Weekly Update: 4/6/2013

Hi everyone- Welcome back and thank you teachers for a productive day today (Monday) or yesterday depending on when you read this.  Special thanks to Leslie, Holli, and Chris for leading our PD.  Here are the updates for this short(er) week:

Tuesday flag salute:

Please remember to bring your trophies to flag salute as we will be announcing March attendance winners.  Due to the short month, testing, and formal observations, my time may be very limited for reading and popcorn.  Therefore, I might ask teachers to double up and join classes together or maybe even have a few “assemblies” where winning classrooms come to the auditorium and I read to 3 or 4 classes at one time.  Stay tuned….


This week in PLCs you will have some time to keep unpacking standards but we will take the first part of the meeting to look at where each grade level is, in terms of pacing and dates around your Units of Study.  We will also spend some time looking at Illuminate and talk about how we are using our benchmark assessments to inform us about our students and guide our instruction. For this reason, please plan to bring your laptops to PLC.

Tuesday and Wednesday:

Both of these days are minimum days and we will not be meeting together as a staff.  Please plan to use one of these days to meet with your grade level and then use the other day for your own individual planning and prep.  Please let me know when and where your grade level is meeting.  For TK-2nd grade teachers, please use some of this time to read more from your Fountas and Pinnell assessment kit.  You can do this together as a team and discuss together any understandings or questions.  For 3rd-6th grade teachers, please use some of this time to explore the wonderful resources that Leslie and Holli have provided to you with regards to CAASPP.  The more you explore right now, the less anxiety you will face when testing begins.

Library and Computer Lab schedules:

Please see the email Teresa sent today (Monday) with new schedules.

Stars Under the Stars donations:

As mentioned, Cindy P. has begun to work on creating our “basket” for the exciting gala that will take place Saturday evening, May 2nd.  I know times are tight but please see if you can find a little money to donate to this cause which goes directly back to our students.  Eunice will have an envelope and at some point, we can send someone around as well.  I believe they are hoping to pick up baskets between April 20th and May 1st but let’s plan to have all $ collected sooner than later so Cindy can know the budget with which she is working.

Jump Rope for Heart:

As mentioned, our JR4H event is this Friday! (Thanks Karina for your support with this!) I will not be able to Emcee so Chris has “jumped” at the opportunity to help us out with that.  Please remind your students about this every day this week.  There will be no ELD on Friday due to this event.

Vision Screening:

We are lucky enough to have UCSD doing free vision screening for us and that is also taking place this Friday.  They will be working around the JR4H event but please be prepared to have some interruption during your day for this to happen.  I know it’s one more interruption but this is so valuable for many of our students who don’t get regular vision check ups.  Nurse Sharon will be helping to facilitate this.  6th graders have already been screened so they will not be seen by UCSD.

Question of the Week:

What is one of your favorite memories from this past Spring Break?

Quote of the Week:

“Change begins with a culture where everyone is elevated to the status of learner.”

-Sarah Brown-Wessling

20 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 4/6/2013

  1. My mom visited me this break. It was so nice to have quality time with her. We went to La Jolla, Coronado, Fanuel Park, and ate great food. Couldn’t get better weather this break!

  2. Too many to pick just one – watching my daughter’s ship come into the Cape Town harbor at dawn, seeing toddler cheetahs romp all over each other while their mom slept inches away, warthogs rolling in the mud, a giraffe drinking from a water hole, a zebra getting away from a chasing female lion, a group of at least 50 elephants on the run (and seeing at least 30 other species in the wild), making many new friends who are parents of Chelsea’s friends. I am SO glad we decided to take this trip. 🙂

  3. I would also have a multi-way tie: a hike (beginning at 3:30 AM) through Tikal to climb Temple 4 and see the sunrise above the jungle with Bil, watching processions and the creation of the “alfombras” in the streets of Antigua, waking up in Jaibalito on the shores of Lake Atitlan and looking out the window to see three volcanoes on the other side of the lake, and climbing Volcan Pacayo where I roasted marshmallows in a heat vent and enjoyed the beautiful views.

  4. I spent some quality time with my wife, my boys and their wives (Scott still has to get married on 8/22.) We went camping and got together at Easter. Joan and I also spent a night on the Queen Mary for her birthday. Great break!

  5. Stopped by Yuma on the way home from Spring Training….was an interesting experience to see the old ball park….brought back many pleasurable memories….

  6. Being at a family friendly hypnotist show with the boys in Vegas and actually going under. Never thought it would work, but it did!!!

  7. Outrigger canoeing in warm beautiful Maui ocean and getting very close to a group of juvenile Hump Back Whales…….. Maui Magic!

  8. Easter egg hunt in our new backyard!! Setting up a scavenger hunt with clues in golden eggs for the boys to find their baskets. It was fun racing around the house with the boys trying to find each new clue. The look of wonderment within their eyes was priceless. Holidays are truly a blast with kiddos. Really enjoyed hanging out with my little family!!

  9. Solo mom takes on road trip to SF, Marin County, Big Sur, and Carmel with FOUR TEENAGERS! Nervous at first, I had to remember all the other “forced” trips that ended the days with laughter and so much joy. My girls laughed and joked at each other, while my son continued to be the adventurous helper in the kitchen and hit the club with his uncle. Not that kind of club! LOL. He worked out and enjoyed the gorgeous valley around Carmel. Many hours driving, but we ended with more love, admiration, and respect to for each other.

  10. Thoroughly enjoying my three beautiful and healthy grandchildren. Seeing my grandson, Ashton, so big and strong. As well as my granddaughters run around the ranch laughing, playing, gathering eggs from the chicken coop and just having pure fun!

  11. We enjoyed our little getaway to Lake Arrowhead for a few nights with our boys. We went hiking, (boys didn’t like the hiking) fishing (no luck catching any trout), swimming, go-carts, fed ducks and just an overall nice family trip.

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