Weekly Update: 5/12/2014

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Emory mothers out there if you are reading this on Sunday.  Happy Belated Mother’s Day if you are reading it later. 🙂 The next four weeks will be busy and full of important events so please take the time to read weekly updates, emails, etc. to stay informed.

Here are the updates for this week:

Flag Salute and NCTS Partnership:

Last week, Cindy, Adriana and I met with representatives of our Military Liaison and NTCS. We were able to plan out some ways that they will be able to support our school and students beginning immediately! This year, they plan to help out with lunch league sports, Field Days, 6th grade Fun and Games to name a few events. After they assess the number of volunteers they can obtain, this support will extend to tutoring (Reading and Math intervention) and much more!

Please join me at Monday flag salute as I introduce our new partnership and some of the members that we will be seeing more of in the next year.


Please use this time to review for your final PTA of the year and/or continue to unpack Unit 7 standards.  The following two weeks will be dedicated to creating rosters/classes for the following school year.  Thank you for looking through the placement cards and helping us to get the most accurate numbers for next school year.  This week I will begin breaking those numbers down to see what our classes look like for next year and will begin having conversations regarding teaching assignments for next year.  I anticipate that we may have several combination classes and want to remind you that this is never easy or exciting for me to decide who will teach these combo classes.


We are finishing up make-ups and some special ed testing for CAASPP but I want to say thank you to Chris and all of our 3rd-6th grade teachers for your patience and perseverance through this first trial run.

We also have 5th grade who will be administering the CST Science on Monday (so please remind your students to be quiet in the hallways) and also administering PE testing this week.

Child Nutrition Audit:

This will be taking place sometime this week.  Please refrain from food-related celebrations.  Please do not send students to the cafeteria with food that is not from their own lunches.  Please do not mount posters on school/hallway walls that highlight food sales, etc.  Thanks!

Staff Meeting:

We will have a staff meeting this week to revisit Common Core Math and deepen our understanding a bit more around it.  If you have not hosted a staff meeting this week and are willing to do so, please let me know.  I would like to make sure that everyone has a chance to show off their room and for everyone to see different classrooms for ideas.

Primary Writing PD:

This Wednesday (8:00-10:45a.m. in Rm. 21) will be our last primary Writing PD with SDAWP. They have asked that every teacher bring a piece of student writing for which you are curious about regarding where to go next.

Instructional Rounds:

Thank you to the 5th grade team who will be “hosting” the 6th grade teachers this Friday for instructional rounds.  Our time frame will be after morning recess until around lunch time.   Please see Chris’ email for the exact schedule.  Impact teachers will help us out to teach in the 6th grade classrooms from 10-2ish. (Thank you Gaby, Ann, and Jaime!)

Noon-time Supervisor:

Please welcome our newest Emory staff member, Felicia Ortiz, who will be taking over the permanent noon-time position that was vacated by Ms. Nerry a few months ago.

Morgan returns:

Welcome back Morgan who will be returning sometime this week. (Hopefully Tuesday) Please make sure you stop and say “thank you” and “farewell” to Mark Walters, sometime on Monday, who has stepped in and done a fabulous job teaching in Rm. 20 while Morgan was out.

Volunteer Luncheon:

This Tuesday, we will honor our wonderful Emory voluteers with a catered lunch. Please try and stop by to thank your parent volunteers or those who you may not see in your classroom, but who work tirelessly “behind the scenes”.

Board Meeting:

This Thursday, we will be honoring 10, 20, and 30 years of service along with those who are retiring this year. This year, I am proud to recognize Dave Benson (10 years), Jeanne Adams-Sherwood (30 years), and Carol MacKay (retiring). Please join me at the Board Meeting to honor these wonderful Emory stars! If anyone is interested, perhaps we can get together beforehand for some snacks and a beverage…

PTO Movie Night:

This Friday, our PTO will host our final movie night of the year and show the incredibly popular movie, “Frozen”. I will be making a phone call home and flier will go out on Monday, but please remind your students. The money raised goes right back to our students via field trips, library books, classroom supplies, assemblies, and much, much more! (Just recently, PTO helped support the Staff Appreciation luncheon and provided breakfast treats as well.)

