Weekly Update: 1/19/2015

Hello and hear’s to hoping everyone enjoyed their 3-day weekend! Here are the updates for this short week:


Please continue to work around unpacking standards.  You will see that Chris has placed a couple different templates that can help you truly unpack the standards on the table in our new PLC room. Along with these, you will find the PLC minutes page.  Please make sure to complete this and turn into Chris.

Additionally, we have upcoming PTA#2 for Writing so you may want to spend some time discussing how you will administer and score these in the near future.  Comparing your students’ work will be an invaluable way of aligning your practices as instructional leaders in your classroom AND of driving future instruction.

New PLC room 23:

As you will notice in our new room, Chris has created a board on the North side of the room that will serve as a great avenue to post relevant info for each grade level. (current Unit of Study, date of PTA’s, etc.) Thank you Chris!

Additionally, there is a white board when you first walk into the room that will be used for the purposes of communication regarding different committees.  If you serve as your grade level lead, or as ILT rep, or serve on ILD, or serve on SWTA working together, or any other committee for that matter, please take a few moments to write up or type up a short summary of any relevant info from this year or your latest “learnings” from any recent meetings.  You can also email Chris with your summary and he will post it on this white board.  Thanks!

Staff Meeting:

In lieu of a staff meeting this week, please use this as an additional opportunity to meet with your grade level.  Please let me know where your team will be meeting.

Please also turn in your second week of lesson plans to me (Eunice) by this Wednesday.  This will allow me to look over two weeks of lesson plans before I meet with each of you this Friday.  I began looking over some from last week and will send some examples of possible and acceptable “styles” for you to see on Tuesday morning.  This does not mean that the ones you turned in are NOT acceptable.  I just know that some people are wondering what their lesson plans should look like.

Board Meeting:

As mentioned before, I will be highlighting Emory at this week’s Board meeting at 6p.m. at Burress.  I would be honored if you could attend.  Additionally, two of our Student Council members will be leading us in the flag salute and I am sure they would also appreciate your support.

Asst. Supt. Schaub visit:

We will be rescheduling Cindy Schaub’s visit this Friday to another time as this conflicted with our roving sub for lesson plan review.  I will let you know as soon as I know as to the new date and time.

Instructional Rounds:

Due to the PTA that begins next week, Instructional Rounds that were scheduled to take place Monday, Jan. 26th will be rescheduled to another Monday in the near future.  This next time, 2nd grade will be visiting 3rd grade.  

Running Club:

It was brought to my attention by the Extended Learning personnel who still oversee our morning  Running Club that some students are saying that their teachers are not collecting their running club laps anymore.  I can assume this might be because I have not communicated a clear plan for passing out necklaces and “little foot” this year as our PE teacher used to be in charge of this and we do not have that position anymore.  Please take the time to have a process in place for this as we still want to encourage and reinforce this practice of walking, jogging, or running every morning before school.  

For those of you who might have forgotten the details, each student will receive a necklace, if they don’t already have one, for the first 50 laps they complete AND a little foot charm.  For every additional 50 laps, they will receive another charm.  Many of you have made this a classroom “job” which takes the burden of responsibility off of you and gives students some responsibility for doing this each morning.  However you choose to handle this, please continue to do so OR begin to do so immediately.  Last year, Dana generously offered to take over the necklace and little foot charms distribution but if she is unable to do so again this year, I am hoping that someone else might be able to step up and do so.  I think we had one day per week where we took care of this.  Thank you!

Evaluation Time: 

As to not be overwhelmed in late March, I will begin to schedule formal observations, which are part of the evaluation process, with those staff members who are scheduled to be evaluated this year.  Please be on the lookout for this email and please respond in a timely manner.

Question of the Week:

At the upcoming Board meeting where I highlight Emory, I will be making reference to Disneyland.  If you have been to Disneyland, please share one of your favorite memories or favorite ride OR both…

Quote of the Week:

“Pursuing anything valuable or important means you need to be willing to fail.” – Don Wettrick

26 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 1/19/2015

  1. I have only been to Disneyland once. It was a bittersweet day. My sister and nieces were moving to Texas. It was our last day together before they moved. I am not a ride person, but we went to the Princess lunch. It was very special to see my nieces eyes light up when they saw the princesses. And we stayed for the fireworks parade. Also, so great to see their faces light up throughout that whole day. Oh to be that age again..:)

  2. Disneyland memories as a kid – using the paper tickets – the “E-Ticket” was the best! Waiting in line for Space Mountain and then my mom sneaking out through the “Chicken Exit!” I can’t get on that ride today without thinking of that moment even after so many years!!! It’s a Small World is another favorite of mine!

  3. I grew up in Northern California and so I only went to Disneyland once as a kid. My husband is from New Orleans and so he had only been once as well. We were both looking forward to the “Small World” ride with our boys. I didn’t expect to tear up watching their faces light up as the puppets sang and dance. Now we are Annual Pass Holders and go as often as we can !!! Heading there this coming weekend as birthday Beignets have become a family tradition and my husband Doug’s birthday is this weekend.

  4. “It’s a small world” ride was one of my favorites. I was bummed that it was being serviced when I was there with my family last ( 3 yrs ago). I always loved the song growing up: “There’s so much that we share, and it’s time we’re aware, it’s a small world after all.” It focuses on our similarities and what we share.

