Weekly Update: 5/18/2015

Good Morning.  Here are the updates for this week:


Our PBS lesson this week discusses Guest Teacher expectations.  Please take 20-30 minutes Monday morning to review this.


Thank you for your work last week in finishing up the creation of next year’s classes.  This week please continue your work around standards and begin to look at and discuss and/or score upcoming or current assessments.  Cindy has begun to place assessments in your cubbies as they arrive from the print shop.  You may also choose to spend some of your time in PLCs to work on report cards.  Please read the email from Jen Oliveira that was sent to you last week giving you detailed and helpful information regarding report cards.

Next week will be our last week for PLCs.  You will have this last week to work on report cards as well.  There will be one switch next week: 2nd grade will have PLC on Tuesday and 3rd grade will have PLC on Thursday.

Please make sure to thank our wonderful Impact Teachers for their hard work and dedication as they will finish up next week as well.

No Staff Meeting– Retiree Event:

There will be no staff meeting this week as we honor our retirees!! Please make sure to sign up in the lounge for our potluck- we will need lots of food and drink as this will be a popular event!!

Board Visits:

Thank you again to everyone for a successful SBUSD Board visit on a rainy Friday!

Events this week:

Please plan to visit our 5th grade Colonial Fair on Wednesday and bring your softball gear for our Staff vs. 6th graders softball game this Friday.  We need staff to play!!

Question of the Week:

What are your plans for this upcoming Memorial Day?

Quote of the Week in honor of our retirees:

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself”.

–Joseph Campbell

17 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 5/18/2015

  1. I’ll be spending most the weekend with my mom since her husband will be at his grandson’s college graduation from Princeton.

  2. Practice Tai Chi and check if the wife isn’t working.


  3. Hopefully enjoying the new backyard and enjoying some Louisiana barbecue prepared from my Louisiana honey on our new barbecue. Fingers crossed !! If not we will be at Phil’s BBQ having BBQ either way. LOL

  4. Remembering my father-in-law as well as others who served! Also enjoying the company of grandchildren and family-as the men take over the grill and barbecue some delicious ribs and chicken!!! 🙂

  5. No major plans this time around, but hoping for some time with my family poolside (if weather permits) and Al’s yummy BBQ.

  6. This upcoming weekend is filled with “dates” :)…..#1 dinner/movie, #2 spa date, #3 is fun in the sun……………with ??? lol

  7. Celebrating my little ones 8th birthday on Sunday and probably heading to Riverside to visit the In-Laws.

  8. Not a lot. We do have a wedding to go to on Sunday. That should be fun. Relaxing is my plan for the weekend.

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