading.  Becoming a reader is a difficult.  Choosing to read instead of watching TV, surfing the web or going to the gym was hard.  I enjoyed revisiting The Missing Piece, by Shel Silverstein.  I also read a book from Nancy Krulik’s series “How I Survived Middle School”; I really didn’t enjoy that one as much, but I could see it appealing to some kids.  When I read these books, I automatically thought  about ways to incorporate them in instruction.  I also did this when I read The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey and the autobiography I am Malala (I am halfway done).  One of the things I noticed while I read was I had a urge to share what I was reading.  I wanted to talk about it.  I can’t be the only one who feels like that.  So, when I had the chance, I read an excerpt from I am Malala to a class.  I think it piqued some interest.  I enjoyed sharing it at least.  The more we can share our reading experiences with kids; the more they will be exposed to the love of reading.  I am excited to see so much reading going on in all of your classrooms.  I even saw 6th graders reading to 1st graders during recess.  Our students are becoming readers thanks to your efforts.  Let’s keep the momentum going.  Any suggestions on other books I should read?


Many of you send home newsletters (paper or virtual). Please share with your parents information about Remind text message notification service. Click here for the full instructions or see below (this is on the Emory School web page). This is a way for us to text message our families. (yes, it’s free). 

Sign up to receive text message reminders from Principal Grondek. See instructions below. Send a text message to the number 81010 with the message @jgron

ELD and Report Cards:

As you meet with your ELD groups, please be sure to use a qualitative measure to track your students’ progress. The SELD ongoing assessment log is a great tool to use. Please let me know if you would like more information about it. Having a qualitative measure will help your design/refine  your instruction and support the report card process.

Changes to the Payroll System:

Please see this Letter from Superintendent McNamara, SWTA President Lorena Garcia, and CSEA, Chapter 59 President Beth Gillen regarding the transition to our new Human Resources/Payroll system. In other districts who have made the transition, there have been some problems on the first payday. Please be sure to have reviewed your past pay check stubs and take a look at your pay stub/check/deposit on our next pay day. (January 29th). If you notice any problems, please alert me and Eunice ASAP. We will direct you to the appropriate district office personnel to quickly address the problem.

Shade Structure:

During the week on Jan 25-29, they will place the poles for our new shade structure (out on the lower playground.) They will return the following week to install the shade (just in time for this very cloudy winter).

Optimist International Oratorical Contest:

I encourage you to participate in the Optimist International Oratorical Contest!  The topic for this year is, “How my best brings out the best in others.”  Students under the age of 18 may enter.  The deadline for entries is February 2016 and the event is scheduled for March 2016.  For more information, please see the application.

PLNU Art Students:

Our friends from Point Loma are back and I am looking for partners teachers. Some of you may have participated in the Arts Education partnership with Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU). You may recall that students visiting from PLNU have had limited experience in front of a class. As there are only 8 PLNU students available to visit our school this semester, please let me know ASAP if you would like to participate. See additional information below.

The three dates the spring semester for the visit to Emory are:

Tues. March 15 – Planning Meeting with Teachers,  2:30PM
Tues. April 5 – Teaching Day #1,  1:30PM
Tues. April 12 – Teaching Day #2,  1:30PM

Reading, Reading and More Reading:

Thank you for assessing your students, diving into differentiated small group reading instruction, book clubs, building stamina etc. (wow– you are really making changes to meet our students’ needs!!) You may remember reviewing this document (Getting Started: The First 20 Days of Guided Reading) at a recent staff meeting. Don’t forget it, as it lays out a plan for for what you might do after you obtain your reading assessment results. (For those of you following along closely, yes, this is a repeat, but a good repeat and certainly won’t hurt–bonus point to you for your close attention 🙂

San Diego County Fair:

The San Diego County Fair provides educational programs for San Diego schools, including Plant Grow Eat, field trips, and school tours.  For more information, visit here.

Health Alert Lists:

You may have seen a previous email from our nurse Timea. In it she asked that you be sure to either have your health concerns list accessible to a sub or leave very clear directions for your sub to locate this information.

South Bay Unity Games:

Reminder– The SBUSD Unity Games will be on Saturday, May 21.

Quote of the week:

Video of the week:

Most Likely to Succeed movie trailer

Question of the week:

What is something that you do or have done to promote a positive school culture at Emory?

7 thoughts on “Weekly Update: January 18, 2016

  1. I came back to Emory after being gone for 3 years! Just kidding….I think my passion and positive outlook for what we do on a daily basis has been a contribution to Emory’s culture, at least that’s what I hope.

  2. I think about my own children and how I want teachers to treat them. First thing, RESPECT. I know no child is perfect and each child responds differently to adults. I am an educator, but also a mentor that believes in giving my students respect to build a positive classroom culture. My motto is to encourage students to learn from mistakes and show respect to all. That’s my start and I build onto it everyday.

  3. try to engage as many kids as possible to play baseball before school and at recess time, letting them know sports are hard but it’s all about the effort…

  4. Support positive actions with Smile Notes, “Catch ’em being good,” then have a drawing at end of the week for prizes.

  5. By admiring the work that my coworkers do each day–I just need to say it out loud more often (it’s in my head all the time).

  6. I’m most recently proud of the Beginning of the school year event that Daishanna and I organized: “Old School meets New School” we were thrilled that it was so well received by the Emory Staff. What a great way to welcome new leadership and honor ALL the staff as well as begin the year by promoting a positive school culture! 🙂
    I’m also proud of my school-wide leadership with UNICEF and Read Across America as well as providing my own students and parents with a welcoming and respectful classroom environment.

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