Weekly Update: 5/25/2015

Morning! Here are the updates for this busy 4-day week:


We will have our last day of ELD today for grades 3-6.  Grades TK-2 finished last week.

SST/IEP day:

Today, Tuesday, there will be a roving sub to relieve certain teachers so that they may attend an SST or IEP meeting regarding one or more of their students.  If you have a meeting, you should already know about this as Tracy sent you an invitation through email.


This is our last week of PLCs for the school year.  Please use this time to work on scoring assessments and to work on report cards.

We have a couple of changes this week:

2nd grade has PLC on Tuesday and 3rd has PLC on Thursday.  5th grade will NOT have PLC on Wednesday but will instead have PLC on Friday at 8:00-9:45a.m.

Our impact teachers’ last day will be this Friday.  Thank you to all of our wonderful impact teachers for their dedication to our students this year!

Imagine Learning:

Imagine Learning ends this Friday as well.  Notes have been sent home but please remind your students.  Thank you to Melina, Laura, and Adriana for making this happen and helping us to earn more licenses for next year!

Cafeteria Dues:

Please make sure you read my email from last week about the letters that you should have sent home with certain students.  You should also have a copy of each letter as you will be asked to prohibit certain students from participating in certain non-educational events in the next couple of weeks should their parents not make arrangements to pay off their child’s cafeteria balances.  We will be letting you know when we hear of those who have contacted Child Nutrition so you can allow those students to participate.  Events that they may be excluded from are written on the letter and most likely include activities such as Field Day, class party, and non-educational field trips such as Legoland, beach, etc.

Golden Eagle Awards:

We will have our awards assemblies next week.  Please note the time change as our first ones will begin at 8:30a and our second ones will begin at 9:15a.  Please make sure to send notes home this week to families so that they have plenty of time to make arrangements should they want to attend.


We have many events taking place in the next couple of weeks so pay close attention to the bulletin and white board.

Question of the Week:

What is one aspect of your instruction this past school year for which you are especially proud and why?

Quote of the Week:

“Teamwork thrives when no one points a finger, and everyone lends a hand.” -Dan Zadra

14 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 5/25/2015

  1. I am particularly proud of my Social Studies instruction this year. We tried a lot of new kinds of tasks, connected to writing arguments, and ended with a foray into Inquiry. Both the students and teacher enjoyed it 🙂

  2. I am very happy with the progress this year with students using chromebooks. I know I still have a lot to learn, but so far so good.

  3. I’m happy with the instruction tied around math this year. I’ve overcome a very, very challenging TE and added in a lot of writing, fluency, PT type assements and group projects all to support the new math program. I’m excited for next year so I can fine tune what I’ve done this year!

  4. I feel I have stregthened my writing program this past year. Also: I want to thank everyone at Emory for the fabulous retirement party and thoughtful gifts. My wife and I enjoyed the festivities greatly. Your the best!!

  5. This year I focused on writing across the curriculum in two subjects: Social Studies and Science. Students loved to share opinions, debate historical events, and make predictions on experiments. I tried different group projects to bring it all together. I’m looking forward to continuing the writing in all areas for next year.

  6. I want to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to Karina Rodriguez for being an outstandingly capable, patient, organized, and disciplined team partner and teacher of very young children. I am proud that we share our students and their parents.

  7. I am proud of the amount of technology I have integrated throughout the school day. My newsletter is online and Room 27 Families access it through Google classroom. Homework is also posted here and questions regarding it. I have online reporters who post whole school events and all of my tickets to leave are now completed using our chromes. We use technology in every subject area and each Student has now taught a “techie slam” to the entire class. The idea of using computers throughout the day initially freaked me out as I imagined the worst but it has actually been awesome. I’m excited to now start the school year with Google classroom and get my Parents on board at Back to School night and hit the ground running. The classroom in 2015 is pretty cool and I’m having a lot of fun learning along with the Kids.

  8. I am very pleased with the amount of writing we have accomplished in Mathematics this school year.
    P.S. We are taking a class at Legoland on The Forces of Physics invloving; pulleys, levers, gears, and folcrums. As well as building a race car after the lesson; to apply the knowledge we have learned in order to develop a balanced lego race vehicle.

  9. I’m proud that I continue to model for my students that I am a lifelong learner. Even though we still do not have Chromebooks in 3rd grade, I’m excited that I have found ways to integrate technology into my classroom daily. Thanks to Edmodo (since we currently do not have Google Classroom) my students have learned keyboarding skills, how to write thoughtful posts, replies, and we have also created videos for the Emory student body. (Kids love an authentic audience.) I also keep up weekly communication with ALL my parents with the new Edmodo Parent app.

    My students are also writing, writing on Kidblog! (narratives/opinion blogs) It is very exciting to see how students challenge each other by commenting, posting resources and demonstrating digital citizenship. It is a very exciting time!

    My students are definitely getting a head start on college and career readiness skills. I can’t wait for next year when 3rd grade will finally have Chromebooks, yes!

    FYI: Two additional FREE technology websites that my students love are Khan Academy https://www.khanacademy.org/ (math)
    and Bookopolis http://www.bookpolis.com (writing/posting book reviews).

  10. I have enjoyed seeing each of my students grow in many areas! Just starting with their “growth mindsets,” the words “I CAN’T are not heard in my classroom but instead “I CAN’T YET!” They have also become better at explaining their thinking in math – Number Talks – “What do you notice? What do you wonder?” I also feel proud at the amount of writing across the curriculum I have tried to include this year!

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