Weekly Update: November 16, 2015

Enjoy your week and if I forget to say it, Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the holiday with your friends and family.

Be well and take good care of yourselves:

We have reached the point in the school year which can be stressful for our students, families and ourselves. For some of our students (and us) the holidays can be a difficult time. I encourage you to take good care of yourselves. Get your rest, remember to breathe and try to find time for you. Remember that the kids who need the most love, ask for it in the most unusual of ways.

ILT/PBS team meeting:

Thank you, in advance to our PBS/ILT team members who are available to meet this Thursday, from 2:40-3:40 in room 23.

Golden Eagle Awards Assembly:

Our first Golden Eagle Awards Assembly of the 2015-16 year will be held on Friday, November 20th

Grades 3-4 at 8:15-9:00

Grades 5-6 at 9:15-10:00

Grades 1-2 at 10:30-11:15

As we have allotted only 45 minutes per assembly, please keep your remarks brief. Also, please submit names for the drawing to Eunice by Wednesday, November 18th.

Unity Games Save the Date and Poster Contest Preview:

South Bay PTA Council will hold district-wide Unity Games on Saturday, May 21st. Events include 50 yard dash, 100 yard dash, hula hoop a thon, obstacle course and many more.

Look for a flier to go home this week advertising a Unity Games logo contest. Student designs must be submitted to you by Dec 2nd. Winning student receives recognition at Dec 10th Board Meeting and a Unity Games t-shirt. Winning teacher receives a $25.00 gift card.

First Trimester Perfect Attendance Pizza Party:

This Thursday, we will celebrate our student who have had perfect attendance for the first trimester. Look for a VIP pass to be delivered to your classroom. They will enter our cafeteria via a special entrance and enjoy pizza and salad at beautifully decorated table.


Thank you to those of you who take time to encourage students to attend school on time every day. It really matters.

  • Students who attend school regularly score higher on achievement tests than their peers who are frequently absent.
  • When children miss even one day of school, it takes TWO days just to catch up, according to the U.S. Department of Education.
  • When students are absent, they miss the social experiences, lessons, and relationships that help with fitting in and succeeding in school and life.

Impact Teacher Update:

Though we are very happy for Melinda White as she has accepted a full time position with Chula Vista, we are sad to see her leave Emory. We are fortunate to have Liz Desmond (sub) and Cathryn Clabaugh with us. Next week we will have Donna Neuhaus with us as a sub Impact teacher.

Fountas and Pinnell Benchmarks:

Click here to review the Reading Level Benchmark Chart. As you are assessing your students, this chart should give you good information about your students and may help you set goals for them. You may consider having your students set their own goals. Here is a possible resource if you want to explore this more.

Coach’s Update:

A new feature in our weekly blog will be an update from our favorite coach Chris!

From Chris–

As we approach Thanksgiving Break, am I thankful for the dedication and work that Emory Teachers display day-in and day-out for the sake of our students.  I hope everyone has a restful time off and enjoys their family and friends.

Reading Assessment

As the work continues to meet our goal of assessing all students by year end, I want to make sure you know that I am available for support.  I know that it is essential for teachers to assess their own students, I can sit with you as you assess or visa-versa.  It can help to have two pairs of eyes and ears as we get familiar with the assessment.  I know that I still have much to learn about Fountas and Pinnell.  Along with support with the assessment itself, I can also help with what comes next.  What do we do with the data once we have it?  We can explore how we can use reading assessment information in planning instruction.  We can discuss ELA structure, lesson ideas, team teaching opportunities, etc.  This is also a place where I have lots room to grow.  Let’s try it together.


As I have had more time to be in PLCs, I appreciate that all grade levels continue to use this time to discuss instruction.  There has been interest to share and discuss student work.  Analyzing student work is a very effective task in identifying trends and planning next steps in instruction.  Doing this collaboratively is powerful.  I have asked a couple grade levels to bring work of their choice to PLCs after Thanksgiving break. Next week we can discuss if this is a direction your team would like to consider.


Thanks to our Fifth Grade team for coordinating our students’ participation in Biztown. Watch the video below to get more of an idea about what happens there.


Global Cardboard Challenge:

Thanks to our third grade team for having their student’s participate in the Global Cardboard Challenge. See email from RoseAnn with more details. Check out the videos below to learn more and to prepare your students to visit. TK-1 Monday afternoon and 2-6 Tuesday 10:00-11:30.

https://youtu.be/faIFNkdq96U   (Caine’s Arcade YouTube video)

https://youtu.be/Ul9c-4dX4Hk    (Caine’s Arcade 2  YouTube video)

Question of the week:

What will you do over the next week or two to stay well?

Quote of the week:

10 thoughts on “Weekly Update: November 16, 2015

  1. Enjoy my family !!! Be present both physically and mentally for my family and enjoy skiing In Mammoth with my boys. Looking forward to leaving my work bag behind and replacing it with family memories.

  2. Enjoy the time off with my loved ones and begin my Christmas shopping. I will also continue to drink warm ginger tea…it has helped keep the flu bug away!!!

  3. I will be sleeping in and making sure that I make healthy choices for myself- exercising regularly and eating at home rather than grabbing something on my way home from work. I can’t wait to see family on Thanksgiving!!

  4. I look forward to establishing a good morning routine- exercise, coffee, read the paper, make a delicious breakfast for my teens.

  5. I will be travelling to Austin to see by husband’s family and then to Dallas to spend Thanksgiving with my sister, brother-in law and nieces. Can’t wait to spend quality time with family.

  6. I will remember and honor those who are no longer with us in their physical presence-and joyfully celebrate and give thanks with my family and friends!

  7. I was sick over Thanksgiving break with a cough I’d picked up from my students. I was sick with a stomach virus over the weekend which I picked up from my students. Lysol wipes are my best friends from now until break 🙂 I want to be healthy to enjoy the time with my family and friends!

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