  5. Sorry. I have not been to Disneyland for about 10-12 years. My wife and I have gone to Downtown Disney to shop and have lunch, but that is about it.

  6. funny memory for me is that of the many years ago staged highlighting of all the modern appliances, etc that lighten our workload and increase our home comfort level–was it General Electric? There was a refrigerator, fan, vacuum cleaner???? One of you who is closer to my age out there may be able to refresh my memory. I know all of the technical advances being displayed have been long since surpassed.

  7. Being lucky enough to live pretty close to Disneyland, I got to go more than the average kid as well as march in the parade every year when I was in high school. There are so many things that I loved that I can’t name just one so I’ll stick to my favorite ride: Big Thunder Mountain (the train roller coaster on the border between Fantasyland and Adventureland.)

  8. I’ve always loved the canal boats. Those miniture houses and going through the whales mouth…..enchanting. It had all the sites for my favorite stories…Cinderella’s castle, Peter Pan’s London, the Wind in the Willows. ahh good times, good books

  9. Not allowed there any longer. (Just for the record I think Snow White was a little quick with the restraining order).

  10. We were riding skyfari and my Tia Ramona’s hat flew off with her E-ticket pinned to her hat. It fell into Mark Twain Riverboat attraction which was being remodeled at the time. It was a long while before her hat was recovered….
    It is one of my favorite places and I can’t leave Disneyland with a juicy smoked turkey leg.

  11. Several years back, I decided to take my mom and two older boys to Disneyland. She was propably in her early 70’s and the boys were probably 10 and 12. I had not been to Disneyland in several years, but decided to get everyone on Space Mountain. I had forgotten how wild the ride is. Their automatic camera snapped a picture of my mom and boys on the way down a big drop. The expression of fear on their face was priceless. Of course, we bought the picture and had a good laugh. Good thing my mom has always had a good strong heart!

  12. My favorite time at Disneyland was taking Emilio and Daynah for their first birthdy celebration with us. We also had the pleasure of having a 5.5 magnitude earthquake that day while we were there. 🙂

  13. My favorite ride is Matterhorn because it reminds me of when I was a litlle girl and went to Disneyland with my family.

  14. Disneyland memories…Taking pictures at the entrance in front of the “Floral Mickey,” waving to the family from the carousel, and getting on the “It’s a Small World” ride.

  15. Still remember going to Disneyland for my 7th birthday. The Matterhorn was always my favorite ride and still is. One of my favorite memories though was taking Lauren as a little girl and going on the Dumbo ride.

  16. I will never forget the light parade as the grand finale. I was an adult and pregnant with my oldest when we visited with mother and my little brother. I felt like a child again, just as giddy as a little kid gets when you place candy in front of her. The whole experience was so delightful. My little brother loved it too, but I think I LOVED IT THE MOST!!

    1. I miss the light parade!!! I didn’t even have kids yet but I would go to Disneyland just to dance around like a dork to the cool songs during the parade!!

  17. Disneyland truly a magical place! I can remember my first visit as if it were just yesterday, I was just seven and my brother 10. My mom saved up every penny she earned from ironing neighbors clothes in order to take my brother and me to the “Happiest Place in Earth!.” We got on to a bus-my mom didn’t drive. I couldn’t wait for the bus to open it’s doors.The plants shaped like Disney characters were beautiful. It seemed like for ever getting our ticket books. I remember feeling so excited walking through the gate into Disneyland and feeling something that I never really felt before-true honest wonder and extreme happiness! My brother and I didn’t know what ride to go on first. As we worked our way down Main Street we came upon Tomorrow land. My brother and I got on the rockets. He wasn’t as excited as I was-his fear of heights is worse than mine. After exploring so many rides my brother and I found one that we just couldn’t get enough of in Autopia-the cars!!! It was a ‘C’ ticket. We stood in line so many times just to drive a car. A car that gave me a feeling of being free and made me feel so grown up. Soon we ran out of ‘C’ tickets. I begged my dear mom for money to buy another ticket to ride the cars-it cost 70cents! I remember my mom scrapping together enough change so my brother and me could enjoy just one more ride-a ride of a life time. To this day I still have my ticket book. Thinking back to all the sacrafices my mom did so we could have the best childhood that we could-makes me appreciate her selfless heart and miss her even more!!! I love you mama!!!

  18. I love, love, love the Main Street Electric Parade. The music still rings in my ear and brings a smile to my face viewing it as a child and as an adult. It was always fun waving back to all the characters. 🙂
    As a child, I enjoyed the Autotopia ride, it made me feel like an adult driving!

  19. My daughter Hailey used to be obsessed with Belle from Beauty and the Beast. One year,I bought her the full ensemble – dress, crown, shoes etc. I did her hair like Belle. We went to Disneyland and stood in the long line to meet the “real” Belle. When it was Hailey’s turn, she slowly approached the Princess, eyes wide. “Belle” came up to her and told her, “do you want to learn how to curtsy like a princess?” She then proceeded to give Hailey some training in how to be a princess (which trust me, she already had the diva thing down prior to this lol…) and even sat and posed for a series of pictures. Needless to say, Hailey was completely starstruck by the end of the experience, and I had a total Mom Moment seeing my little girl meet her idol.

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