Weekly Update: 4/13/2015

Hello Emory Eagles Staff- Here are the updates for this week:


Chris has sent out the latest PBS lesson which is regarding bullying- Part 1.  This is one of our biggest challenges in schools so please take the time to discuss this with your students.

BoxTops and Campbell’s Labels:

These will be collected on Monday.  I urge you to continue (or begin) encouraging your students to bring these to school.  In light of our budget challenges around supplies, this is a very easy way to raise money for our school.  The first step is for our staff to promote this with our students.  Thank you!


We will be posting our two classroom openings for this upcoming year on Monday for 4th grade GATE and 6th grade.  These openings are open for site reassignment to any current Emory teachers will probationary or permanent status.  The postings will be open for 5 days.  If you are interested, please let me know.

Ultimately, I will be making final decisions about site assignments and will be discussing with teachers my intentions for 2015-16 assignments in the next couple of weeks.  However, please keep in mind that most assignments could be subject for change should our numbers change from now until the beginning of next school year.

G.A.T.E. testing:

G.A.T.E. testing will be administered to our 2nd grade students on Tuesday at 1:00p.m. in the auditorium.  Please do not plan to use the auditorium for dance practice on Tuesday afternoon.

Staff Mtg./PD:

We will not have a meeting this Wednesday.  IF Leslie and Holli have anything important to share regarding CAASPP testing, 3rd-6th grade teachers will be notified if we need to have another short meeting.  It is highly encouraged for 3rd-6th grade teachers to have your students take the practice test this week to help them become more familiar with the upcoming assessment.

PLNU Art Students:

Our Art student teachers will be on campus on Thursday to teach their first lesson at 1:30 to most 1st-3rd grade classrooms.

Special Visit:

This Friday at 3p.m, Emory’s Extended Learning program will be visited by Board Members, Supt. McNamara, Extended Learning Director Melissa Griffith, a representative from the Children’s Initiative and special guest Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez .  We will be reserving several parking spaces for their visit and will also be making sure that our auditorium/cafeteria is looking it’s best.

Stars Under the Stars:

We have had $20 collected for our Stars Under the Stars basket for this event.  Please consider donating so that we can create a wonderful gift basket for this event.  Cindy would like to continue to purchase items but needs to be reimbursed for what she has already purchased as well as buying some gift cards to include.  If every staff member donated just $5 we would have more than enough money to build a top notch basket!  We would like to have donations by the end of this week so we can finalize purchases by next week.

Jump Rope 4 Heart:

Thanks again to everyone in supporting this cause and great event which teaches our students not only about heart health but also about giving to a worthy cause.  Special thanks to Karina Martinez for all of her efforts to make this happen and a shout out to DJ Chris as well!

Question of the Week:

Most of us received two years of professional development around the area of Writing.  Which element of that PD or what part of teaching Writing is most challenging for you? We are hoping to revisit ways that we can support this.

Quote of the Week:

“Very few burdens are heavy if everyone lifts.”  -Sy Wise


18 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 4/13/2015

  1. The biggest challenge around writing, and most subjects, is finding the time to consistently include it in the day.

  2. Writing across all content areas consistently. Writing was my favorite subject in school as a kid. It is also my favorite thing to teach and I’m so excited we will be a part of the writing project again. I missed them this year !! I know they will be providing classes over the summer. Will we get a chance to be part of those classes if we want to go ?? They are offering writing across all content areas and I would love to learn more.

  3. I would have to say it would be writng consistently/daily and finding the time to finish the writng assignments…conferencing to help with revisions and editing is the most challenging.

  4. Whoops sorry everyone, I read in that we would be doing SDAWP next year. After re-reading question I realized that we would be revisiting writing but it didn’t say we would be doing that with SDAWP. bummer 😦 Sorry if I confused anyone, it’s a Monday. LOL

  5. revising and editing

    In the 2nd grade mind when you reach the bottom of the page….you’re done. the concept of going back to change what you wrote is alien to them.

  6. My biggest challenge is to incorporate grammar into writing. I wish I had a whole week training on this one!!! LOL. I love everything else and try my best to include writing across the curriculum.

  7. What is the most challenging about writing is presenting it in a non-threatening and exciting way; so my students learn to love, and enjoy writing across the curriculum and develop a voice with their words!

  8. Challenges: conferencing, guiding editing without overdoing and thereby diminishing the individual student’s pride and enthusiasm; dedicating more time for writing (in my case, drawing, dictating) on a regular basis and across all subjects.

  9. I think getting my students to revise. They are usually pretty good at editing, but getting them to change “their masterpiece” can be difficult for me.

  10. First time I’ve come above water to take a breath this week….along with all other comments, I agree, finding time to conference, writing practice daily, and having eaglets edit/revise their work are huge constraints for me along with attempting to get caught up on 2 years of training I sadly missed. This said, we’re getting there. I was feeling fairly confident as a “writing” teacher until I left. Now, not so much!

  11. I would agree that conferencing with students on a regular and individual basis is the most challenging. Though I recognize it can be the most valuable component for the students. Also, having students believe that revisions and editing is part of the writing process…. It’s doesn’t mean they are not skilled writers. Skilled writers revise and edit all the time!

    Humm…do I need to revise this post? 🙂

  12. I would have to say that fitting in the time to conference with my students so they can work on revising and editing although most of the time they think their writing is great the first time. I also find it challenging to integrate mini spelling and grammar lessons in our writing on a consistent basis. TIME is the biggest challenge…………..

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