Weekly Update: 1/26/2014

Happy Monday! Here are the updates for this week:


This week we will revisit Hallway Expectations.  Please make sure you take Chris’ suggestions and advice via his PBS email and really practice reinforcing this with not only your class, but other classes as well.  This will make a difference if ALL students know that ALL staff members are making this a priority expectation.

CC Orders:

Thank you for your hard work and diligence in getting Eunice your orders for the CC money that was provided to you and your team.  We will not get a clear picture of any remaining money and move forward with building a leveled reader resource room!

Newcomer Impact Teacher interview:

We will be interviewing one candidate on Monday, today, for the Newcomer open position.  Fingers crossed….

Lesson Plans:

Thank you for your hard work around lesson plans and turning those in.  I will be reviewing a few more for those who were out last week.  I need to turn the first two weeks’ worth in tomorrow so please make sure you have made any corrections that I asked of you and resubmit today, Monday.

I will also need this week’s lesson plans by this Wednesday afternoon.


In your PLCs this week, please continue to unpack standards, chapter Units of Study, and look at student work, especially if you have some results this week from your PTA, though that might be more of an agenda item for next week.  Looking at specific student work/data will give you a better understanding of where your instruction needs to go next.  This is the best data to use when thinking about your teaching- please don’t minimize it’s power.


Amy Illingworth will visit PLCs on Wednesday as a means of continued support with Common Core and PLCs.

Asst. Supt. Cindy Schaub’s visit has been rescheduled from last week to February 25th from 8:30a-10:30a.

Question/s of the Week:

What challenges would you like more support with around CC Math?

What are you experimenting with that you are liking and seeing as successful for student learning?

Quote of the Week:

“Bring joy to one person in the morning and ease the pain of another in the evening.”  – Buddhist saying


19 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 1/26/2014

  1. I would like to have a district lesson guideline that incorporates the different resources that are helpful…like text material, Engage NY, Georgia, etc. I like using Engage NY and the textbook to complement each other, but then we are told that they might not be the best sources. I need guidance from above…the district office.

  2. I enjoy using number talk with my students. Trying to incorporate the proper instruction for multiple levels within the classroom is often challenging.

  3. Pacing is the biggest challenge…..want to teach in depth but am feeling pressure to take End of Unit assessments on the district calendar….ugh

    Daily word problem is fun….kids are getting used to them and attacking them as they experience success….fun stuff…..

  4. CC challenge: I think going through the unpacking of standards is very valuable. It is based, however, on how our grade level teachers interpret the standards and available resources. Then we try to put lessons together in a meaningful way for our students, but I sometimes doubt our skill level as writers of curriculum (given the limited time we have to dedicate to it) and the value of picking and choosing from available resources. How can we improve the sequential instruction for our students?

  5. I have been using the text books adopted by SBUSD for my 5th grade class. It’s not as easy to follow, but it’s what was handed to us and I’m trying my best to incorporate it into my lesson plans. I’ve used the Flip Book many times to guide me with drawings and illustrations, but I feel this is were I need the most help. I also use Georgia and NY as resources, but I end up creating my own lessons most of the time.

  6. It is challenging and time consuming to have to be looking for different resources in order to be aligned with CCore. There is never enough time!
    Our class likes number talks 😉

  7. I am trying my best to sift through all the resources and organize lessons, but would love more help around pacing and planning. My class has enjoyed the structure of number talks, then fluency, then concept development – the routine keeps us all on track :0)

  8. Tahlia is vomiting since night before last with some kind of bug, so I am here in Santa Monica helping Matt care for her and Monica.
    Iliasha and family are home, fine, and well though excited because
    Genai and Megan are at the hospital since midnight last night. She is 4 centimeters and holding. Iliasha suggested gently firmly pressing on her belly button. Ever heard of that? So, my question is: how can I make myself focus more successfully on preparing my CC lessons and lesson plans?😊☺️

  9. My students have enjoyed number talks. I am having a hard time with the the math TE the district provided for us. I don’t like how it flows. It has too many different standards and I feel frustrated.

  10. Our five year olds enjoy the lessons when they are turned into games. For me the struggle right now is getting creative and making the lessons more engaging for them so that they are learning and having fun at the same time.

  11. What is challenging is finding enough “TIME” to juggle through so many resources (guides) to see what best meets the needs of my students and plan quality lessons – using our Math Textbook, Engage NY, Flip Book, Georgia,…… often using them as guides to create my own lessons……

    My kiddos really like the Number Talks and “MINDMATH.” I’m still searching for more Fluency activities to add to my bag of tricks.

  12. Pacing, I’m trying to go in depth but also trying to stay within District Assessment guidelines. I’m also finding it difficult to determine what resource is best for a particular standard. It doesn’t help that while doing this I’m teaching my kids how to use a computer and how to be a digital citizen. It’s a lot at once and I find myself venting a lot to my husband. He loves that…lol
    My kids love coding and any chance to use their chromes so IXL is rocking the house !!

  13. First of all, I would love to share all these comments with the folks on Consultation Committee. If you would prefer I do not, please let me know. I will only take the script – not your ID info. I talk in that committee all the time about the issues that you all have mentioned consistently, so here is another way for us to digest it. I hope you all are taking the time to FILL OUT THE SURVEYS that they provide for us. I know that, too, is time-consuming, but they need the feedback and it has been encouraged that we do this during our PLC time.
    Re: CCSS, Shelly and I have gone through the CPM book provided for us and cherry picked lessons to match the pacing guide/standards. Generally, I very much like the lessons and feel that they are worthwhile and I have seen the students grow in their knowledge and interest. It is still often a struggle for them as many of them don’t have basic grade level skills, but I am hoping that this new way of teaching will change that in the future.

  14. I am really struggling with management with manipulatives. Both prep, passing materials out, and behavior. They struggle to focus on what I what them to do with the manipulatives and just end up playing around. I also really want to come up with more real life problems to make it more meaningful for the kids. I have kids at such different levels, so I’m trying to figure out how to differentiate to meet their needs. TK is whole new world for me.

  15. I am loving being able to teach depth of number concepts! My eaglets are really enjoying seeing success as they draw pictures to add numbers. I haven’t introduced an algorithm yet! My biggest challenge with math instruction now is teaching 2 grades both deeply. Hmmm…

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