Weekly Update: 10/12/15

Here is the update for this fantastic week that we have ahead of us…..

CELDT Testing:

We have the whole group sections of the CELDT test this week and next. Testing will be held on Monday and Friday from 8:15-9:45. Please see email from Chris with more specific details. Thanks to Chris for coordinating, to our teachers who wil be administering the assessment and to the rest us you for your flexibility.

Performance Tasks:

You have until October 20th to complete your PT assessments and October 23rd to enter scores into Illuminate. Thank you to those of you who have gotten your grade level schedule to Chris. If you have not, please do so ASAP. See reminder below from Jen O about scratch paper.

I wanted to remind you when you are giving your ELA performance tasks please make the paper students are given is just straight blank writing or drawing paper. Since this is an “on-demand” writing piece, we want to make sure students get a chance to show what they know. So, keep that special paper with the reminder cues for checking spelling and capitalization for another assignment. They should be familiar with the paper type, but the paper should not have any helper cues on it.

Report Cards:

Please see information below (also from Jen O) regarding report cards.

·         EARLY BIRDS– If you’re ready to get started, there are 4 step-by-step resources available to you on the Units of Study website– a video, a handout with pictures, a handout without pictures, a presentation with pictures. The presentation outlines some of the issues from last reporting period and their status. Please use the resources available- your Illuminate Site Lead, your team, and Coach- as your first lines of defense.
·         BROWSERS– Illuminate and the Ed Services Department recommend CHROME. Using an out-of-date Internet Explorer might cause technical difficulties specifically with Illuminate.
·         SHIFT IN THINKING– Remember to think in terms of the Performance Descriptors (Meets Expectations, Approaching Expectations, etc.) rather than trying to equate a 4 to an ‘A’, a 3 to a ‘B’, etc. Using our Standards-Based Grading Language a student score of a ‘Four’ reflects students are exceeding grade level standards.
Exceeding  expectations
The student is consistently achieving above what is expected at his or her grade level in this area at this time. Do not be concerned if you do not have ’4’s on the students’ assessments.
Meeting expectations
The student is achieving exactly what is expected at his or her grade level in this area at this time.
Approaching expectations
The student is nearly achieving what is expected at his or her grade level in this area at this time.
Not yet meeting expectations
The student is not achieving what is expected at his or her grade level in this area at this time.
·         LANGUAGE– Remember you are completing the English version, and you have the option to print in either Spanish or English.
·         COMMENTS– We  encourage you to draft your comments in WORD or on Google Docs and then copy and paste them into your report cards.
·         FINAL DRAFTS– Attendance, Performance Task Scores, Teacher Name will be finalized October 28th. Please make sure these fields have had a chance to populate before you print and send home.
Wednesday Staff Professional Time: 
There will NOT be a  whole group meeting. Please use this time to work individually or with your grade level or other peers on scoring your PT’s, completing your report cards or other work to support your students.

Site Visits:

Michelle Syverson will be here first thing Monday morning to visit your classrooms. I will be visiting your classrooms on Monday and Wednesday.

Google Expeditions:

Check our Google Expeditions and let me know if you might be interested in signing up. We need at least 6 interested teachers, so, encourage your colleagues if you think this would be good for our kiddos.

Free Lunch for Students:

We are now able to provide free breakfast and lunch to our students every day. Thanks to you, Dani and Eunice in the office and our child nutrition department, we, now, offer every one of our students free lunch every day. As this is new, please make an announcement to your class and look for students who may need to be encouraged to eat a healthy meal with us each day.

Parent/Family Education:

Thanks to Cindy P and our ELAC parents Martha Bustillos and Marina Ayala, Session 2 of our Anger Management for parents (their request) will meet this Tuesday. Sonia Landa from San Ysidro Health Center is facilitating this for our families.

Impact Teacher Update:

Please join me in welcoming Melinda White, our new Impact teacher. Melinda will provide science enrichment for our students. She will start with us on Monday with a prep day and begin seeing students starting Tuesday. We are still looking for our final enrichment/collaboration Impact teacher. If you know anyone, please ask them to contact me. Liz Desmond will continue with us for the time being.

Question of the Week:

What questions do you have or support would you like as you complete your Performance Task assessments and report cards? Or, what advice do you have/lessons learned that you would like to share.

Video of the week:


Quote of the Week:

8 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 10/12/15

  1. I feel like the only support I need to complete PTA scoring and report cards is time. And Jen O.’s point about creating a GoogleDoc with report card comments is a great tip. (If anyone needs help with Illuminate report cards, remember you can ask Shelly, Connie, or me. But the earlier, the better as report card day coincides with our carnival.)

  2. Hello, Will the math performance task be on the report card? Thanks, David


  3. The support I would love to have is TIME to score both of the PTA, enter them in Illuminate, AND do the same for Report Cards!! Thanks.

  4. We’ve found that entering data for the PTs goes much faster when you can pair up. One person reads off the scores while the other is entering it in Illuminate. Then switch roles and do the other person’s class.

    1. I agree with what was already mentioned by several teachers……………what is needed is TIME……………………..
      to review PTA results, scoring and inputting grades.

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