Weekly Update: 4/28/2014

6 weeks and 2 days left.  I know this is the time of year where we are weary and winding down on the year but I encourage you to press on, using this time to challenge yourself with trying something new or challenging, and encouraging your students to do the same.

Here are the updates for this week:


We have changes in the PLC days this week (see my email on Friday):

Monday: 2nd, 5th

Tuesday: 3rd, 6th

Thursday:  1st, 4th


This week ChromeBook (ILD) classrooms will take on the CAASPP testing.  This week, Chris will begin to put together a make-up schedule.  Since we are “testing the test”, and not the students, we won’t be doing make ups for every student, particularly those who maybe didn’t finish a session.  We will try our best not to inconvenience all of the CB classrooms and hope to use our other computers/netbooks to do make up testing but please know we may have to borrow a few CBs if necessary.

Writing PD:

Our primary Writing PD will take place this Wednesday in Rm. 21. from 8-10:45a.m. Please arrive before 8a.m. so we can begin on time.  (No Imagine Learning before school on Wed. morning)

Voluntary Transer Forms:

I sent out an important email last Friday with all of the details and deadlines for you regarding these forms.  Please read this email carefully.  The email had the forms attached but they will also be in your cubbies Monday morning.

Board and Exex. Team visit:

Supt. McNamara, on behalf of all of our guests last Friday, wanted to thank you all for a wonderful visit to Emory.  Our guests were very excited to see the teaching and learning that is taking place at our school.  She wanted to extend a special thanks to those teachers who were visited.


This week will kick off our Pasta for Pennies fundraiser.  Please read email from Angelica for details.  Our goal is to raise $2000.

I know we have fundraisers going throughout the year and I know it can be hard to keep track of all of them, but all of them really do benefit our students so please do what you can to “hype” them in your classrooms.  One of the “easiest” that requires no money out of anyone’s pocket is our BoxTops.  All we ask is for you to encourage and collect from students and Phyllis does all the rest.  Phyllis is hoping that we can have ALL classrooms represented in our next collection which will take place near the end of May.  Thank you!

Question of the Week:

When you look at your legacy as a teacher, what do want your students to remember about you?

Quote of the Week:

“Mistakes are a fact of life.  It is the response to error that counts.”

-Nikki Giovanni



16 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 4/28/2014

  1. It would be a great honor to be remembered as a teacher that truly cared about her students and made learning easier and fun!

  2. How much I cared about them and my ability to turn anything into a song. Maybe not a pretty song but a song but a song just the same.

  3. I hope they remember that I constantly repeated, “Education gives you the golden ticket! It’s not by luck or chance, but by the eagerness to learn, set goals, and accomplish those goals.”

  4. I hope they remember that I constantly encouraged them to “try” all assignments. “You can’t learn if you don’t try.” Also that I always encouraged organizational skills.

  5. I hope my students remember that I always encouraged them to respect one another regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

  6. That I made them excited to learn new things, to always challenge themselves and to remember that it is not the right answer that is always important, but rather the journey getting there.

  7. That after we all graduate from high school, we must choose from these two options: going to college or a vocational school.

  8. “…We gotta learn patience and know what’s right. We might diagree, but we don’t have to fight.”
    “One world, one voice, one heart beating….everybody’s got a voice, let’s use it”
    (as did MLK, Jr., etc.)
    “We Are the World”
    “…Love your neighbor like you love your brother”
    I hope the lyrics from songs I thoughtfully choose for us to read and sing will stay with them as words to live by.

  9. When my former students think of me, I want them to remember that I loved each of them and taught them that they are important and that with effort and practice they can be successful, even when something is difficult at first. And that school can be fun!

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