Weekly Update: 3/16/15

Good morning! Here are the updates for our last week before some much-deserved R and R:


Please look for your email from Chris regarding PBS and Guest Teacher expectations.

Instructional Rounds:

On Monday, today, TK and K teachers will visit first grade looking at instruction and learning from a different perspective.

ELD/Golden Eagle:

As we have Golden Eagle awards this week, please plan to end ELD a little early if your ELD affects a grade level that has Golden Eagle since we begin the assemblies at 8:45a.m.


Please use this week in your PLCs to focus on one of more of the following:

Unpacking future standards/Units of Study chaptering, planning lessons based on unpacking, analyzing student work, or discussing/working on report cards.

PLNU Art Students:

The PLNU Art students will be visiting Tuesday, March 17th to discuss their planned lesson with their respective teacher.  This round they will be working with 1st, 2nd, and a couple of 3rd grade teachers.  Please plan to be available at 2:30 to discuss with them.  If you have duty, please arrange to switch with someone.  I will be sending teachers their student’s name and topics once I receive it from Dr. Sangren today.  They will return after Spring Break to teach the two lessons on Tuesday April 14th and 21st at 1:30p.m.

Staff Meeting/PD:

There will be no meeting this week.  Please use this time to complete report cards.

We will have some PD on Monday, April 6th.  I will send out an agenda on April 4th or 5th.  Please expect to meet in the morning of April 6th and have grade level planning time on your own in the afternoon.

Placement Cards:

Please, please, please pay close attention to the return of placement cards from your students.  We need them all returned by this week and given to Martha so we can get a more realistic understanding of projected enrollment for next school year.  We do not need you to complete any academic info on the students at this time.  We will return the cards to you after break and discuss the new plan for this information.  At this time, we simply need your help to get an emergency card back from each of your students with info on whether they plan to return or not.

Lounge Clean Up:

We all appreciate your continued efforts to keep our lounge clean by cleaning your dishes, and taking them home or putting them away, and cleaning the microwave after usage.  Our refrigerator will be cleaned out over break so make sure to throw away or take your items from the fridge and freezer this week.

Question of the Week:

Which focus standard/topic did your students show most success in mastering this past trimester? Why do you think this was?

Quote of the Week:

“Know what you are doing.  Love what you are doing.  Believe in what you are doing.”

-Steven Musseau



11 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 3/16/15

  1. My students showed great success working with patterns. The standard calls for them to recognize and create and extend patterns. They got involved with being the first to recognize the pattern. (competition)

  2. Math 4 NF 1 comparing Fractions….by using area models and number lines they have a very good conceptual grasp of concept…

  3. R.L.4.9
    Comparing and contrasting different genres with a similar theme, the kids came in with a pretty solid idea of what theme is so it made it pretty easy. Thank you Third grade team !! I just had to teach the elements of the different genres and how to explain the commonalities and differences in writing. The Kids did a great job with it and the Students talked a lot throughout the process and worked in groups of four. We had debates and looked at lots of different authors from Shel Silverstein to Edgar Allen Poe. I think it helped that this is one of my favorite standards to teach.

  4. 4.G.1
    My students enjoyed drawing and identifying different types of angles using their protractors. They also enjoyed doing the kinesthetic approaches to help them remember the qualities of a line, line segment and a ray.

  5. ELA: Compare and contrast 2 nf texts on a similar topic. I think they did this well because we spent lots of time on it and gave them lots of “at bats.”

  6. Math NF.3 Interpret a fraction as division of the numerator by the denominator (a/b = a ÷ b). I used many resources including videos, drawings, real life word problems to try to model the concept. I felt most students were successful. It’s easier said than done, but I’m optimistic.

  7. K.OA 2 Solve addition and subtaction word problems, and add subtract within 10 by using objects or drawings to represent the problem.
    I read addition or subtraction word problems daily to them. They draw the problem and some of the students do the + or – sentence. We have conversations about the problem. This takes about 5-7 minutes on a daily basis and have seen a lot of growth in my students.

  8. My students showed improvement in reading a word problem through, looking for and highlighting necessary information, as well as drawing a picture to help them better conceptualize what the word problem is asking of them to do.

  9. RFSK.3 Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words both in isolation and in text. They have specifically improved a lot in phonemic awareness and reading high frequency words. I think they have improved in this standard because I have found fun songs and games to help them learn their sight words and also improve their phonemic awareness. Daily practice helps as well!

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