Friday, May 23rd:

I almost ALWAYS approve any and all absence requests but I will not be able to approve all requests should there be several requests for Friday, May 23rd seeing as this will be a high impact day (Memorial Day weekend).  We have noticed that it is particularly difficult to find guest teachers, especially for Fridays, and especially for Friday 1/2 day p.m. only.

Padres Game:

Please remember to encourage your students to sell tickets for SBUSD night at Petco Park.  Our fabulous Rebecca Carson will be recognized on the field and will be joined by the student who sells the most tickets.  This event will take place on Saturday, May 24th.

Question of the Week:

If you are comfortable sharing, tell us something about your own mother that will always be a fond memory for you.

Quote of the Week:

“If we succeed in giving the love of learning, the learning itself is sure to follow.”  – John Lubbock


12 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 5/12/2014

  1. My mom was the queen of organization…..I will always remember her saying,” A place for everything and everything in its place.” She has been gone 23 years now and I still refer to her wisdom and sayings to my kids. Grandma Katie would say…….

    1. Being one to still have the great joy of having my loving mom- I continue to learn from her-the daily praise she gives to God, her strength to persevere through what life presents her, and most of all, her true humbleness & nurturing soul. What I will always carry w/ me is her words,’With God & love anything is possible.”

  2. A fond memory I will always remember is when she once told me..
    no matter the difficulties you encounter in your life..you must never give up..keep your eyes on GOD.

  3. As diverse as a family with six children can be and we are, we all agree that our mother deeply loved all of us equally and unselfishly. My mom modeled for me unconditional love. When I struggled with what to do, be the first one to go to a university or stay in our hometown and become a dental assistant, my mom calmly said, “Mi hija, whatever you decide I will love you. I just want you to be happy.” She passed away 14 years ago, I miss her quiet and calm loving spirit. Growing up in a humble one bedroom “casita” in the Colonia she made our house a HOME!

  4. My Mom lit up every room she walked into !! She always wore bright colors and turned every moment into a show tune. A fond memory I have is waking up on the weekend to umbrella shaped pancakes and the movie “Singing in the Rain”. I will always remember her surprise notes of encouragement in my backpack and her famous saying “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”
    She lives on inside my heart and in my two boys eyes. I miss you mom and love you dearly.

  5. The sound of my mom’s laughter is a fond reminder of her. Lucky for me, I get to hear it whenever one of my two aunts or I have a belly laugh (but maybe it’s not so pleasant for others because it’s really more like a cackle 🙂

  6. My mother was always there for me (my dad too.) You can imagine what a big job that was! She was strict, but loving. She worked hard (nurse) but found time for family too.

  7. My mother has always demonstrated her unconditional love towards me. I really do appreciate her and thank her for making me who I am today.

  8. I know without a doubt that my mother holds me and my family up before the Lord on a daily basis. God is her center, and she raised us that way, too. My mother lives in Florida, which is too far away for us to see each other regularly, but there is a real gift in knowing that I and my family are being prayed for constantly, about the big things and the small things.

  9. My mother has never shown favoritism with her children. She has given birth and raised 9 children and has showered them with love, care, and equality. She has been kind and always so giving. She is one of a kind. I love her dearly.

  10. My Mama has a heart of gold that loves seven children (and their spouses), thirteen grandchildren (and their spouses) and seven great-grand children unconditionally. She has taught us the importance of praising God, forgiveness, honesty, and hard work, but most of all the importance of family. Even now in her 80’s, she gathers us around a table with a delicious home cooked meal to spend time together, love one another, share our success, failures and just enjoy each others company. I am lucky to be her daughter and I love her without end.

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