Weekly Update: 11/17/2014

Good Morning! Here are the updates for the next 5 days and then we will have a few days catch our breath, spend time with family and friends, and hopefully get a little rest…..

Blue Slips:

Please send your blue slips with a student to lunch today.  I will do blue slips for Kinder and TK in their rooms.

Lunch inside:

We will have lunch inside for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as we are receiving new lunch tables and then they will be taking the best of our old lunch tables and changing them out with some of the tables around our campus that are in really bad shape.

Certificated of the Year nomination:

Thank you to those of you who turned in your nomination form for our Teacher/Certificated of the Year committee.  Thanks to Rebecca, Shelly, Angela, and Holli who were selected and accepted the honor of serving on our selection committee this year.  Now, we need your help once again.  Please see the YELLOW nomination form which is in your boxes and place your nomination for Teacher of the Year in the folder in Rebecca’s box.  The district doesn’t give us much time to go through the process and needs the name of our certificated and  classified selections by Dec. 5th.  For this reason, please try your best to turn this in by this Friday or at the latest, Monday, Dec. 1st.


Please use this week to continue unpacking standards for your current or upcoming Unit of Study.  Please remember there are guidelines posted on Rm. 28 and an unpacking template available on the planning table which can help you unpack a standard to the depth which will help with deeper understanding.  You may also use some of this time to work on report cards and know that you will also have this Wed. to work on report cards.  I will be sending you some updates and “tips” regarding report cards via email so be looking for that.

Supt. Mc visits:

Supt. McNamara visits Tuesday from 8:30-10:30a.m.  Since she was unable to visit for much time last time, we will once again be visiting our classrooms and programs that are supported by personnel that is funded through categorical funding.  If we have add’l time, we will visit classrooms/grade levels of her choice.

Art Students:

Our art student teachers will visit tomorrow, from 1:30-2:15 in 4th-6th grades.  Dr. Sangren from PLNU who is the professor for this program wants to send her thanks to those participating teachers.  She said that her students had very positive experiences on their planning visit and are excited to teach the lessons, though a bit nervous, as is to be expected.  Dr. Sangren asks that I remind my teachers that this is her students’ first experience teaching a lesson– this class comes prior to their student teaching, so please make sure to stay in the class as these students are not yet credentialed and shouldn’t be left without a supervising credentialed teacher.  With this being said, please try not to “step in and take over” too much as they need to experience how to make adjustments, deal with discipline, etc. Thank you.

Library Schedule:

I will be sending out a new library schedule based on the fact that our 2nd and 3rd grade PLC rotations change again this week.  I will also post the computer lab schedule for this week on the white board.

Staff/PD meeting:

There will be no staff mtg this week so please use this time to finish up report cards.  Keep in mind, that you do not want to print out your report cards until Wednesday to ensure that all attendance data has been populated.

Question of the Week:

What is one thing you learned from the report card PD that for which you are especially appreciative?

Quote of the Week:

“There is no education like adversity.”  -Benjamin Disraeli



7 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 11/17/2014

  1. Being able to click “print” to see a preview of each individual report card and not necessarily proceed with the printing of it.

  2. I wasn’t at the {D due to a doctor’s appt for Mom, but I am ALWAYS appreciative of my wonderful, beautiful, talented and INTELLIGENT teaching partners.

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