Weekly Update: 11/3/2014

Hi everyone- I am giving our blog a shot and hoping you are able to open this but I will also send this via Outlook email.

I’d like to say “Thank You” to all of you for your efforts this week towards two events that exemplified our commitment to building a positive and welcoming school climate that couldn’t happen without all of you!  It was truly a pleasure to watch the faces of students and their families as they enjoyed our Fall Carnival and Costume Parade/Unicef Drive.

Monday Flag Salute:

Please bring trophies to flag salute on Monday as we will be announcing the attendance winners for the month of October.


Please continue to use this time to score your PTAs and discuss student work.  Please remember that I need to have one sample of a 1, 2, 3, and 4 scored writing sample from your grade level.   Thanks to 1st and 5th grade who have turned theirs in.  There is a folder outside my office door where you can place your samples but please make sure they are labeled with your grade level.  Thank you.

Staff/PD meeting:

As I mentioned, we will not have a meeting this week so that you may use the time to input your scores into Illuminate.  Additionally, if you need extra help, there is an “open session” at the district office from 3:30-5:30p.m. on Wednesday tech lab.   I encourage you to take some time before Wednesday, if you haven’t already begun to do so, to get into Illuminate and use your notes from our training that our Illuminate leads facilitated and familiarize yourself with entering scores, either via scanning or manually entering.  This way, you will know if you need extra support with any challenges that you encounter PRIOR to Wednesday.

Illuminate and Report Cards:

I know we have a lot to do and I know we get a lot of emails but PLEASE take some time (you could use your PLC or Wednesday p.m. for this as well) to read the informative email from Amy Illingworth that was sent on Tuesday, Oct. 28th.  It has information and an easy link to info regarding report cards.  It’s normal behavior for people to procrastinate because we have so much to do but I encourage you to begin looking at the report cards sooner than later.   We need to send them home on Nov. 21st.  We all know how quickly that date will arrive.  Amy’s email has more information but the link for the report cards and the report card help sheet is here.

Attendance and other info will not be entered into Illuminate until Nov. 19th so you may begin working on report cards right now but do not print them out until Nov. 19th.  After printing them, you will need to copy the parent guide onto the back side of the report cards.  The one page parent guide can also be found on the link above.

Classroom Visits:

As you know Supt. Mc was unable to visit for long last week due to her schedule and Asst. Supt. Schaub needs to reschedule her visit for this week but hopes to visit in the near future.  Chris and I will continue to visit classrooms this week and in upcoming weeks to collect data around our school and district goals.  As we visited classrooms last week, we certainly saw evidence of teachers teaching lessons around CC standards.  Unfortunately, we did not see many objectives posted and of those that were posted some did not appear to be connected with the instruction or student tasks.  Please know that I am so aware that you all are trying and learning- and I truly appreciate your efforts.  We are all learning.  For this reason, more than ever, it’s important that we have our objectives posted because that will help Chris and myself to have a quick understanding of the standard that you are intending to focus on with your students and then we will be able to better coach around alignment.  Just as we are encouraging our students to ask questions if they are unsure, please ask questions if you need help around writing objectives around the CC standards.  We are here to support you.

Impact Teachers:

Thank you to Adriana and our Impact teachers for allowing us to learn a little more about them and become familiar with their faces.  You can learn a little bit about our Impact teachers while making copies in our copy room.  I am still in search for a biligual Newcomer/ELL impact teacher.  In the meantime, Adriana is going to try her best to rearrange her schedule to offer some support so please see her email from last week and send her names of your Newcomer students.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Recess:

It was a very difficult process to judge the doors for those classrooms who participated in the Red Ribbon Week door decorating contest.  Congratulations to Rm. 6, Rm. 15, and Rm. 22 but thank you to all who participated, the messages and themes were all quite creative! I will supervise Rock ‘n’ Roll Recess this Tuesday, Nov. 4th at 1:10-1:25p.m.  I will be bringing a little something to Honorable Mention rooms 24 and 25.

Computer Lab:

The computer lab schedule will be posted again on the white board for any rooms that want to sign up in any of the “open” times.

ACSA conference:

I will be gone Thursday and Friday for the ACSA conference.  Chris will be admin. designee.  This is a good time to remind everyone to please make sure to complete an Office Referral form if you need to send any students to the office.  We need these forms as a means of collecting data to measure our school site plan/LCAP goals regarding safety and school climate.

Question of the Week:

What topic or subject area would you like more professional development around? Be as specific as possible please.

Quote of the Week:

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall.”  – Confucius




12 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 11/3/2014

  1. I would appreciate attending some training regarding implementation of Common Core. I am new to this district and I have never attended any Common Core trainnings. I would love to get the opportunity to attend some trainning in either ELA or Math specific to my grade level.

  2. I am lacking in knowledge of Illuminate in general. I am hoping to meet with Erin and Shelly who have been trained and become more comfortable with it. We are piloting the gradebook portion, so I need to input the zillions of grades I’ve accumulated this trimester also.

  3. Thank you Jil for all of your support. I know report cards will be new and challenging for all of us the first time around… I will be working on keeping a positive attitude and having a smile on my face! We are in this together :0)

  4. I’d like to have some PD on how primary grades can effectively integrate the tech aspect of CC into our instruction.

  5. THANK YOU FOR ASKING… I would love more common core math training. I enjoyed the ELA training we had last year and would find it very beneficial to have something similar for math.

  6. I also could use more time to work with illuminate, maybe a flow chart that guides us through all the steps to find the benchmark questions, the rubrics, the students’ answers and info input pages. I know they exist, but having all this on one sheet would be helpful.

  7. I would appreciate more CCSS Mathematics implementation training-although the new math book that was adopted is just that; I could use some training on how to navigate around all of its components and how they corrolate to Math CCSS.

  8. It’s probably just me, but I would like some ideas of how budget time, and or organization to help with all we have on our plates these days

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