Weekly Update: 5/25/2015

Morning! Here are the updates for this busy 4-day week:


We will have our last day of ELD today for grades 3-6.  Grades TK-2 finished last week.

SST/IEP day:

Today, Tuesday, there will be a roving sub to relieve certain teachers so that they may attend an SST or IEP meeting regarding one or more of their students.  If you have a meeting, you should already know about this as Tracy sent you an invitation through email.


This is our last week of PLCs for the school year.  Please use this time to work on scoring assessments and to work on report cards.

We have a couple of changes this week:

2nd grade has PLC on Tuesday and 3rd has PLC on Thursday.  5th grade will NOT have PLC on Wednesday but will instead have PLC on Friday at 8:00-9:45a.m.

Our impact teachers’ last day will be this Friday.  Thank you to all of our wonderful impact teachers for their dedication to our students this year!

Imagine Learning:

Imagine Learning ends this Friday as well.  Notes have been sent home but please remind your students.  Thank you to Melina, Laura, and Adriana for making this happen and helping us to earn more licenses for next year!

Cafeteria Dues:

Please make sure you read my email from last week about the letters that you should have sent home with certain students.  You should also have a copy of each letter as you will be asked to prohibit certain students from participating in certain non-educational events in the next couple of weeks should their parents not make arrangements to pay off their child’s cafeteria balances.  We will be letting you know when we hear of those who have contacted Child Nutrition so you can allow those students to participate.  Events that they may be excluded from are written on the letter and most likely include activities such as Field Day, class party, and non-educational field trips such as Legoland, beach, etc.

Golden Eagle Awards:

We will have our awards assemblies next week.  Please note the time change as our first ones will begin at 8:30a and our second ones will begin at 9:15a.  Please make sure to send notes home this week to families so that they have plenty of time to make arrangements should they want to attend.


We have many events taking place in the next couple of weeks so pay close attention to the bulletin and white board.

Question of the Week:

What is one aspect of your instruction this past school year for which you are especially proud and why?

Quote of the Week:

“Teamwork thrives when no one points a finger, and everyone lends a hand.” -Dan Zadra

Weekly Update: 5/18/2015

Good Morning.  Here are the updates for this week:


Our PBS lesson this week discusses Guest Teacher expectations.  Please take 20-30 minutes Monday morning to review this.


Thank you for your work last week in finishing up the creation of next year’s classes.  This week please continue your work around standards and begin to look at and discuss and/or score upcoming or current assessments.  Cindy has begun to place assessments in your cubbies as they arrive from the print shop.  You may also choose to spend some of your time in PLCs to work on report cards.  Please read the email from Jen Oliveira that was sent to you last week giving you detailed and helpful information regarding report cards.

Next week will be our last week for PLCs.  You will have this last week to work on report cards as well.  There will be one switch next week: 2nd grade will have PLC on Tuesday and 3rd grade will have PLC on Thursday.

Please make sure to thank our wonderful Impact Teachers for their hard work and dedication as they will finish up next week as well.

No Staff Meeting– Retiree Event:

There will be no staff meeting this week as we honor our retirees!! Please make sure to sign up in the lounge for our potluck- we will need lots of food and drink as this will be a popular event!!

Board Visits:

Thank you again to everyone for a successful SBUSD Board visit on a rainy Friday!

Events this week:

Please plan to visit our 5th grade Colonial Fair on Wednesday and bring your softball gear for our Staff vs. 6th graders softball game this Friday.  We need staff to play!!

Question of the Week:

What are your plans for this upcoming Memorial Day?

Quote of the Week in honor of our retirees:

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself”.

–Joseph Campbell

Weekly Update: 5/11/2015

Happy Mother’s Day (belatedly if you are reading this after Sunday) to all of you amazing mothers and grandmothers! In my eyes, all of you are “moms” as you give of yourselves daily to take precious care of children and therefore deserve recognition!

Here are the updates for this week:


We will review Rainy Day expectations in case we get anymore late spring showers.


During PLCs this week, please finish up creating classes for next year.  (1st/5th and 2nd/6th were accidentally left off of the bulletin-sorry.) Please take this time to put academic levels, behavior, CELDT levels, etc. on the class sheets that I provided to you last week. Please tally these levels at the bottom to make sure the classes are balanced.  Then make sure the cards are placed in alphabetical order.  Make sure to send “teacher request” forms home if the parents requested a teacher on the card but did not complete and sign a teacher request form.  This ensures that parents have read the form and understand that their request may or may not be honored.  These forms should be stapled to the card afterwards.


We will have our last ILT PD on Tuesday.  This will be a high impact day so please do your best to be at work on Tuesday as we will not have people available for coverage should we be short guest teachers.  Last week, we were short on two different days and were scrambling to get coverage.

