Weekly Update: 10/19/15

I hope that you enjoy/enjoyed your weekend! Thank you so much for your thoughtful words and treats. Best wishes for a great week!

CELDT Testing:

Big thanks to Chris for coordinating the CELDT test. Thanks also to Rebecca, Dene, Georgina, Leslie, Aranzazu, Erika and Angela for administering these tests.

On Monday, we will be facilitating the last portion of the test. The testing time on Monday is 8:15-10:30. Those teachers not testing, please remind students to be mindful of the students in testing rooms. Recess will be at their regular times.  Chris will supervise an additional recess time for CELDT students.  Once again, there will be no official PBS lesson. Make-ups will continue on Monday after testing as well as the rest of the week.

Performance Tasks:

You have until October 20th to complete your PT assessments and October 23rd to enter scores into Illuminate. Please let Chris or me know ASAP if you need any assistance.

Report Cards:

Please see information below (from Jen O) regarding report cards. This is a repeat, but important.

BROWSERS– Illuminate and the Ed Services Department recommendCHROME. Using an out-of-date Internet Explorer might cause technical difficulties specifically with Illuminate.
SHIFT IN THINKING– Remember to think in terms of the Performance Descriptors (Meets Expectations, Approaching Expectations, etc.) rather than trying to equate a 4 to an ‘A’, a 3 to a ‘B’, etc. Using our Standards-Based Grading Language a student score of a ‘Four’ reflects students are exceeding grade level standards.
Exceeding  expectations
The student is consistently achieving above what is expected at his or her grade level in this area at this time.Do not be concerned if you do not have ’4’s on the students’ assessments.
Meeting expectations
The student is achieving exactly what is expected at his or her grade level in this area at this time.
Approaching expectations
The student is nearly achieving what is expected at his or her grade level in this area at this time.
Not yet meeting expectations
The student is not achieving what is expected at his or her grade level in this area at this time.
LANGUAGE– Remember you are completing the English version, and you have the option to print in either Spanish or English.
COMMENTS– We  encourage you to draft your comments in WORD or on Google Docs and then copy and paste them into your report cards.
FINAL DRAFTS– Attendance, Performance Task Scores, Teacher Name will be finalized October 28th. Please make sure these fields have had a chance to populate before you print and send home.
Wednesday Staff Professional Time:
There will NOT be a  whole group meeting. Please use this time to enter PT scores, complete your report cards or other work to support your students.

Fall Carnival:

Thank you in advance for supporting the fall carnival! The Food Donation Flyer should go home Monday (see email from Shelly with more specific details/information). Our carnival is a great community event and fundraiser for our school. Please encourage your students make donations for our event. You are welcome to donate as well. We are still recruiting parent/family volunteers. Please let Shelly know if you have any interested families.


HELP, please!! We have spent an incredible amount of money (more than $10,000) this year on our supplies. The bulk of that it paper and toner for our printers and the copier. Please be as careful as possible and only copy/print what you believe to be absolutely necessary. Thanks for your support!


Are you interested in receiving professional development to provide yoga for your students? (I think we would get free mats, too).

Check out this link and let me know.


Welcome to all our new twitter users. Here is a document with some information about twitter (why/how) and here is a link to the Emory Eagles twitter feed.

Reading Assessment:

Thank you to those of you who have been busy administering our new reading assessment to your students. Click here and scroll down (way down)to the bottom of the page to watch a video of a teacher administering part of the Fountas and Pinnell reading assessment. We will dive deeper into this topic at our next professional learning on November 4th. In the meantime, check in with Chris with questions.

Unicef/Costume Parade:

Thanks to Rose Ann for coordinating our Unicef collection and Costume Parade. You may see her email for additional information.  Our school goal is to raise $500 for UNICEF (STUDENTS HELPING STUDENTS).  We have approximately 580 students and 23 classroom……………so if every class raised approximately $22 we would definitely meet our UNICEF GOAL. On FRIDAY, October 30th at 8:15, please have your students bring out their chairs and form a large circle on the playground. Do you have your costume ready?   Every year Emory teachers ROCK with their creative costumes!  What will you be this year?

Quote of the Week:

Video of the week:

Okay, it is a little bit more than 12 minutes, but I find it fascinating!! Check it out. Chunk it if you’re busy 🙂

Question of the week:

No question, use the extra minutes to watch the video or enter your PT scores/report card grades.



One thought on “Weekly Update: 10/19/15

  1. Thank you Jennifer. The video was insightful and had inspiring words. It made me reflect and question myself as to what is really important with regards to purposefully preparing our students for the 21st century!

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