Weekly Update: 8/25/2014

Hi everyone- I am hearing that internet and phones are down at Emory today, Sunday, so hopefully they will be working by Monday when most of you read this.  Cross your fingers.

Fire Drill:

If bells and systems are working we will try for our fire drill on Monday after 6th grade lunch.   Please let Eunice know if you do not have your emergency red backpack and yellow and pink cards.  Numbers have been repainted down on grass area though they need to fix a couple of things still.

Employee Info Card:

Please make sure to turn in your employee info card to Eunice asap.  This is important for us to have so we can reach you or your family in case of emergency.

Principal Round Table:

We will have our first Principal Round Table meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 26th at 7:30a.m.  If you have something you would like the committee to discuss, please drop your “problem/solution” slip into the green box in the copy room before Tuesday.

Bus Evacution Drill:

This will take place on Tues. Aug. 26th.  Please see schedule that Eunice sent to you a while back.

Field Trip Form:

Eunice recently sent you a field trip form that you need to save and complete and return to Eunice well before you plan to take a field trip.  See Eunice if you have questions.


ELD will begin on Wednesday since we have bus evac. drill on Tuesday.  Thank you for giving your names to Adriana and thank you to Adriana for all of her hard work to create the groups.  Please read Adriana’s detailed emails for more info and remember to email her when you have students who leave or new students.  Please remember that we have two less impact teachers this year to support with ELD so some of our classes will have larger numbers.

Impact Teachers:

I have more bittersweet news…Congratulations to Michelle Gates who was hired at IBCS as a 3rd grade job share teacher!  Congratulations also to Jaime Schoenbrun who was just hired as a third grade teacher in Mountain Empire School District.  We will miss them both but wish them the best of luck!  At this time, we have Ann Linn and new impact teacher Melina Waltl.  We are in need of three more impact teachers.  I will be gone Wednesday morning to sit in another set of interviews.  If you know of anyone who has a credential and might be interested, please have them call me.

Staff Meeting:

We will have a staff meeting this week in Rm. 16 to learn about Illuminate (the new DataDirector).  Thanks to Connie, Erin, and Shelly who will lead you through the new layout and features, and show you some “favorite reports” to run.

Computer Lab:

An email was sent last Friday with tentative computer lab schedule for k-3.  It is also posted on the white board.  Please read email and sign up for a spot on the whiteboard.  Teresa will be helping in all of the p.m. slots.

Library Schedule:

As we make adjustments to library schedule based on teacher requests, we continue to have subtle changes to the schedule.  We might have one more change but in any case, if you are a “WEEK 2” teacher, you have library this week.

Board Visit:

The SBUSD Board Members and Exec. Team will visit on Thursday morning.  They will split into two groups and plan to briefly visit each classroom.


Thank you to the ILT members who attended our meeting last Tuesday where much of the focus was around CC Math.  Maria has generously posted copies of the 7 norms for a CC Math classroom in our copy room.  Check them out as you make copies.  They are quick, easy reads, and give helpful hints that make a lot of sense.  Here is a link to a great TEDtalk that we all found really informative AND also entertaining.

Math Class Needs a Makeover:


Question of the Week:

If you could learn another language other than the languages you currently know, what language would that be? And why?

Quote of the Week:

“Stumbling isn’t a bad thing.  It means you were on the move, instead of sitting down doing nothing.” –Pataki


16 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 8/25/2014

  1. I would like to learn French. I took French in high school but I din’t learn much. If I learn enough, I would like to visit France.

  2. If I could learn another language I would learn BASQUE because my father’s native language is Basque. While I was growing up, my parents believed that learning Spanish and English was enough at the time, so we never learned to speak Basque. I just know only a few words and phrases but I would love to be able to have a conversation with my family in Spain.

  3. Sign Language, I started classes and didn’t finish and plan to go back once my boys are older. I love going to school and learning and plan to retire in a University town so I can take classes in everything. College was amazing and I miss it !!

  4. I would study Gaelic……and learn the original stories shared by the seanchia to share with my students……someday!!

  5. Purepecha, which might be one of the original languages spoken by my great grandma, Florentina. Purepecha is a language by the Tarascan natives in the highlands of my parents homeland in the Mexican state of Michoacán. Purepecha was the principal language of the Tarascan state, which was founded in the early 14th century, before they fell to the Spanish in 1530.

  6. I would like to become conversational in Spanish as most of my trips have been taking me south. Also it would be very helpful here in So Cal also.

  7. “Ditto” to Mike’s reply for me. Bil and I working our way down from Mexico to South America (with another trip to Costa Rica/Panama currently in the works) and fluent Spanish would be a big help.

  8. 1. Tagalog (to better serve a portion of our school’s population), 2. Mandarin Chinese (because it’s spoken by so many people in this world), 3. Sign Language, 4. Italian (part of my husband’s family is Italian), 5 and 6. and strengthen my language skills in Russian and Swedish! 7. Any language someone will teach me 🙂 Sorry, I can’t name just 1.

  9. Humm, having hosting so many exchange students…I’m in awe by the different languages and cultures. I have to say I have really enjoyed the Italian culture and language, I pick Italian…. 🙂 I would love take up the invitation to visit my former student in…. Italia!

  10. I have the desire to learn French and Italian. French because my granddaughters are part French and their father speaks to them in French so would like to know what they are saying, and Italian because I find it a passionate language. After our visit to Italy I wanted to learn how to speak Italian. I was extremely pleased to be able to understand phrases and words that the Italians spoke (if it they were spoken slowly)!

  11. I would like to learn French as my last experience in French Polynesia would have been ten times better had I spoke the language. The one word that I did learn was “mauruuru”, meaning thank you.

  12. Probably just to get more conversational in Spanish as I feel like when I speak it I sound like a 5 year old with really bad grammar. 🙂

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