Weekly Update: 9/1/2014

Happy Labor Day to you all! Hopefully you are enjoying more rest than labor.  Here are the updates for this short week:

Attendance Awards:

We will recognize classes with best attendance for the month of August at flag salute on Tuesday.  If you still have a trophy in your classroom from last year, please bring it to the table Tuesday morning before flag salute.

Impact teachers and PLC:

I am excited to announce that we were at least able to secure 2 more impact teachers (we are still in need of a bilingual Newcomer teacher) so we are able to begin PLC collaborations.  Due to timing, we were not able to get their calendars and contracts completed last week so our PLC’s will begin on Tuesday, Sept. 9th.  Our new impact teachers are Ms. Caitlin McCarty who will be teaching a blend of art and theatre arts and Mr. Devin Roach who will be teaching tech and computer based graphic design.  Ms. Ann Linn will be returning and teaching a combination of Science and Soc. Studies but may not have as much time to do “hands on” projects with the younger students as their primary rotations will be a blend of ELD and their content area subject.  The three teachers will be here Friday and Monday to prep and be ready to begin on Tuesday.  Please keep in mind that if you are Gr. 1-3, they will be picking up your students and taking roll before they begin ELD.  You need to decide if you want them to collect homework and do morning routines or if you’d prefer to do that when you return to your students after morning recess.

I will send the PLC schedule and rotation schedule out to everyone sometime this week.


As you know, our fundraisers are a great source of added “income” for our school which will go directly to the needs of our students.  Please remind your students that Tuesday, Sept. 2 is the end of our Fall Fundraiser, so please remind your students to bring their money and orders to Teresa in the library.

On Wednesday, our 6th graders begin their fundraising for 6th grade camp so please do what you can to promote this as well.

Staff Meeting/PD:

This Wednesday, we will meet once again in our new computer lab in Rm. 16 at 1:40 and will be guided through the process of creating our own class webpage by one of our tech dept. experts.  Please remember to bring your compostion book with you so you can take notes.  It’s more user friendly than the last one, but it would still be a good idea to take notes.

Computer Lab sign-up:

The computer lab sign up is one white board.  Once we begin PLCs, this will change slightly since one 2nd and one 3rd grade class will be assigned to the PLC slot but for now, please sign up for a time slot if you are gr. 1-3 and remember to touch base with Teresa at least 24 hours ahead of time to decide on a plan for when she is with you in the lab.


If you are assigned to “Week 1” of library, this is your week to bring your class to library.  For TK/K who missed your library this week due to the holiday, there are a few open slots available that you have priority to.  I will place the libary schedule on the white board as well and you can fill in your name in one of the open slots if you’d like to.  Just make sure to let Teresa know.

Student Council:

Student Council dates have been scheduled, subject to change.  This Friday, please send your student council reps to Rm. 18 during a.m. recess to discuss Spirit Days.  Thanks to Angela, Erika, and Angelica for coordinating and facilitating.


We have removed the large blue recycle bins as Carlos and Alex informed me that they were used as trash all too often and were therefore not able to be dumped into the large recycle bin near the warehouse.  For the time being, it was suggested by a couple of upper grade teachers to assign two responsible students to take your classroom recycle bins a few times a week to the large receptacle by the warehouse.  For primary grades, our student council will discuss how they can go around and collect your recyling a few times per week and take it the the large recycle bin.

Music Lessons:

Please make sure to read the email sent last week by Mike Pretzer regarding music lessons.  He has attached a list of students and the time they will be called to music on Tuesdays.


Thank you to Tracy, Lindsay, Holli, Erika, and Chris who have volunteered to be part of our PBS committee that will be attending special PD during Fall Break.

A big thanks also to Lindsay and Tracy who have offered their services in an “Open House” format this Friday after school to anyone who is interested in coming to Rm. 1 for a few minutes to check out different behavior systems or learn some new tips for dealing with challenges with regards to academics and/or behaviors of some of your students.

Draw Along Assembly:

This is a first but we are always up for trying new things for our students’ assemblies.  Our Draw Along assembly will be Friday morning.  Please make sure each student has a white board or something hard upon which to draw, a pencil, and a few sheets of paper.  You are encouraged to bring extra pencils along in case a student has a broken pencil.  Please see Connie’s flier and the bulletin for times.

Parent/Teacher Conferences:

These begin next week, Sept. 10 through Sept. 19 with Friday, Sept. 12th being a “no students” work day to allow for conferences all day long.  Please make sure to begin setting up your conferences and to give a copy of your conference schedule to Eunice as you cannot imagine how many calls we receive from parents needing reminders about what time their conferences are, even though we know you have sent them the information in at least one form of communication.

Board Visit:

I wanted to congratulate you all on a very well received visit from our SBUSD Board and Exec. Team.  Their intentions were to stop in briefly to every classroom to connect with teachers and students without majorly interrupting instruction.  They were excited to see the amount of energy and risks being taken with regards to CC Math and also enjoyed viewing some engaging ELD lessons.  If Chris or I didn’t get a chance to give you some feedback in person, you should expect to receive an email from one of us if you haven’t already.  Thanks again!

Question of the Week:

What has felt like your biggest “success” or “a-ha” so far with regards to CC Math instruction?

Quote of the Week:

“The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.” -Eric Hoffer

16 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 9/1/2014

  1. Teaming is a must! Collaborating will now be the most essential planning tool, but one must come prepared to share the good and the bad.

  2. The CC Math standards are very rigorous, but we the teachers and the students are both trying hard in our learning.

  3. “The Program” is not the answer. Explore. It is okay to try a variety of resources to meet the needs of your students; one resource may be better suited to meet certain standards than another.

  4. Focusing on fewer problems, even just ONE …..then having math conversation on how problem was solved, sharing strategies…..brings about those A-ha moments!

  5. Exposing students to a variety of strategies and allowing them TIME to struggle and explain their thinking to others.

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