Weekly Update: 12/15/2014

5 more days! Here are the updates for this busy week:


Our PBS lesson is very appropriate in that it addresses Gift Shop expectations.  Please make sure to review this Monday morning after flag salute.

Egyptian Fair:

Our sixth graders will take part in their Egyptian Fair shortly after flag salute.  Please sign up and/or make sure to attend during the time that you signed up to visit.

Asst. Supt. Visit:

Cindy Schaub will visit on Monday from 10-12.  We may be visiting classrooms after discussing options for spending CC money that must be spent by end of January.

Imagine Learning:

Please review Adriana’s email regarding IL.  We will not have IL this week or the week we return from break.


We will have PLCs this week.  Please continue to unpack your focus standards with an intent to Chapter thus determining which lessons should be taught first, then next, etc and writing sequential objectives.  Some grade level teams are also committing part of their PLC to readind chapters/parts of some of our resource books that are located in Rm. 28 such as the Van der Walle books and Number Talks.  If you are looking to build your content knowledge around your Math CC standards, let me remind you that the Math Frameworks for your grade level is HIGHLY informative and does  a great job of breaking down the Mathematical Practices as well as the individual standards with great examples too!  The frameworks can be found on the Math Units of Study link.  When you click on your specific grade level, the first line of the page takes you to the frameworks link.

If you have read the emails from Michelle Syverson, you should also know that many of the Unit 3 and Unit 4 Math assessments are already uploaded for you to preview.  This may be another agenda item for your PLC time.

Book orders:

Based on your requests on last week’s Staff Mtg. sign in list, we have ordered Math Facts books (Mastering the Basic Math Facts in Addition and Subraction OR Multiplication and Division: Strategies, Activities & Interventions to Move Students Beyond Memorization).  These should be arriving mid-week.  Additionally, here is a link for ordering dice if you are interested in ordering with some of your CC money.

Wednesday Staff Meeting:

We will only meet for 5 minutes in Rm. 21 to ensure that everyone takes a quick survey that will help our PBS team design some future PD for January.  As soon as you arrive to Rm. 21, you will be given directions as to how to access the survey and you can begin right away and leave when you are finished.

Reading and Popcorn:

I will be busy rewarding monthly attendance classroom winners again this week.  So far I have been able to honor the sign up but please be patient should I be a few minutes late or if I need to reschedule.  If this should happen, I will make sure to call right away or ahead of time to inform you if I’m running late or need to reschedule.

Question of the Week:

What are your plans for your upcoming time off?

Quote of the Week:

“Cherish your human connections- your relationships with family and friends.” -Barbara Bush



22 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 12/15/2014

  1. I plan on relaxing as much as possible! Staying in San Diego for the break this year. Hopefully go for some walks by the bay and beach.

  2. I hope to get over my newly acquired cold (usually takes 2-3 weeks), prepare for Christmas at my son’s place in Laguna Beach, seeing the new Hobbit movie and Unbroken, and finishing a book I started 3 months ago.

  3. I will wrap massive amounts of presents, spend time with Chelsea before she goes to Semester at Sea for over 4 months in January, have the whole family over for Xmas (including Jack, who tragically lost his wife – one of my best friends – a year ago), garden, read, watch lots of TV, and go visit my dad near Monterey right before we come back. Looking forward to it all!

  4. Host Christmas at my house with the WHOLE family (about 35 of us) and then I am off to China for a 14 day vacation including visits to the Great Wall, the aTerracotta Army exhibit, 4 day cruise on the Yellow River and lots more! I am sooooo excited!

  5. help my mom move out of the hospital and clean her house, hug mu grandson, pet cats, read books, sleep…….not in that order

  6. First thing Saturday morning, I will do my Christmas shopping! After that, then beginning my Christmas dinner preparations. Cooking Christmas dinner is my favorite dinner to cook! We’ll celebrate Bill’s birthday. After all this, hopefully I’ll be able to simply sit and relax while watching silly TV! If the weather cooperates, I’ll spend as much time at the beach as I can as well.

  7. Practice Tai Chi, Bagua etc. Honey do list. Give guitar lessons and visit friends and family.


  8. Flying to Sacramento and then driving to Redding to finally see my son play basketball….after a couple days in Redding driving to SF for some RandR…..Also playing the tourist as my brother and his family are visiting San Diego during break as well.

  9. I am looking forward to having family and friends over for Christmas dinner…wish me luck…I should probably hire Erin’s hubby. Also looking forward to seing Unbroken in my father’s memory. He fought at Guadacanal in WWII.

  10. Spend time adding new furniture to my living and bedroom. Relax if I can. Go have some fun maybe to Vegas or down South.

  11. Visiting my dad and step-mom in Redding on the ranch. Taking my boys horse back riding through the snow…hopefully !! Heading to SF my fav city and visiting the Modern Art Museum with the boys. Hoping they will love it as much as Doug and I as it was our date spot before kids. LOL

  12. The “Quote of the Week” pretty much sums up my upcoming break….
    “Cherish your human connections- your relationships with family and friends.” -Barbara Bush

  13. Excited to be traveling up north for Xmas, my sister is hosting this year. She will spearhead the tamale making session…we will help! Yum, family tradition. I plan to relax as much as possible, enjoy my family and friends. I’m especially looking forward to hanging out with my 2 yr old grandson…what a great age….. just watching him explore, ask questions, have FUN makes me SMILE!

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