Weekly Update: 5/5/2014

Hi everyone- Sorry for the delay, I started feeling yucky late Sunday and am starting to feel better.  Hope your weekend and Cinco de Mayo were great!


It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been able to do our Monday lessons but hopefully you were able to start back again today.  If you didn’t get a chance to, please see Chris’ email and find sometime to do so this week.


I am asking that everyone take just a few minutes during PLC this week to look through the placement cards and make groups of 24 for primary and 33 for upper grade.  If you see a placement card for a student that you know is leaving, please pull these out.  If you have students “left over” after making groups of 24 or 33, please put them together as well.  YOu are NOT creating classes right now for next year, just clumping them into groups so we can get the most accurate projected enrollment counts.  Kim Phifer met with me last week and at this time, we may have up to 5!! combination classrooms.  Getting the best account of our numbers might eliminate a need for some combos.  Chris or myself will try to be at the beginning of each PLC this week to explain and clarify if needed.

Please use the rest of your PLC time to unpack Unit 7 and/or explore Math Common Core.


We will resume ELD on Tuesday, May 6 from 8:15-8:55 for every grade level.

Staff Appreciation Luncheon:

Please join us for a yummy BBQ lunch, catered by Bil Major, as we show our appreciation for all that you do.  It will take place on Tuesday, May 6th during your lunch time.

SBUSD Employee Appreciation Day:

The Board of Trustees and Exec. Team would like to show their appreciation for all that you do by providing breakfast to you this Wednesday morning in our lounge.  Shelley Burgess will be there to represent SBUSD and I really encourage you to take a few minutes and stop in and be honored and thanked for your hard work and enjoy some yummy breakfast as well.

Staff Meeting:

There will be no official  staff meeting this week but some of our staff members will be attending meetings specific to their grade or trainings.

Recently qualified SELD teachers:

Please meet in Rm. 18  at 1:40 with Lisa Celaya to discuss next steps for SELD instruction in your classrooms.

5th grade teachers:

Please meet in Rm. 28 at 1:40 to discuss upcoming P.E. and CST Science testing expectations and schedule.

Everyone else:

Please use this time to meet with your grade level team to plan.

Performance Tasks:

This past weekend you should have received an email from Amy Illingworth regarding the upcoming PTAs.  Please read this email carefully and save it as it has important details and information.  Cindy has the PTAs for students and will be distributing this week.

Navy Partnership:

I was able to secure us a new partnership with Naval Computer and Telecommunication Station (NCTS) Command and we will be meeting with them this Thursday to discuss how they might be able to support our school community.  They are eager and open to various ideas such as tutoring, helping with school events, etc.  They will be with us in some capacity for all of next school year, and maybe the partnership will continue after that as well….


I will make attendance annoucement on Tuesday morning (tomorrow).  Please bring trophies to the blacktop.  This will be the last month that I will be able to bring popcorn as June will be a short month and I will be too busy to do readings in every room.  I will find some other way to honor classrooms for May attendance.

On this note, thank you for encouraging daily attendance and providing a welcoming atmosphere for your students as congratulations are in order.  We had the second highest attendance in the district for the official reporting period and increased almost .75% from last year, yielding us almost $5000 from the district incentive program.  We have also maintained some of the highest attendance for the past few years and have exceeded the district goal!!

Question of the Week:

How did you stay cool this past weekend?

Quote of the Week:

“Correction does much, but encouragement does more.”




20 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 5/5/2014

  1. I was so busy with a memorial service Saturday morning for a close friend who died recently, the Stars Under the Stars event (you all missed Mr. B on the dance floor with Angela, Shelly, Erika and me), and driving to Newport on Sunday for a cousin’s baby shower, that I didn’t even think about the weather!!

  2. AC in the house! Not to mention throwing children in the pool who needed to cool off. Charlie, our chocolate lab, became frantic when he realized the kids were jumping in without him and had to take a running leap into the pool with them.

  3. DSW visit followed by sprinklers at Otay Mall. The boys love to run through the water in their swimming trunks. Good day !! Mommy bought shoes and the boys had a blast too !!

  4. On Friday I went to Glen Ivy Hot Springs to spend a wonderful day being pampered and bonding with my 3 sisters. On Sunday, I hosted my high school girl friends for an afternoon of reminiscing, laughs, and tasty food.

  5. In the shade of the Toyota Terrace for Mateo’s Little League Day with a cool (non-alcoholic drink…had plenty of wine the night before at the Stars Under the Stars event) watching the Padres win 4-3 in the 9th inning!

  6. Opened window and doors at night, walked in the late evening instead of after work, and thought “cool” thoughts.

  7. I watched my wife search for air-conditioners!!! How COOL ist that!!!


  8. Love visiting my hometown, Oxnard. Had fun on scenic Amtrak train ride, the weather was warm but not too hot. We managed to take a stroll along the beautiful beach at night to stay cool! 🙂

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