Weekly Update: 6/1/2015

Good morning! Here is the last weekly update of this school year! We have 7 busy days ahead of us and then a well-deserved break for all of you!

Flag Salute:

We will announce the May attendance winners at flag salute and I will post a sign-up sheet for April and May winners in the lounge.  I am hoping that everyone can find another winner and team up so I can reduce the number of class visits with limited time left.

We will also announce the winner for Box Tops donations and present that student with a $20 gift card.

Technology Update:

Please make sure to read the email that was sent to all SBUSD tech users last week regarding your laptops.  Please make sure to either lock up your laptops in your room closets, turn it into the office for the summer, or take it home and keep it safe there.  If you have Chromebooks, please leave them in their locked holding cart and keep in your room.

Report Cards:

You will have this Wednesday to work on report cards.  All info from Synergy and Illuminate will be uploaded by this Wednesday midday.  Please remember that you will need to place on copy in each student’s CUM file.  You will have minimum days next week to work on this or you can get started later this week.

Summer PD:

Please remember to look at email from Amy Illingworth regarding PDs offered this summer.

Golden Eagle Awards:

Please remember that we have different times this time for our assemblies.  The first one will begin at 8:30a and the second one at 9:15a.  Please be a few minutes early so we can begin on time.

6th grade Fun and Games:

As usual, we are hoping that we will have enough teachers who can compete against our 6th graders on Tuesday.   Please begin your stretching now so you will be ready for Tuesday’s competition….

Attendance Party:

Please send your Outstanding and Perfect Attendance winners to the Auditorium this Thursday afternoon.

Surveys and Staff News:

Please read your emails daily as we will be sending out important and quick surveys as well as some important staffing updates.

Prep Days in July:

Our prep days are July 21-July 24th.  You will have Tuesday, July 21st and Wednesday, July 22nd for prep in your classrooms.  We will have PD on Thursday, July 23rd and the first part of Friday, July 24th.  Our SBUSD kick off event will take place Wednesday morning, July 22nd with another amazing Keynote Speaker, Dr. Anthony Muhammed.   Please mark your calendars for these important events.

Quote of the Week:

teacher quote 5-2015


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