Weekly Update: January 11, 2016

Welcome Back! Happy New Year!!

I hope you enjoyed a relaxing vacation and have returned refreshed and ready for all that 2016 will bring.

Grants Funded:

Congratulations to our fifth grade team for writing an Ed Foundation grant. They were awarded $1018. Congratulations, too, to our sixth grade team who received $1500. RoseAnn has had great success with donor’s choose and has written four grants and had three of them funded. Thanks for your extra efforts to support our Emory Eagles.

Fountas and Pinnell Reading Assessment Materials:

The District has committed to ordering Fountas and Pinnell Kits for all of us who do not yet have our own. We expect to have them in your hands by mid/late January.

Classroom Libraries:

Books are on the way for students.  The District has ordered a starter classroom library for every one of our classes.  An additional order will be placed in January to fill in for special education classrooms

Updated Benchmark Chart:

As we learn more about the reading level of the students in our classrooms and strive toward the goal of having all of our students reading at benchmark by the third grade level, please see the updated Benchmark chart. You have seen a previous version. The most updated chart is dated May 2013.

Impact Schedule:

On Tuesday, we will begin our new Impact Rotation. Please click here to see the schedule. It is also posted on the white board in the lounge.

Optimist International Oratorical Contest:

I encourage you to participate in the Optimist International Oratorical Contest!  The topic for this year is, “How my best brings out the best in others.”  Students under the age of 18 may enter.  The deadline for entries is February 2016 and the event is scheduled for March 2016.  For more information, please see the application.

Noon Time Supervisor Training:

On Tuesday, Rob Wells, will visit Emory to provide training for our noontime supervisors. We hope to refine our practices to maintain a safe lunchtime environment for our students.

Gate testing:

Lindsay will coordinate with our Second Grade team to administer the Ravens to our 2nd grade students on Wednesday. Please be sure to move quietly through the halls to support their success.

Coach’s Corner:

The Winter break is upon us.  As I think about the three weeks ahead, I am looking forward to spending time with family as well as getting some R & R.  In addition, I have committed to becoming a reader.  I read everyday, but I am really not a reader.  I don’t have a stack of books on my nightstand, and I never think about what novel I want to read next.  Of course, I still crack open an issue of Superman or Spider-man now and then, but I haven’t learned to enjoy reading like we want our students to enjoy reading.  Sooo, I have a goal to read at least one, young adult novel that students would enjoy and three picture books that may be of interest to our emergent readers.  I welcome any suggestions.  I will keep you posted on what I decided to read….

Thank you all for all the planning and work you do throughout the year for the students and community of Emory.  I hope you have a restful and wonderful holiday season!  See you in 2016!

Question of the week:

We have spent a lot (most) of our time together talking about Reading. What is working for you related to your math instruction and/or what questions do you have about teaching math?

Quote of the week:




10 thoughts on “Weekly Update: January 11, 2016

  1. Math? We teach math? JK! I have found success with math games both last year in primary, and again this year with my 4th graders. They are engaged and are cementing basic mathematical skills, and yes, having fun at the same time. I also taught them how to properly play dominoes, so strategy and logic are incorporated.

  2. Ditto, Holli. Math games have really helped in our class for 2 main reasons: 1) the students practice skills in a fun way and gain automaticity, and 2) classroom management: those games free us up to work with students individually or in small groups, to provide extra help with a particular math concept.

  3. This is my first year using the CPM curriculum and I love it. Its such a different way of teaching math and I feel like my students have been more successful this year than previous years.

  4. The resources I love to use for math are: Khan Academy, Learnzillion, IXL Math. I have especially tried grouping students and giving them a single word problem to solve. Within their group they must break the problem down by answering these questions: What is the problem asking us to do? What information do w know? What are my steps to solve? What is the solution and how do I know it’s correct? Each groups presents the information on a poster or the on the whiteboard and students rotate to look at each poster. Students are encouraged to analyze each other’s results.

  5. The phrase, “Less is More,” is what I have been trying to implement in regards to my teaching mathematics. I have been focusing on my students doing, “more,” (discovery, explaining, analogy, partnering, etc. and me doing, “less,” talking, as well as assigning fewer math problems.

  6. FYI: I attended the math workshop offered by Michelle S. this past Friday. I was so excited to share that Emory School is one of the few schools in the district that has a math shed filled with many Mathland manipulatives (which we loved using in the 90’s, It’s coming back! 🙂
    Michelle was giving out free Mathland manipulatives that she had gathered to the attendees.

    Luckily, I kept a lot of my math manipulatives and still enjoy using almost daily so that students can have a visual and concrete experience with math tools.

    Just like Angelica, I have had much success focusing on ONE big math problem usually from either Inside Mathematics or Illustrative Mathematics. Kids also love Khan Academy, Jo Boaler YouCubed math games and IXL math.

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