Weekly Update: November 2, 2015

So many thank yous!!

Thank you to each and every one of you for dedicating your time to make our fall carnival a fun, community building event for our students and families! From encouraging donations to manning a booth, you all had a part in supporting our school. Special thanks to Shelly and apprentice Erin in coordinating this fun event. Thanks to all of you for supporting our Unicef Costume Parade and drive to support students in need around the world. Special thanks to RoseAnn for coordinating. I look forward to learning how much money we raised. Additional thanks for Daishanna who, in her first year, coordinated our 2015 Red Ribbon Week celebration. Thanks to those of you who participated in the fun activities including the door decorating! Thanks also to Angela who coordinated daily promotions and our scary Ghost Grams!!

I am grateful to all of you each and every week for your dedication to your students and colleagues! Great job getting your report cards done!! Phew…..

Have a great week!


Please use your PLC time to continue to plan to address the standards in our Units of Study and best meet the needs of our students.


Thank you for your feedback related to the DRAFT ELD groups. You will receive updated ELD and English Only rosters by Thursday. We will again need you to help us refine these rosters. Tentative start date of the new rosters is Tuesday, Nov 10th. Your English Learner Committee has changed its name to the English Learner Task Force. Thanks to our Task Force Members for working hard to make discuss meeting the needs of Emory English Learners.

Impact Teacher Schedule Change:

Beginning Tuesday, November 3rd, our Impact Teachers will rotate. Please see the schedule on our White Board and at this link.

Emory Governing Board Presentation:

On November 5th, at 6:00 p.m., I will make a presentation to the Governing Board about Emory. I would love it if you were to join me there. (You will be on your way home before 6:30). This is my opportunity to highlight many of the amazing things that we have been up to this year.

Emory Governing Board Visit:

Our Governing Board Members will visit Emory this Friday, November 6th from 8:15-10:15. Please let me know if you would like for the board members and superintendent Dr. McNamara to visit your room. (we might visit you even if you don’t email me 🙂

Classroom Visits:

Dr. McNamara will be at Emory and she will visit your classrooms this Thursday from 1:00-2:45. I will visit classrooms on Tuesday and Friday.

Staff Professional Development:

We will meet this Wednesday, November 4th from 1:45-3:15 in room 23. I look forward to seeing you there!!

Question of the Week:

What do you love about your job?

Quote of the Week:

10 thoughts on “Weekly Update: November 2, 2015

  1. I’m in it for the kids. I love their excitement for learning, their energy for life. When something clicks, I love knowing that I had something to do with that. I think our job keeps us young!

  2. I really enjoy watching the kids learn and knowing that, sometimes, I have a part in that 😉 My kids and fellow staff also give me lots of great laughs (sometimes I have to keep those laughs inside:-)

  3. I love that sparkle in my kiddos’ eyes when they finally “get it!” I love that no 2 minutes are exactly the same and I’m kept on my toes each day. Best of all, I LOVE interacting with my kids daily and being a part of their learning. 23+ years and I still LOVE getting to come to school each day. There have been few days that I’ve had to call it work.

  4. Pushing kids to think outside the box on their own! It’s amazing how much I have learned from them.

  5. The thing i love most about my job is seeing my students put their hand down because they just figured out what they needed to do on their own.

  6. After 30 years in education, I still get excited about challenging myself to learn something new, right along with my students. When students tell me that they are having FUN and learning, it inspires me to keep doing what I’m doing! And yes, it also keeps me young at heart….:)
    p.s. Looks like we have a lot of “YOUNG” teachers at Emory! 🙂

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