Weekly Update: 2/16/2015

Good morning! I sincerely hope everyone was able to enjoy a restful 4-day weekend with some beautiful So Cal weather! Here are the updates for our 4-day work week:


Please continue to follow your PLC minutes from last week as most of you made a commitment to scoring PTAs, unpacking new standards, and looking at agreed-upon student work samples.  Chris and I will continue to be present for all or part of each PLCs for support.

Wednesday Staff PD:

We will have our staff PD this Wednesday as last week’s was cancelled.  Please bring your laptop, Teaching Mathematics through Problem Solving article from last time, and your journal to Rm. 21 at 1:40p.m.

Instructional Rounds:

We are set up to hold our next Instructional Rounds on Monday, Feb. 23rd when 2nd grade will be visiting 3rd grade classrooms.  Impact teachers will be guest teachers in 2nd grade classrooms.

EoU assessments:

Please make sure to read emails from Michelle Syverson that were sent out to most grade levels last week regarding details of your End of Unit assessments.  There were many good details included in these emails.  Feel free to take 5 minutes of your PLCs to read these together as a grade level too!

New faces on campus:

Please welcome our new Newcomer impact teacher, Laura Acosta who has already begun planning and prepping for her groups and will be pulling out students to assess this week.  Groups will begin sometime next week and teachers will be notified of the schedule.  Laura will take over after school Imagine Learning beginning today.  Please also welcome Southwest College student, Andres Cardenas, who will be attaining some necessary hours by volunteering in Rm. 27.

Question of the Week:

What has been one of your favorite or worst Valentine’s gifts or memories?  Let’s hope we can figure out if it’s the “best” or “worst”….

Quote of the Week:

“What the heart gives away is never gone.  It is kept in the hearts of others.” – Robin St. John


14 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 2/16/2015

  1. This year’s was very cool…..spent day in Coronado, parked down by the towers and walked up the beach, shopped a bit and the had a patio lunch….very enjoyable!

  2. My husband, (boyfriend at the time) had flowers sent to my work. That was a big surprise and made me feel very special.

  3. My wife and I usually celebrate with a movie and cooking dinner together. This year’s feast was spaghetti with homemade bolognese sauce,( we walked to Little Italy for ingredients), bread, and some wine. We are rewatching all the episodes of Game of Thrones to prepare for the new season. A nice evening at home!

  4. The students have always brightened up Valentine’s Day for me. They are all sweet and so generous with their cards and gifts. Chocolates are my nightmare! So many heart shaped boxes, I don’t know what to do with them. My son, Aidan, snatched a few from me this year.

  5. My husband’s Great Aunt Rose’s birthday was on Valentine’s Day: a wonderful woman that immigrated to the U.S. from Pisa, Italy during the roaring 20’s. We had a huge 100th birthday party for her with lots of extended family one Valentine’s Day. The following year, she passed away just a week before her 101st birthday. The funeral was held on her birthday. Both beautiful and sad memories.

  6. One year, way back when I was in college, I received beautiful roses at my house. I was only 17. I didn’t know who sent them so I was so excited to see who they were from. To make the long story short, they were from a coworker who I only liked as a friend. When i saw him the next day, he asked me..Did you get the roses? I said oh they were from you? He never spoke to me again. I was ok with that.

  7. I really don’t have any V day memories that stand out one way or another. Loren is very good about always getting me my favorite dark chocolate covered almonds from See’s. 🙂

  8. Since my birthday is the 13th Bil usually plans a b-day/V-day package deal. We’ve spent several in Vegas and one in Mazatlan for their Carnival celebration, but they’ve all been wonderful.

  9. The best Valentine’s memory I have is of my Dad sending me a big bouquet of flowers….was never his style so it was very unexpected 🙂

  10. I’m lucky in that my Valentine shows his love daily in all he does, sometimes not enough but many others way above the call of duty! I usually get gifts for the girls (didn’t this year and it felt odd) and I cook a dinner for Bill and myself.

  11. Like Erin my birthday is on the 16th and so I usually get a Valentines/Birthday gift. I told my husband this when my youngest was about 1. It never bothered me but my husband decided to surprise me at work with both boys at school on Valentines Day. I will never forget teaching and having Ian toddle in with a rose and Grant with a card while my 6th graders cheered and both boys beamed. Doug met me at the door with roses and a card as well and on the outside of the card it read “Not a birthday card” It was pretty awesome 🙂

  12. This year I received a beautiful bouquet of roses and my favorite perfume from my husband and my boys! The four of us had a fun filled Valentine’s Day in Puerto Nuevo and enjoyed some delicious lobster.

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