Weekly Update: 1/12/2015

Welcome to 2015!! I hope everyone had some nice “down time”- here the updates for this week:

Flag Salute:

Please remember to bring your trophies to the blacktop in the morning as we will be announcing the December attendance winners.


As mentioned on Monday in our meeting, our new PLC room is Rm. 23!  We are working on getting it keyed so that your classroom key will open it.  Thank you to Chris who has been working over break, and will continue to work, on creating a welcoming and resourceful environment for your planning time.

In PLC’s, we will continue to move forward in our work around our primary goal of deeply unpacking standards.  Chris and I will be doing our best to attend each PLC and help facilitate this challenging work.  I want to remind everyone that it is very helpful and efficient if your team can come to your PLC prepared and with a predetermined agenda and goals/next steps from your previous meeting.

Chris will have a couple of templates available to help guide this work and will also now be in charge of collecting the PLC minutes so from now on, please email them to him OR place them in the bin that he has established for this in Rm. 23.

Minimum Days:

Tuesday and Wednesday are both minimum days.  We will not have any meetings so please use this time to meet with your grade level team and plan and prep.

Lesson Plans:

As I mentioned, I will be collecting your weekly lesson plans for the rest of January.  This week’s plans need to be turned into Eunice by this Friday.  You are more than welcome to turn them in sooner.  Once I get some plans turned in, I will select a couple that are good representations of what I need and am looking for, and I will black out the teacher name and send you all a picture of these “anchor” lesson plans if it might be of use for you.  You will not be required to have yours look exactly like these, but since I have already had some inquiries about what is expected so I will offer these as examples that might help you.  I will be scheduling a roving sub sometime next week to meet with you to briefly review your lesson plans.   In the future January weeks, please plan to turn your plans in to Eunice by every Wednesday of that respective week.  Please do not email them to Eunice.

Daily Schedule:

If you have not yet turned in your daily schedule with your own name on it, please do so this week to Eunice.


As mentioned, Teresa will be out on Tuesday and had hoped to post a “special” sign up sheet in the lounge so that every class could visit for just 15 minutes this week to check out books since all books were returned before break.  Since she is out, she will post this first thing in the morning when she returns on Wednesday so please be looking for this and sign up for a library time for this week.


Computer Lab:

The new computer lab schedule is posted on the door in the lounge for you to sign up in any of the “open” time slots.

Classroom Visits:

As mentioned briefly on Monday, Barb Montfort will join me in visiting classrooms this Friday afternoon.

Board Meeting to recognize Emory- please mark your calendars!:

I forgot to mention at the Monday PD/Staff Meeting that I will be presenting “All About Emory” at the next board meeting on Thursday, January 22nd at 6p.m.  I know you all have busy lives but I would be honored if you could attend as it would afford me the opportunity to recognize my wonderful staff in person, as you all are the reason that I will be able to proudly share all the good things that take place at our school.  Our presentations are expected to be 10 minutes or less so if you can attend, you should be able to leave by 6:15ish.

Fountas and Pinnell Reading Assessment:

As mentioned in our Monday meeting, I have asked Asst. Supt. Cindy Schaub to order this assessment tool for us to pilot in grades K-2.  Today, I inquired if our upper grades could also pilot this and she is more than willing to support this and said it’s not too late but did specify that she is looking for entire grade levels to pilot as opposed to one teacher from each grade level.  If your 3-6 grade level team is interested, please let me know as soon as possible- by the end of this week if not sooner.  I have included a link here which describes the assessment and includes different tabs to give you a comprehensive look at the assessment.  This is not a reading program.  It is an assessment which can provide a lot of useful and detailed information for you about your students and guide your reading instruction and intervention.

Employee Lounge issues:


Carlos and Alex did not get a chance to clean out our fridge or freezer over break but will be doing it on Tuesday afternoon.  Please, please look to make sure that your old food is thrown out.  There are multiple boxes of Capri Sun so please take these if they belong to you as they do not need to be refrigerated and I don’t want to throw them away either.

-Sink area:

I was saddened to see that our sink area is full of dirty dishes.  This is not the responsibility of our custodians who have lots to do over their shortened Winter Break days.  These dishes are left over from our Employee of the Year celebration before break so please do you part to clean what is yours- always.

Question of the Week:

What is something (little idea or big idea) that your learned from our PB(I)S professional development on Monday that you are committed to trying in your classroom THIS WEEK?

Quote of the Week:

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules.  You learn by doing, and by falling over.”

-Richard Branson


22 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 1/12/2015

  1. I’m going to implement a version of the “Tell the Ear” to help curb tattling. I’m going to call it, “Talk to Charlie.” Charlie is the name of our invisible student I joke about with the kids, so it’s only fitting to tell him.

  2. I will continue to try to keep most problems in my classroom. I will use the “is this hurting me or others, or is this tattling? approach to peer problems, and I will implement the “write an incident report” step to problem solving.

  3. I am going to try out some new strategies for my student who speaks out of turn – perhaps the “____ deserves our respect” strategy or the 2 tickets to talk strategy :0) Overall, very useful PD!

  4. I will use more positive reinforcement in the classroom by acknowledging more often those kids that are getting blue slips in the playground.

    1. Hi, sorry that last comment wasn’t from Maile, it’s from me ( Karina). I am assuming another identity. Sorry Maile, the computer had your named and e-mail saved.

  5. I’m excited to commit to acknowledging four positives for every negative. And I especially want to model expected behavior from students in various situations.

  6. I’m planning on looking at all Emory students as mine and not thinking of myself as an island. I’m planning to give a lot more blue slips for what I see school wide and find a stylish way to carry blue slips at all times. LOL Good excuse to go shopping !!! I also gave the template I use to teach Incident Report procedures at the start of the year to Jill if anyone wants a copy so they can see what the kids include in their writings. Hope it helps !! 🙂

  7. Sorry I missed the PD while at a family reunion but from reading through the comments I also hope to add a lot more positive comments to counteract the negative ones that may periodically slip from my mouth. I also would like a copy of the template that Erika shared with Jil or check out the one shared at the PD. Sounds like I missed a great one.

  8. I will use more positive reinforcement and I think I’ll try the elastic band on the chair legs of a couple of my more energetic, fidgety students.

  9. Focusing on positive behavior encourages others to also seek out that positive recognition and confirms expectations. (Great intervention strategy.)

    I’ve been giving out my own version of Caught being Good as raffle tickets not only to my class but also to my ELD group. A positive note or phone call to their home teacher goes a long way!

    I also have students write about concerns before talking to me, (Calling it an incident report sounds like a great idea :.) ….Writing helps clarify problem and of course, gets them writing!
    I’m making a commitment to give out more Blue Slips when I have recess duty.

    1. Definitely focusing more on the positives in and out of class – the 4 to 1 ratio is a goal to work towards. Hopefully that will motivate many more students to stay on task and focused.

  10. Definitely focusing more on the positives in and out of class – the 4 to 1 ratio is a goal to work towards. Hopefully that will motivate many more students to stay on task and focused.

  11. Realizing the importance of students remaining in the classroom and teachers providing engaging classroom options to facilitate learning and teaching and minimize interruptions/distractions.
    Also, new personal goal at home and school: positive comments and behaviors ratio of 4:1

  12. Eye opening for me was realizing the importance of keeping students in the classroom so they are not missing lessons and learning opportunities yet grappling with how to provide activities to productively engage these students.
    Also eye opening: I know the importance of being positive but the 4:1 ratio was new and I will be working to incorporate that balance (healthy imbalance) into my daily consciousness at school and home.

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