Weekly Update: 3/9/2015

Good morning.  Here are the updates for this week:


PBS will be postponed until Tuesday morning and instead, we will have ELD Monday morning. Please plan to send your students to their respective ELD classes on Monday.  On Tuesday, we will NOT have ELD so please use this time for our weekly PBS lesson.


We will continue to unpack standards and plan lessons this week in PLCs.  Additionally, please take some time to discuss the lesson that you planned last week together and if you have any student work from that lesson it would be good to bring samples of that work as this is our ultimate goal for PLCs- designing lessons and learning from those lessons via analysis of student work and formative assessments.

We do need to once again switch PLCs this week:

5th grade will have PLC on Tuesday and 4th grade will have PLC on Wednesday.

Thank you to your hard work around unpacking a standard and planning a well-designed lesson in your PLCs.  Your collaboration was inspiring and is indicative of the great learning opportunities for our students and teachers through strong collaboration.  Thank you to all grade levels for participating in this work and we hope to do more of this in the future as we become more and more familiar with the new CC standards and can then spend more time in lesson design and analysis of student work.

Staff Mtg/PD:

We will have a short staff meeting this Wednesday in Rm. 21 at 1:40p.m.  Please bring your journals. Afterwards, you will have time to work on report cards.  You will also have time to work on report cards next Monday after school and next Wednesday in lieu of a staff meeting.

Site Reassignment:

On Monday, you will find a yellow sheet in your cubby if you are a permanent certificated employee. This is known as a site reassignment form.  IF you are interested in teaching something other than your current grade level, please turn this into Eunice.  As of now, our projected numbers are lower than last year and it is very hard to determine what our classroom configurations are.  At this time, we are projected to have a 4th grade GATE and a 6th grade opening, which may or may not be a combination class.  We will have one less TK most likely and one less 2nd grade class.  As Kim Phifer and I sat down again last week, we looked at projected numbers and realized that we could potentially have as many as three to four combination classes or as few as none.  Please turn in your yellow sheet to Eunice by March 18th should you be interested in being considered for another grade level position at Emory for next year.  Your requests are not guaranteed but will be helpful for me in making assignments for next school year.

Placement Cards:

More than ever, your help in getting the grade placement cards returned by families by Wednesday, March 18th will help us know what our numbers look like next year.  (You will be getting these this week so please distribute them promptly and maybe offer a little incentive within your class for those students who bring them back right away.)

Voluntary Transfer Form:

This form, along with a description of the process, will be emailed to you and this form is ONLY for anyone who is interested in transferring to another site.  I always encourage you to complete this as your “insurance policy” in case you find yourself being assigned to a grade level that is not your preference and would like to be considered for other options at another site but this is an optional form.  It is due to HR by March 20th.

New Trees:

If you have or haven’t noticed, we have 3 new trees planted on our grass area.  This is thanks to our PTA who wanted to ensure that we have more shade on our playground in future years.  These trees our expected to grow much more quickly than the little ones that were planted by our district a couple of years ago.  However, due to the root patterns of these new trees (in the Fig family), they needed to be planted a certain distance away from structures such as the sandbox, cement, or asphalt. Please make sure to inform your students to not hang on or bother any of our trees.  Thank you to Emory PTA!

Question of the Week:

What is your favorite time of year and why?

Quote of the Week:

“The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side”.  -Margaret Carty



17 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 3/9/2015

  1. I have always enjoyed the time from my birthday June until the start of the next school year. I enjoy making it through one more year (birthday) and use the time off to relax, get caught up on chores, projects, relaxation, books, and surfing. Not much longer!

  2. My favorite time of the year is any day I can casually sit back with my kids and family for genuine conversations. I especially love holidays that include my parents and siblings. We have chaotic fun; dancing, singing, and laughing.

  3. Summer-I love the warm sunshine, swimming, playing at the park, walking the dog, traveling and especially time with my family.

  4. My favorite time of the year is Summer…the days are longer and just a more relaxing way of life! 🙂

  5. Summer, because the kid’s have Olympics and we don’t have rain!


  6. Summer, my family comes to visit and we get to show off our amazing city. Also I get to be a full time Mom and concentrate on the Students I will have for a lifetime, my boys !! 🙂

  7. Summer is my favorite time of the year. I love going to the beach and surfing while the water is warm. I find summer to be the most relaxing of all our vacations.

  8. I love Winter. Not much of Winter here in San Diego, but I love those days that are weekends and are chilly because I keep myself warm with hot chocolate.

  9. I’ve gotta agree with the majority and say summer. Having time to be myself, a wife, and friend, and a daughter rather than just a teacher 24/7 makes it my favorite time of year.

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