Weekly Update: 12/1/2014

Welcome to December everyone! I sure hope you had a great week off and found some time to rest, play, and spend time with family and friends!

Flag Salute and Monthly Attendance:

We will announce November winners for attendance on Monday so please bring your trophies.  I did not get to read to any of our October winners as my November was so busy so I am planning to post a sign up sheet in the lounge for classes to sign up.  Some slots will be longer for those classes who win for both Oct. and Nov. and shorter time slots for “single month” winners.


Chris will be sending out our PBS expectations powerpoint- Guest Teacher expectations.  Please make sure to use our school-wide PBS time for this each Monday morning.  If we don’t place importance on this, then our students won’t either.


We have 3 weeks until our next break.  While it’s expected to eagerly look forward to this next break, let’s please make the most of these next 3 weeks, instructionally speaking.  Please use your PLC time to continue to unpack standards.  While we are naturally focused on Math CC as it’s newer, you might also want to spend time unpacking ELA as there is still plenty of work to do around ELA.  I had many teachers asking questions around how to score ELA on the report card.  I appreciate your willingness to ask when you are unclear about something as this helps me understand that we still need to focus more PD around ELA CC in addition to Math.

Thank you to everyone for sending me Writing samples of your grade level PTAs.


Our ILT members- Karina M., Dene, Jeanne, Maria, Erika, Angela, Erin, Morgan, Adriana, Chris and I, will be gone on Tuesday for our ILT (Instructional Leadership Team) meeting and planning session.

This year, in order to increase and better our communication from district to school, and school to staff members, I will continue to periodically add “share outs” to our Staff Meeting agendas for committee members/reps to share what they are learning or discussing in their respective committee meetings.  (This first “share out” took place at our Oct. 22nd staff meeting) With regards to sharing out from ILT, our ILT team met in early August and was asked by me, “Where (what venue) do you think you should share what you learned and/or discussed today at ILT?” Since that specific ILT focused primarily on Math CC and reviewed how to really deeply unpack standards,  the team decided that it would be best to share and implement these ideas and suggestions via their PLC.  The ILT team also discussed their plan to discuss what their PLC time should look like- what every member should bring to PLC and be prepared to discuss during PLC.  After Tuesday’s ILT meeting, we will discuss once again how best to share out our “take aways” from the meeting.

Teacher of the Year Nomination:

If you haven’t already done so, please turn in your nomination forms to Rebecca on Monday.  We are supposed to be announcing the winner this week if possible.  Please read Rebecca’s heartfelt email which was sent out before break for details.  Thank you.

Question of the Week:

What are your favorite memories from this past week off?

Quote of the Week:

“To love what you do and feel that it matters- how could anything be more fun?’

-Katherine Graham

14 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 12/1/2014

  1. Lots of fun this week: cooking for the family and a few others, spending time with Chelsea home from UCI and our nephew who had some time off from his band, Cold War Kids, giving out books at the Feed the Kids and Families event at the IB Boys and Girls Club, AND taking 1st place at The Field’s pub trivia night with Erin, Loren, Melanie, and Stella. A really fun week.

  2. Although I hosted Thanksgiving this year, I was happy not having to cook this year; just a little baking which I enjoy. I was especially thankful to have my big sis, Alma, who lives in the Dominican Republic, join us for Thanksgiving this year.

  3. Picking up my son from airport….his first time flying alone….and enjoying him hanging around the house with us…..enjoying his stories of his first year in college…. and eating Thanksgiving dinner on the back patio….a first!

  4. Seeing my 3 year old Ian on skis for the first time in Mammoth. Ian found me in the crowd of Mommies with a big grin on his face when he snow plowed for the first time. Watching my boys expressions when they saw snow fall for the first time and all the Santa Claus questions on our 8 hour drive. LOL

  5. I went surfing twice with my sons. We had a really nice dinner with the family. I got reacquainted with my wife after shutting myself away to work on report cards. Plus I accomplished all my “Honey-do’s” on time for the holiday.

  6. My favorite memories this past week were keeping busy doing fun filled family activities – a “fun” kind of busy! It was great allowing my young sons sleep in and not having to rush them in the mornings.

  7. The glow on my daughter Aisling’s face, as she walked out the San Diego Mission de Alcala with the sun caressing in her face. She looked like an angel.

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