Staff Meeting/PD:

We will have PD this Wednesday in Rm. 21 at 1:40 around Math.  Please bring your laptop, journal, and a writing utensil.  After this Wednesday, we will have only one more staff meeting on May 27th. Please mark your calendars for our meetings on May 13th and May 27th.

ELD info:

Please see Adriana’s email from last week with important dates around ELD and Imagine Learning. Please write these dates down in your planning book so everyone is on the same page with regards to ELD and IL.  Beginning this Tuesday, we return to regular times for ELD now that testing is complete.  (8:15-8:55)

Garden Work:

On Monday, I will be meeting with some community members who have adopted our school to do some volunteer work.  They will begin with work around our school garden as it is not something maintained by district maintenance employees.  They will come on Saturday, June 6th to do this work.  I will share a little more about this at one of our upcoming staff meetings.

Board Visit:

As mentioned last week, our SBUSD board members along with Supt. Mc and Asst. Supt. Schaub will visit this Friday, May 15th and are eager to see our instruction around CC Math.  For this reason, please rearrange your daily schedules for Friday to ensure that you are teaching Math between 10:30a and 12noon.  I am so excited to show them the great instruction that you are doing which in turn is leading to more learning for our students!

Question of the Week:

Please continue the tradition and share a special memory with regards to your mother or of being a mom yourself.

Quote of the Week:

“Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.” — Oprah Winfrey





Weekly Update: 5/4/2015

Hello Emory Staff.  Here are the updates for this upcoming week:

Monday Flag Salute:

We will be announcing attendance winners after the flag salute so please bring your trophies to the blacktop.  Thank you to the winners of last month for finding a buddy to host popcorn with this past month.


We will review Playground Expectations this week.  Please review with students that we should be walking to the playground.  I see lots of students run from their lines/hallway/classroom to the playground.  I usually just remind them that while I know it’s hard NOT to run as it’s natural to be excited about getting to recess, I ask them why we have rules about running and they are all very good about saying that running can cause injury.  They know, they just need reminding.  Thanks for helping with this.


Your PLCs this week should continue with one of more of the following tasks: unpacking standards (Math and/or ELA), planning lessons and common formative assessments, and looking at student work.

Staff Meeting:

This Wednesday we will begin the process of creating classes for next year.  Please come to Rm. 21 and bring sharp pencils and sit with your grade level.  6th grade will have this time to meet together since they missed their PLC last week due to testing issues.  Erin can give input regarding her 5th graders ahead of time.

Summer Professional Development Opportunities:

Please make sure to read your email from Amy Illingworth that was sent out recently regarding the multiple learning opportunities that will be provided this summer.  For instance, I know our 3rd grade teachers will want to sign up for ChromeBook training as they will be receiving ChromeBooks next school year.  Along with this are other opportunities for all teachers and the email provides the links so it’s a very helpful and user-friendly email!

Field Trip reminders:

I know this is the time of year for many of you are going on field trips.  Please remember to inform the office, please remember to inform the cafeteria, and please see Eunice if you need forms for any parents who are driving separately and plan to take their OWN child home in their car.  The form protects us from any liability.  I will also send it to you all via email.

For parents who want to take their child home from a field trip that ends before dismissal time, they must sign the “early dismissal form” at the field trip site or they must call the office before doing so.  If you offer this as an option, you need to make sure that you have this form with you at the field trip and you need to inform parents that this will count against a child’s “perfect attendance” if they have 3 or more late arrivals or early dismissals.

SBUSD Employee Day/s:

MARK YOUR CALENDARS- lots of food this week…..


-Please come hungry on Tuesday as I will be serving you pancakes in the lounge before school starts.

-SBUSD will be providing everyone with a yummy and nutritious breakfast this Wednesday, May 6th in the lounge in honor or SBUSD Employee Day.  Asst. Supt. Kim Phifer will be there as well to recognize all of our hard-working employees.  Please stop into the lounge from 7:15-7:55 to grab a bite.

-Please bring a light lunch on Thursday if you like nachos as we will have nachos available during lunch in the lounge.

-Please come hungry on Friday and DO NOT bring lunch as I will be providing lunch to everyone to culminate our SBUSD Employee’s week.

I sincerely appreciate all that you do for our students and their families!!

Question of the Week:

Which book or piece of text has helped you teach a specific CC ELA standard well this year? Which standard? Briefly explain so that we may learn from one another.

Quote of the Week:

“Virtually every great accomplishment of movement was started by someone who believed passionately in something–and someone who believed passionately in that person.”

-Margaret Warren