Weekly Update: 5/26/2014

Hi everyone- I hope you had a great 3-day weekend-we have 11 busy days ahead of us…but summer is in sight!


There is no PBS this week since Monday was a holiday.


ELD will end this THURSDAY.


This is our last week of PLCs so please make sure to thank our wonderful impact teachers for their hard work!

Please use this week to finalize next year’s classes.  You will be provided with the work you did last week but now need to make sure the classes are balanced and the names are written in alphabetical order for Martha.  You will be given clean sheets in case you need them.


We have a 1st/2nd grade in-house posting for current full time Emory teachers.  It will close this Friday.  Please contact me if you are interested.

Staff meeting:

We will have our last PD of the year this Wednesday in Rm. 19 at 2:40.  Please bring your writing composition book and any CC math materials that you’ve kept since last time.  Chris will lead the PD as I will be meeting with Supt. McNamara at 1:00p.m.

We will have a short staff meeting next Wednesday to discuss end of the year “nuts and bolts”.

Blue slips:

We will have blue slip drawing Tuesday, June 3rd.

Golden Eagle assemblies:

Our last Golden Eagle assemblies take place next week.  Please make sure to get 35week names to Eunice and please make sure to notify parents ahead of time so they can make plans to attend.

Instructional Rounds:

Thank you to the 3rd and 4th grade teachers for taking part in our instructional rounds last Friday.  Once again, almost all classrooms were aligned in objectives, instruction, and student tasks.  Every classroom also had some evidence of DOK level 2 or approaching DOK level 2.  It was inspiring to see students breaking down some informational AND argumentative authentic text and having rich discussions around it.  Additionally, every classroom involved students independently writing.  The 4th grade team commented that they all took something away from this experience that will add to their current instruction.

Question of the Week:

Please use this as an opportunity to give a “shout out”, words of advice, etc. to our fabulous Mileidee.

Quote of the Week:

“Fairness isn’t when everyone gets the same, but when everyone gets what he needs.”   –Anonymous




13 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 5/26/2014

  1. “Emory’s loss is another school’s gain!” I’ve had the pleasure to work with you for the last 20 years and not only have you been an extraordinary teacher but an amazing colleague and true friend! The best of luck to you as you start your new position as an academic coach! I know you will help so many teachers!!! (((Hugs)))

  2. Mileidee, as I think of you, how much you mean to me, your kindness and generosity, your wisdom–I am overwhelmed with emotion. I treasure the many years we have worked together. I thank you for your leadership and your friendship. I wish you happiness, health, and great adventures!!!
    One Love

  3. Mileidee,
    Congrats !! You are going to be an amazing coach and I hope you visit a lot !! Your new school is lucky to have you.

  4. Mileidee, Have fun!! Far be it from me to give you any advice – you will ROCK it, I am sure, and many will benefit from your coaching. Enjoy!

  5. I wish you nothing but the best as an academic coach. I know you will do an amazing job and will continue to impact others.

  6. LEI, searching for the words to make you aware of; what knowing you, being a colleague, and especially a friend, has meant to me, can only be summed up like this–true pleasure! Our loss is most definately their good fortune!!! Take care my friend and see you at church.

  7. You’re an amazing teacher, person, and mother! Your smile resonates with pride and kindness. You will be missed and appreciated in your new role. Go get them!!

  8. Congratulations Mileidee! I’m so happy and excited for you. I know you will “shine” in your new role as Academic Coach. I will miss seeing you here at Emory.

  9. Congratulations, Mileidee! Enjoy your new role as Academic Coach. Please keep in touch. We will miss you at Emory! Sending you many blessing….:)

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