Weekly Update: 4/27/2015

Hi everyone! Monday is upon us and here are the weekly updates for this week:

Flag Salute:

On Monday, I will announce information about SBUSD Padres Night and the ticket-selling and poster contests.  I will do this after the flag salute while all students are still on the blacktop.  Please promote this event in your classroom as well.


Please see your emails from Chris and Melinda regarding our PBS lesson, Bullying Part 3.


Please continue to do the hard but valuable work of unpacking standards during your PLC time.  As your team continues to dedicate time to learning more about the CC standards and what they really mean for students, your investment will pay off for you and students.  Next year, your team will be able to move up the PLC ladder into lesson design and creating formative assessments.  This will lead to even more learning on the part of teachers and students.  Thank you for your commitment to our students.

CAASPP updates:

I can’t say “thank you” enough for all of your flexibility and patience as we work our way through our first “true” year of CAASPP assessments.  Based on our first week, we have become aware of issues that require some tweaking.  Please read Leslie’s email from last Friday immediately as it gives the latest updates including A CHANGE IN SCHEDULE for some of our grade levels.  Don’t shoot the messenger as this was based on team discussion about how to avoid some of the challenges that we faced in Week 1 around the order of the assessments and how this affects the rest of the week, including make ups.  I also sent a Connect-Ed phone call this past weekend to all 3rd-6th grade families reminding them about the importance of attendance and offering a special treat to all students who are not absent for any testing days in the next two weeks.

Staff Mtg./PD:

We will not have any staff PD on Wednesday.  Please use this time to plan with your grade level team.

Attendance Winners-Reading and Popcorn:

I will have a sign up in the lounge for reading and popcorn.  Please keep in mind that I will need everyone to buddy up with another class for this month as my time is limited and I cannot squeeze in 11+ individual visits.

Question of the Week:

What is your favorite dessert and why?

Quote of the Week:

Mr. Rogers quote



18 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 4/27/2015

  1. My wife’s cookies are my favorite dessert. I especially like her peanut butter cookies with a Reese’s cup pushed in while they are still warm, and her Snickerdoodles that made the Davis TV news. I’m getting hungry right now!

  2. I enjoy all desserts but really love when Bil makes this great one with sauteed fruit and a caramel sauce and puts it (warm) over vanilla ice cream.

  3. TIRAMISU… I secretly let my imagination take me back to Italy on a warm day, sitting in the terrace of a cafe, enjoying the music and romantic conversations of couples.

  4. I love most desserts! There are way toooo many to choose from but I really love Boston Cream Pie, Creme Brule, and anything with caramel………………..Why? I enjoy all of these because I have a major sweet tooth!!!!!

  5. My latest guilty pleasure dessert is from Nothing Bundt Cake. I love the white chocolate raspberry bundt cake because it is scrumptious & moist. The raspberry swirled puree is delicious!………..I’ll have coffee with my dessert, please! 🙂

  6. My momma’s homemade cheesecake–
    Just so I can have her back in my life again–even if just briefly.

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