Weekly Update: August 3, 2015

Good morning! Thank you for a great first week. Here are our week 2 updates.

Positive Behavior Supports:

Thank you for teaching, practicing and reinforcing our school-wide expectations. I appreciate all of your efforts to keep our campus safe. Please continue to follow the PBS expectation schedule and devote time toward setting the stage for a successful year. I encourage you to continue to distribute blue slips to help reinforce the expectations for our students. 

Goal Setting Meeting with Jenn:

Please contact Eunice to schedule a meeting with me to help me learn about your strengths and areas where you would like to grow this school year. I would like to meet with each of you for 10-15 minutes before August 31. During this meeting, I would like you to share with me an area of professional strength as well as an area where you would like to grow in your teaching practice.

Back to School Nights:

We have our “Back to School Nights” on Wed. Aug. 5 (grades 4-6) and Wed. Aug. 12 (grades 1-3) (TK/Kinder already had their orientation/open house.)  Be thinking about some of the info you might want to provide to parents:

-checking in with ID at the office

-Common Core Math and ELA  now (have samples of CC Math examples and/or handout to give them of grade level standards)

-combination classes (if you are lucky enough to have one 🙂 and explain how neither grade level will “miss out”)

-discuss the classroom supplies that you would appreciate them donating if they care to

-review PBS main rules

I will also be reviewing much of this in my “spiel” before they head to your classrooms but I will be speaking quickly to cover a lot of info and it will be even more powerful if they hear it again from you.

Establish Instructional Routines:

This is the time to explicitly teach routines around embedded standards (ie partner talk, fluency writing, etc.) As well as math routines (writing to explain, number talks, games, etc.).  Doing this now will provide time later for differentiated instruction. This will pay off in the long run.

Impact Teacher Update:

At this time, Laura Acosta and Malina Watyl are scheduled to return and we need to fill three open positions.  I will be out on Wednesday at interviews to fill our open Impact teacher positions. Devin was hired by Keillor Leadership Academy and Caitlyn by San Ysidro.

Dismissal Time:

Thank you for walking students to dismissal and staying to supervise every day last week. This week we will begin our regular supervision schedule. Please walk your students to their dismissal area. I encourage you to stay at least one extra day this week. This will provide extra adult eyes and order as we ensure students leave campus safely.


Our first Instructional Leadership Team meeting of the school year will be this Thursday, August 6th. Thank you to our leaders for their commitment to learning and sharing back with the team—Karina, Rebecca, Jeanne, Maria, Holli, Angela, Erin, Dave and Chris.

Classroom Visits:

Chris and I will visit classrooms on Tuesday and Friday this week. I cannot wait to see you in action with your students!

Question of the Week:

What was a highlight from your first week of school?

 Video of the Week:

If teachers were treated like pro-athletes……



14 thoughts on “Weekly Update: August 3, 2015

  1. My highlight was conquering my intimidation of the chromebooks and seeing my kiddos take these by storm! Can’t wait to see their finished slide show presentations when they begin sharing them later this week.

  2. The highlight of my first week with my students was successfully memorizing all of their names and then getting to know them by conducting individual reading assessments. I used those 10 minutes with each students to ask them questions and find out what their attitudes about school are. I also really enjoyed collaborating with my many amazing colleagues :0)

  3. My highlight was starting to get to know our new students and listening to them talk. They have such great things to say! Even though sometimes it’s not appropriate for me to laugh out loud, my heart laughs inside. 🙂

  4. My highlight was how “chatty” and “active” this year’s group is compared to last’s years. Teaching is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you are going to get. I can do this:)

  5. My highlight was memorizing 25 names with the correct face…..I hope I can remember them Monday morning 🙂

  6. My highlight was reading over my students writing assessment. I was impressed with some of the students interests, hobbies, and their talents. Sadly, I did learn about the illness of one of my student’s mother. It’s heartbreaking. I do look forward to comparing their growth in a couple of months.

  7. My kiddos this year have great math brains! I’m excited to see what they can do as we delve into our more complex math content this year!

  8. My highlight last week was the community/teambuilding that we focused on. I am very pleased with the effort that my kiddos are making to create a comfortable and encouraging learning environment.

  9. My highlight was being able to return home to my little guy!
    On a side note, seeing the transitioning kiddos faces light up on the first day of 3rd grade.

  10. Btw, funny video…😜

    The highlight of my first week of school was really getting to know my student. I focused on building a TEAM environment. As Dr. Muhammad shared, it’s all about the people… our students.
    p.s. It was also so exciting to jump into Google Classroom!

  11. The highlight of my first week was to really try to bond with each of my students as well as get through a one on one assessments with each of them.

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