Weekly Update: July 27, 2015

Best wishes for a great first day and fantastic school year! Here is our first weekly update of the 2015-16 school year!

Flag Salute:

We will begin flag salute on Monday, August 3rd.

Attendance and rosters:

Please take attendance online, as usual, but we will also come to your classroom to do an official headcount within the first 30-45 minutes of the day.  We will do this for the first 3 days of school and then begin to drop “no shows”.

First day packets:

Please pass these out today! If someone new shows up today that is not on the roster you received in your mail box (this weekend/Monday morning), they should already have received a packet at the office.  If you have someone on your roster for whom you don’t have a packet, come to the office and get one for them.

As a reminder, there was a slight change to the first day packets, see below for details.

Main Packet (yellow cover)—This is for the parent to take home and keep.  Nothing needs to be removed or returned from this packet.  You will notice that some forms in the back have room for signatures—those are samples of the forms that are in the signature packet (attached).

Signature Packet (All Yellow)–This is for parents to sign and return. This will serve as annual notification for your files, and limits the amount of time you need to go through and pull pieces out. There are very clear directions on both packets to explain this.

PBS Visits/Assemblies:

Tuesday, July 28      TK/Kinder individual classroom visits 9:30-10:15

Thursday, July 30     Grades 5/6 individual classroom visits 9:00-12:00

Friday, July 31           Grades 1/2 1:00-1:20 Assembly     Grades 3/4 1:30-1:50 Assembly

6th Graders helping T/Kinders:

Thank you to our 6th grade teachers who are willing to offer the services of their students during TK/Kinder lunch.   Assignments: Valdivia/Leon, Molina/Olsson, Major/Martinez

Teachers please walk students to the tk/kinder rooms at 11:00 a.m.

Back to School Nights:

Aug. 5 (grades 4-6) and Aug. 12th (grade 1-3) are our Back to School Nights.  We will put this on our marquee and other fliers but please make sure to mention this in your parent letters as well.

PTA Meeting 5:00-5:30     Back to School Night 5:30-6:30

Science shed:

Thanks to retired teacher Dana Tomlinson for caring for our science shed.  Please see email I forwarded from Dana for more info.  Also remember to NOT take an entire bin from the sheds, but rather bring your own box/bin and take what you need and SIGN THOSE ITEMS OUT.

Voice Mail Boxes:

All classroom phones had their voice mail passwords reset for the new school year. Each voice mail has a temporary password that matches the 5-digit extension of the phone. For example, a phone with extension 81695 would have a temporary password of 81695. Please log into your voice mail and reset the password to something you can easily remember. You may need to change the recorded name and recorded greetings on the phone if you are a new user of the phone. You may also need to review/delete old, saved messages or unheard messages.  Please refer to the Unity Voice Mail Guide. If you need additional help, please submit an online tech work order in OPRA.


We will not have a parent meeting regarding the riding of bicycles to school.  Now that most are familiar with the process, we have included something in our parent handbook.  If a student inquires about it, you can tell them to stop into the school office before or after school for the required paperwork.

Question of the Week:

What resonated with you after hearing Dr. Anthony Mohammed’s presentation at our District Kick Off event?

Anthony Mohammed

Quote of the Week:

“Every child deserves a champion; an adult who never gives up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they possibly can be” -Rita Pierson

Upcoming Events:

Staff Social- theme  “Old School meets New School

Wed. August 5th         1:30-2:30 p.m.            Rooms 8/9


Have a great school year!!