Weekly Update: 5/11/2015

Happy Mother’s Day (belatedly if you are reading this after Sunday) to all of you amazing mothers and grandmothers! In my eyes, all of you are “moms” as you give of yourselves daily to take precious care of children and therefore deserve recognition!

Here are the updates for this week:


We will review Rainy Day expectations in case we get anymore late spring showers.


During PLCs this week, please finish up creating classes for next year.  (1st/5th and 2nd/6th were accidentally left off of the bulletin-sorry.) Please take this time to put academic levels, behavior, CELDT levels, etc. on the class sheets that I provided to you last week. Please tally these levels at the bottom to make sure the classes are balanced.  Then make sure the cards are placed in alphabetical order.  Make sure to send “teacher request” forms home if the parents requested a teacher on the card but did not complete and sign a teacher request form.  This ensures that parents have read the form and understand that their request may or may not be honored.  These forms should be stapled to the card afterwards.


We will have our last ILT PD on Tuesday.  This will be a high impact day so please do your best to be at work on Tuesday as we will not have people available for coverage should we be short guest teachers.  Last week, we were short on two different days and were scrambling to get coverage.

Staff Meeting/PD:

We will have PD this Wednesday in Rm. 21 at 1:40 around Math.  Please bring your laptop, journal, and a writing utensil.  After this Wednesday, we will have only one more staff meeting on May 27th. Please mark your calendars for our meetings on May 13th and May 27th.

ELD info:

Please see Adriana’s email from last week with important dates around ELD and Imagine Learning. Please write these dates down in your planning book so everyone is on the same page with regards to ELD and IL.  Beginning this Tuesday, we return to regular times for ELD now that testing is complete.  (8:15-8:55)

Garden Work:

On Monday, I will be meeting with some community members who have adopted our school to do some volunteer work.  They will begin with work around our school garden as it is not something maintained by district maintenance employees.  They will come on Saturday, June 6th to do this work.  I will share a little more about this at one of our upcoming staff meetings.

Board Visit:

As mentioned last week, our SBUSD board members along with Supt. Mc and Asst. Supt. Schaub will visit this Friday, May 15th and are eager to see our instruction around CC Math.  For this reason, please rearrange your daily schedules for Friday to ensure that you are teaching Math between 10:30a and 12noon.  I am so excited to show them the great instruction that you are doing which in turn is leading to more learning for our students!

Question of the Week:

Please continue the tradition and share a special memory with regards to your mother or of being a mom yourself.

Quote of the Week:

“Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.” — Oprah Winfrey





11 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 5/11/2015

  1. My mom was a navy wife and I am amazed that she was so organized and able to keep our house running smoothly when my dad was out to sea. I will always remember her waking us up in the morning saying, “Stretch and grow tall.” Also, that “5 minutes early was on time.” She was an amazing woman. I think of her daily….

  2. So many great memories of my Mom but the ones I treasure are of just the two of us laughing at ourselves. When I was in 4th Grade she made me do a jazzercise class with her at my elementary school auditorium. I remember laughing as we tried to do the dances to old Neil Diamond songs….we both were terrible!

  3. I’m a sibling of nine and my mother has never shown any favoritism. She has always had the capacity to make us all feel like her most favorite child. She is kind, patient, and loving. I can never compare myself to her humble heart, her loving soul, and to her natural beauty. I love my mom dearly.

  4. I am so grateful for my daughter Tahlia carrying on the memory of my mother Patricia. Tahlia has been telling her 2 1/2 year old daughter about her memories of and experiences with my amazing mother, Patricia, who passed away in 2010. Tahlia sent me this email: “I woke up this morning to Monica’s happy banter to herself in her room saying, ‘I love Grandma Patti, and Grandma Patti loves me.’ I melted.”
    And so did I.

  5. My mother would always have us bundle up (put extra undershirts and jackets on).


  6. My mom always cooked large amounts of food, and anybody who came to our house was offered food.

  7. One of my favorite memories of my mom was waking up to the smell of home made flour tortillas. Ooooh, that smell is so wonderful! She would wake up early each morning to make breakfast for my father and her 7 children, but my favorite days were tortilla days. So delicious. Although I have tried to replicate the recipe many times for my own family, it never works. My mom, like many of the other moms mentioned, is kind, selfless and amazing! I lover her dearly and am thankful for every moment I have with her.

  8. My mom was an elementary school teacher, too. But no matter how tired she was from a strenuous day at school, she would spend whatever time it took to help me with my homework assignments. She also always taught me, and still emphasizes with me to this day, how important it is to acknowledge and appreciate the differences in all people around us and how those differences strengthen our world. It takes me getting older and more experienced to realize how intelligent, wise, caring, and thoughtful my mom is–and how lucky I am to have her as my mom.

  9. I recently came across a definition of Mother on a poster. (Noun) 1. Someone who will love you unconditionally, til her last breath……………….That definition best describes my mom. She was quiet and unassuming…she led by example. I know she truly loved ALL six of her children. We felt her love.

    And in my purse today, I have my daughters card with her personal words beautifully written inside. On the cover of the card it says, “Mama, watching you, learning from you, simply being loved by you-nothing in the world could’ve better prepared me for life.”…………Upon reading the card, I immediately thought of my mom and hope that I continue to lead by example like my mother did! 🙂

  10. My Mom was a teacher in the California Prison Systems (men) and she taught us to believe that anything was possible through hard work. She also taught us that everyone deserved grace and a chance to make things right. The church was full at her funeral not only with people but cards and letters as well. I will never forget reading letters from prisoners thanking her for believing in them when no one else would. Her compassion, strength and empathy will always be the things I try to emulate within my own life. I miss her and the way she lit up the room with laughter. I miss her thoughtful, wise and kind advice and the way she made even things that seemed terrible funny and show tune worthy. “Just singing in the rain” can get you through anything…Love you Mom

  11. My mom’s love of cooking and entertaining has been passed down to me. I can cook a full gourmet dinner for 12 blindfolded, with one hand tied behind my back. I’m hoping this gets passed down to my daughter as well.

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