Weekly Update: 7/28/2014

Good morning and welcome back!  Here is our first weekly update to the 2014-2015 school year:

Monday Flag Salute:

We will begin Monday flag salute next Monday.

Attendance and rosters:

Please take attendance online, as usual, but we will also come to your classroom to do an official headcount within the first 30-45 minutes of the day.  We will do this for the first 3 days of school and then begin to drop “no shows”.

First day packets:

Please pass these out today! If someone new shows up today that is not on the roster you received last Friday, they should already have received a packet at the office.  If you have someone on your roster for whom you don’t have a packet, come to the office and get one for them.  Please see email from Eunice about what needs to be returned, collected, and what to do with those items.  (send to office, keep, etc.) We will also have another impt. flier going out today regarding visitors needing to show ID.  Additionally, we will send info regarding cybersafet/technology use forms, etc. next Monday.

School rules assemblies:

We will have assemblies for Gr. 1-4 on Tuesday, see bulletin from Eunice.  I will come to Kinder, 5th, and 6th for one-on-one classroom chats regarding school rules.   This should be finished by Wednesday afternoon.

6th graders helping Kinders:

Thank you to our 6th grade teachers who are willing to offer the services of their students this week during TK/KInder lunch.  I will call you and let you know which TK/K classrooms your students need to go, arriving at 11:10a.

Epi Pen training:

If you are one of the teachers who received an email from me regarding Epi Pens, our first mandatory training will take place today, at 2p in the staff lounge.  If you cannot attend today, you have the option to attend on Wednesday, July 30th at 2p in the lounge.  Nurse Sharon sent you some documents that would be important to review before the training and/or bring to the training.

New School Psychologist:

As you know, we have a new school psychologist, Lindsay Fox, who will be working with Jeanne for the next couple of months, and then being flying solo.  Lindsay will be taking some time to stop into your classrooms for a few minutes to observe some of the students that are in our yellow folder process and/or have some behavioral challenges.  This will also give her an opportunity to meet all of you.  Please welcome her into your classrooms.


As most of you know, I have given permission for you to purchase spiral notebooks and supplies that we might not have on your own, but please know it is important to turn in your receipts for purchases as soon as possible.  And please don’t go on a shopping spree- we really have very little money for supplies every year and it goes quickly.

Also know that your grade level has $3,000, grade levels with Dave and Morgan have a little more, to spend on Common Core resources.  (I have left a message for Amy I. to inquire about Math manipulatives and will let you know what I hear as soon as I know.) You may let Teresa know what you would like and she can use her contacts to find the best deals, or if you are in a rush, you may purchase using your own personal credit card, but then MAKE SURE TO KEEP RECEIPT, and turn into Eunice as soon as possible so you may be reimbursed.

Back to School Nights:

We have selected Aug. 6 and Aug. 13th for Back to School Nights.  We will put this on our marquee and other fliers but please make sure to mention this in your parent letters as well.  Please make sure you spend some time discussing Math Common Core, maybe show some examples, with the parents at this time.

IXL Math:

We have given our most recent roster to IXL Math representative and she will begin to enter all students into the system and will send me an email with directions, next steps, login, etc. as soon as this week or early next week.  Stay tuned…..This program has been purchased for Gr. 1-6.  Not recommended for Kinder.

Science and Math shed:

Thanks to Dana and Board Member Ellsworth (aka Melanie) for caring for our resource sheds.  Please see email from Dana yesterday for more info but please be thinking about what Math and Science items that are taking up room in your classroom that might be better utilized in the sheds.  Also remember to NOT take an entire bin from the sheds, but rather bring your own box/bin and take what you need and SIGN THOSE ITEMS OUT.

Big Blue Recycle Bins:

The two recycle bins will be removed as they unfortunatley have been used for trash by many of our students and visitors (despite the signs that say “recycle only” and then also become very heave and cumbersome for our custodians to carry and unload into our large receptacles by Rm. 16.  Instead, I hope to employ the use of our student council and upper grade students to collect recycling in the afternoons like we used to do.  More to come….


We will not have a parent meeting regarding the riding of bicycles to school.  Now that most are familiar with the process, we have included something in our parent handbook.  If a student inquires about it, you can tell them to stop into the school office before or after school for the required paperwork.

Question of the Week:

What was a highlight of your short summer break?

Quote of the Week: (this is an inspirational “video clip” of the week actually) You’ll be amused to see what the actual advertisement is for at the end….


It’s never too late to use grit and determination and take on something new or challenging….

Have a great school year!!



20 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 7/28/2014

  1. Our 3 week trip to Europe had many highlights – it was wonderful to give our girls the opportunity to see another part of the world with such wonders as Michelangelo’s David, Westminster Abbey, and the view after an hour hike to the top of a 2000 fortification overlooking the Mediterranean in Montenegro. Life is good. 🙂

  2. We had a great trip to Costa Rica for 8 days. We saw scarlet macaws and howler monkeys, iguanas, lizards, colorful butterflies, and a snake.

  3. Spending lots of time with my sons watching World Cup…..very fun to speak to them as adults…..and also a wake up call……no era penal!

  4. Decluttering my home in order to put it on the market, and losing weight while in the process!!!

  5. Spending time with my boys !! Watching both boys dive and swim part way in the pool during swimming lessons. Proud Mommy !! 🙂

  6. It’s always the simple pleasures that bring a smile to my face…:) Hanging out with my two year old grandson, answering Why? questions and watching him “light up” as he enjoys and discovers the pleasure of train trips, butterflies, books, splashing in water… Also, seeing my 10 month old granddaughter take her FIRST steps…What a joy!

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