Weekly Update: 9/15/2014

Good morning- I am out sick today, Monday, and Tracy will be admin. designee.   Here are the updates for this week of mininum days…


You should have an email from Chris for “Hallway Expectations” this morning.  I appreciate how many of you are reinforcing this expectation as I see more and more classes walking nicely and quietly walking in the hallways.


Thank you for making unpacking standards a priority for your PLCs along with other items that are listed on your meeting minutes.  A special thanks to the ILT members who contributed to the possible agenda items that are listed on the “Meeting Minutes” that are in Rm. 28 and will also be sent via email to everyone.  Please note that PLC time is NOT a time to be discussing field trips.  You will have some Wednesdays devoted to individual grade level meetings to discuss these types of items.

Please use this week’s PLCs to continue to unpack standards and follow your agreed-upon normsn and expectations from last week’s PLCs.  Keep in mind that our catergorical money and site plan are now supporing PLCs for 105 minutes weekly for “teacher planning to increase student achievement” so we need to use this time wisely in order to stay in compliance.

Impact Teachers:

Many of you have shared with me that you are leaving a door block in your door instead of leaving your rooms unlocked for the Impact Teachers who come to your room.  This is a great solution if you’d prefer not to leave your door unlocked or share your keys.

Box Tops:

Our first collection of Box Tops brought us just under $400!! Thanks to Dana who sent her students around and a huge “thanks” to Phylis who does the time consuming behind-the-scenes work of counting all of them and sending them in for us.   Phylis made collection envelopes for every classroom at the beginning of the year.  If you don’t have one, please let us know.  If you DO have one, please use these for your Bpx Tops as it makes it easier for everyone.

Shout out to the following rooms for being “top” Box Top collectors:

Rms: 3, 9, 17, 19, 24, 26

The more you as a teacher “hype” this or have a small incentive (possible blue slip) for students who bring these in, the more money for our school! Thanks everyone!

Classroom visits:

Asst. Supt. Cindy Schaub will be visiting Tuesday from 8:00-11:30 and we will be visiting classrooms looking for objectives, teaching, and student tasks that are aligned with CC Math and ELA.  In the time that I have been in classrooms, I have been excited to see more and more student talk and tasks that are asking students to “struggle” through questions and tasks.  Keep it up! Please remember that your objectives should reflect what you are teaching for that particular lesson and what you “hope” that your students will learn in that lesson and please communicate with students why they are learning this.  Ask yourself when you are planning or writing that objective, “What are the students going to do/show me to indicate their learning?” “How am I going to differentiate?”

Mindset Curriculum:

Before she “retired”, Asst. Supt. Burgess purchased Mindset Curriculum for 3 of our schools to pilot.  Emory is one of those schools.  There are 5 PD modules for our teachers and then curriculum for our 4-6gr. students to work through on their one-on-one devices.  We will jump into this for part of our day when we return from Fall Break.  Chris and I spent time reviewing the curriculum last Friday and found it to be very user friendly and it ties in nicely with the work we have already been doing with CC.

Question of the Week:

What fun plans do you have for the Fall Break?

Quote of the Week:

“You can observe a lot just by watching.”  -Yogi Berra


15 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 9/15/2014

  1. During the Fall break Ron and I will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary. We had plans to go back to Italy but, we stayed in town because our grandson was due to arrive. Well, Ashton came this past Friday, so we’re staying in town and will be relaxing in one of our timeshares for a few days as well as visiting Santa Barbara.

  2. I plan to patch my sons’ surfboards (this is like enjoyable therapy for me), finish the book I started in July, and go surfing and bodysurfing. Plus the list of honey-do’s.

  3. Grant will be turning 5 so we will be staying at Disneyland !!! I can’t believe my little guy is going to be 5 !! Time flies !! 🙂

  4. R-E-L-A-X in the beautiful towns of Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, and other gorgeous colonial towns of beautiful Mexico with my sister. Wow, no kids involved. It will be so strange at the beginning, but in true honesty, I can’t wait!!!!

  5. I plan on taking a few trips, changing my last name, putting my honeymoon scrapbook together, and relaxing somewhere in between.

  6. Lots and lots of catch up with various things, moving my sister in law from Lake Arrowhead to Coronado, moving my daughter from our house back into UC Irvine, and taking a short trip up to visit my dad in Castroville. 🙂

  7. I plan on finishing an online course about math:) I also plan on taking a trip somewhere. Not sure where yet. Finally I want to enjoy the last days of summer!

  8. Vegas Baby! for a Midnight Cowboy 5K run on Saturday, then just the usual Vegas fun; gamble, spa visit, relaxing by the pool…oh yeah, maybe a drink or two or three or…

  9. No 5:00 am alarm clock or having to rush out the door on weekday mornings!!! We’re off to Palm Springs for a few days to spend some quality family time!

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