Weekly Update: September 8, 2015

Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

Attendance Awards:

We will recognize classes with best attendance for the month of August at flag salute on Tuesday. Additionally, we will begin the practice of celebrating three students with perfect attendance for the week at Flag Salute each week. I will roll out the red wagon and we will announce three student names and have them select a prize from the wagon.

Parent/Teacher Conferences:

Conferences are Sept. 9 through Sept. 18 with Friday, Sept. 11th being a “no students” work day to allow for conferences all day long.  Please make sure to to give a copy of your conference schedule to Eunice as you cannot imagine how many calls we receive from parents needing reminders about what time their conferences are, even though we know you have sent them the information in at least one form of communication. If you have any students with attendance concerns tardies or absences, I encourage you to discuss this with the family. Click here to review tips from Attendance Works for addressing absences with families during your conferences.  Parent Handout English Parent Handout Spanish You received an email from Jen Olivera indicating that we will receive revised copies of the Report Card Parent Guides to share with all of students’ parents during conferences. Full versions of the document for ALL grade levels will still be available on the website for you and parents (Under Parents and Students > Report Cards). Please also try to remember to sign up parents to volunteer for fall carnival (Friday, October 30th).


Thanks for your feedback in revising the ELD rosters. As an FYI, two different students were injured during the rotation transition because of running with pencils. I will do my best to be in the hallways and ask you be visible at your doors as our students rotate to their ELD groups. We would like to establish a site EL committee and I am looking for committee members. Responsibilities include attending release day meetings, reviewing student data/placement and discussing best practices or English Learners. Please let me know if you are interested. As a reminder, please send your students to their ELD rotation between 8:10 and 8:12 so that they arrive and are ready to go by 8:15. Please release students at 8:55 and expect them to be back in their home room classes, ready to learn by 9:00.

I was able to visit more classrooms this week than last, but I still did not make it to all of you. This week I visit classrooms on Thursday. Asst. Supt. for Ed Leadership, Cindy Wagner will visit on Tuesday, I believe that she intends to visit with me in the office.

Staffing Update:

Eugenia Salazar             Newcomer Impact Teacher

Gina Pierotti                   Primary Intervention Impact Teacher

Cathryn Clabaugh          Art/Literature PLC Rotation Impact Teacher

Thank you for making our new team members feel so welcomed. Substitute Teachers here this week to support PLC are Alan Salazar and Liz Desmond and I have Impact Teacher interviews (again) Tuesday morning.


As you may recall, our new state assessment system is called CAASPP. Results will be released publicly on September 9 and I expect we will have access via Illuminate next week. In the coming weeks, individual student score reports will be sent home. The video below will preview for you the individual student score report. Here is a very clear chart about Claims and the Achievement Levels in Math and ELA. and here  is a link to some Parent Guides with sample questions and test description.

If you receive questions from families here are some talking points:

  • This is baseline information.
  • This is one tool we use to measure student achievement.
  • We are asking students to show us critical thinking, reading, and writing every day.
  • These test results cannot be compared to previous state tests.
Congratulations to RoseAnn and Angelica our $25.00 gift card winners during our membership drive. Thanks to all of you who encouraged membership sign ups. Our next Fundraiser is the Jump Around fundraiser. Please encourage your students and families to purchase tickets.Thanks to Connie for arranging this for our families. Your students would love to see you at the PTA movie, Big Hero 6 at 5:30 (movie at 6:00) on Wednesday, September 16th.
Fall Break Professional Development Opportunities:

Monday, Sept 21 and Tuesday, Sept 22

ELA/ELD Framework and ELD Standards

Wednesday, Sept 23

Systematic English Language Development (SELD)

Thursday, Sept. 24

Google Boot Camp 2– from 8:30- 11:30 AM. This training is for 3rd – 8th grade teachers, Principals, Coaches, and IMRTs. We will have opportunities for Basics and Beyond. Some content will be repeated from the summer Boot Camp.

Friday, September 25th

Google Apps for Teacher Productivity– from 8:30- 11:30 AM. This training is for TK- 2ndgrade teachers, Principals, Coaches, and IMRTs wanting to learn more about using Google Apps (Docs, Slides, Forms) with their teams and school site.


You may have noticed that I set up a twitter account for Emory. I also added a feed to the webpage (well, actually Ken Quisenberry did when I couldn’t figure it out). I am hoping to use twitter as a vehicle to communicate with families and our community more about how great we are!! Please feel free to share pictures with me of student work or activities. Additionally, I use twitter as another way to access professional learning. I encourage you to consider getting your own twitter account, too.

Quote of the week:

Question of the week:

There is no question, please comment with a shout out to a colleague. Feel free to show gratitude or celebrate a success.

Bonus– Video of the week:

Change is the only constant in the 21st century:











8 thoughts on “Weekly Update: September 8, 2015

  1. Leslie. I do appreciate your help with technology this past week. You are always willing to explain in a calm and patient way. Thank you!

  2. THANKS Angelica for meeting and sharing best Chromebook practices/strategies with our 3rd grade TEAM. It really helped us get a jumpstart on Chromebook integration. I also appreciated you sharing your tech resources with us…Gracias! 🙂

  3. A huge shout out to my team for being so awesome to work with each day! Thank you! Also, another big shout out to the t-k and kinder teams for preparing such great students to work with this year! Thank you! And a third shout out to the 2nd grade team for taking the time to get their current students’ reading assessments and homework examples from the first grade team from last year! You are ALL SUPER!!!

  4. Thank you to both the 2nd and 4th grade teams who put up with me last year and are putting up with me this year!!! Once I actually get a grade level with CC under my belt, I promise to be more of a contributor rather than a taker!!! Another shout out to everyone at Emory; I’m so grateful to be back and working with you all again! You guys rock!

  5. Shout out to the 5th grade team for taking my 5th graders under their wings long before my combo was collapsed !!!
    Shout out to Nora Hammer for her always going above and beyond !!
    Shout out to Ms. Dani for her patience and kindness during my constant “Do I still have a combo check-ins”
    Shout out to the Parent Center for all that you do !!
    Shout out to my newest team member who is jumping right in and for all of your hard work !!
    Shout out to Chris for all of the cool writing resources and for being my soundboard !!
    Shout out to my Upper Grade Lunch Peeps for the laughter and great conversations !!

  6. Shout out to Shelly and Patty, my two awesome teammates, for the great work we’ve been doing together on Fridays, at lunches, and on Wednesdays! It’s been smooth and super helpful 🙂

  7. Ooops! I initially forgot the huge amounts of support I got from the 1st grade team last year as well! You really helped me come to terms with my littlest eaglets when 2nd grade math went way above and beyond their level. Wish I followed your math planning from day one. Can I use the excuse that most my class was 2nd grade?

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