Weekly Update: 8/4/2014

Good morning! Have a great week! Here are the week 2 updates.

Emergency Cards:

At this time, please turn in any and all emergency cards that you have.  For those students who have not turned their card in, please write their full name on a sticky note and attach to your class set of cards.  The office will follow up with those families.

Congratulations to Kerr and Molina for turning in complete class sets- their classes have earned a cold treat!  They were also the first two classrooms to turn in complete class set of residency paperwork.

Dismissal Time:

We seem to have a lot of students wandering around campus after school.  When I have inquired, they say that their teacher is dismissing them from the classroom.  Please remember that you are expected to walk your students to either the front or the back of the school.  I realize that this is not a perfect science.  Please devise a “plan” that would include walking your students out of class, dropping off “walkers” (for upper grade), dropping off “extended learning students” as you either turn to go to the front, or walk towards the back of the school.  3rd grade teachers will need to work something out for another class to take their students out to the back parking lot if their teacher has duty at front of the school.  I am open to other solutions and we can discuss further at Aug. 13th staff meeting.  Please also make sure to have this plan in your sub plans as our guest teachers did not walk the students to their spots last week also.

Thank you for your attention to the safety of our students.

Back to School Nights:

We have our “Back to School Nights” on Wed. Aug. 6 (4-6) and Wed. Aug. 13 (1-3) (Kinder already had their orientation/open house.)  Be thinking about some of the info you might want to provide to parents:

-checking in with ID at the office

-Common Core Math and ELA  now (have samples of CC Math examples and/or handout to give them of grade level standards)

-combination classes (if you are lucky enough to have one 🙂 and explain how neither grade level will “miss out”)

-show them how to access the district webpage and inform them that your own class webpage will be up and running soon (show them how to access your class webpage from the district site)

-discuss the classroom supplies that you would appreciate them donating if they care to

-review PBS main rules

I will also be reviewing much of this in my “spiel” before they head to your classrooms but I will be speaking quickly to cover a lot of info and it will be even more powerful if they hear it again from you.

Staff Meeting:

No staff meeting this week.  Please use time to prepare for upcoming Back to School Night, set up IXL Math, etc.  We will have a staff meeting on Aug. 13th.

Grade level lead meetings:

The grade level lead teachers will be released soon for a one-day planning and learning session.  After that, they will meet after school, as usual, on selected dates throughout the year.  Please speak with your grade level and determine who will be your grade level rep and email me asap (names are due to D.O. by Aug. 5th–that’s tomorrow) so we can arrange for a sub teacher.  Only one rep can go to the full day meeting.

Computer Lab:

Our computer lab will be open soon.  We are just finalizing some details regarding the lab.  Please keep in mind that the schedule will change once we get PLC tech class AND “library” schedule up and running as Teresa will be assisting in the computer lab in the afternoons so afternoons might have a “set” schedule for Gr. K-3.  This may mean that there is not as much “open” lab time but we do intend to make sure everyone gets their “fair share”.

Open Lab for ILC/ILD:

If you have Chromebooks, please take advantage of the open lab times at the D.O. tomorrow, Aug. 5th from 3:30-5:30.  An email went out last week.

Classroom visits and Visitors:

Chris and I will begin to visit classrooms this week for a little longer than “check ins” of last week.  Barb Montfort will also be by tomorrow, Tuesday, to visit classrooms and check in with you about Writing, Chromebooks, etc. and support you with any other questions you might have.

New Asst. Supt. Cindy Schaub visited very briefly last Friday and didn’t stay more than 5 minutes as she realized we were busy answering emergency phone line in my office.  🙂 She hopes to come again soon and stay longer.

TK job-share interviews:

We plan to conduct interviews (for job-share with Maile) this Wednesday afternoon.

PLC update:

We will be needing to hold interviews for Impact teachers in the near future.  The district has posted the position and hopefully the applications will be flowing in at a good rate so we can interview some quality candidates soon.

Question of the Week:

What is one “concept” from CC Math that you have “tried on” already?

Quote of the Week:

“Change is like a trapeze– you’ve got to let go before you grab hold– and timing is everything.

-Terry Deal


13 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 8/4/2014


  2. Using correct terminology and having Students use correct terminology when having collaborative conversations and when writing about the math process.

  3. Lots of writing……….Communicating mathematically: Explain- HOW did you get that? Justification-WHY is it true?

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