Weekly Update: 1/13/2014

Happy New Year- wow, 2014!! I wish all of you a happy and healthy 2014 and thank you for your collaboration in our PD today/yesterday (depending on when you read this).

Flag Salute:

Please remember to bring a trophy, if your class currently has one, to the the flag salute Tuesday morning.  We will be announcing the attendance winners for the month of December.


We will have PLCs this week with a couple of changes that you are already aware of but I will post them again.

Tuesday: 5th grade in a.m. at 8:55 and 3rd grade (instead of 2nd grade) at 10:35.

Thursday: 2nd grade instead of 3rd grade at 10:25a.m.

Friday: 1st grade and 4th grade at normal times (make-up from Monday)  This will occur next week as well.

Please continue to use your PLC time to unpack standards and do chaptering for Unit 5 if you haven’t already.  If you are still working on Unit 4, that’s ok, but be talking as a team about Unit 5 and how you will pace yourselves to make sure you begin Unit 5 sooner than later.  Some teams might be using their time in January to finish scoring PTA (3rd grade) or looking at upcoming PTA (2nd grade is soon and other grades are approaching in later January)

PLC Calendar:

Chris has posted our January PLC calendar onto this site under “PLC Calendar” tab.

Staff Meeting:

There will be no staff meeting this Wednesday.  Please use part of the time to meet with your grade level team- using as much time for grade level planning is crucial right now and feel free to use a little bit of time to prep and get back into your routines.

Observational Rounds:

I didn’t get a chance to ask for a grade level volunteer at our Monday meeting so I will ask now.  Is there a grade level that is willing to be observed by another Emory grade level for our next installment of “instructional rounds” which will take place on Wed. Jan. 29th? We will visit each classroom for no more than 15 minutes each and address some of the district goals that we reviewed on Monday PD. (alignment, instruction, students engaged in speaking, listening, reading, writing including ELLs).  Please let me know as soon as possible.  If I don’t have any volunteers, I will choose from a hat.  Thank you to our 1st grade team that already hosted visits by our 2nd grade team earlier this year.

Writing PD:

Upper grade PD will take place on Jan. 22 in Rm. 21 here at Emory.  I sent an email with the agenda and requests of what to bring today.  (Monday)

Board Presentation:

I will be highlighting Emory School at the Jan. 23rd Board Meeting at 6p.m.  I would love to see you there if you can make it.  You are not expected to stay for the entire board meeting and as I will be first to present, I should be finished around 6:15p.m.  If you have any pictures that you think would be great for me to include in my presentation (student work samples around Common Core, PBS, community partnerships, etc.) please send them my way this week as I will be working on my powerpoint that needs to be submitted by next Monday.

Imagine Learning:

Please see Adriana’s email regarding start time and details with regards to Imagine Learning that was sent to you on Jan. 7th.  (Begins again on Jan. 23rd)


We will resume PBS school-wide lessons on Monday, Jan. 27th.  Feel free to review past lessons with students for the next two weeks.

Principal Round Table:

We will have our first round table meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 28th.  If you have any challenges that you would like to address, please place them in the box in the copy room.  Remember, we always like possible solutions to be included.  🙂

Resource for the Week:

Here is another great site from which to get ideas about possible Common Core units and performance tasks.  You can filter by checking on the grade level of your choice as well as by subject area.  It will give you an overview of the unit and if you click on the little red “pdf” link in upper right-hand corner, it will give you the Unit/task in detail along with black line masters.

Question/s of the Week:

1) What is one new idea or learning that you walked away with from our PD on Monday, Jan. 13th?

2) We would love to hear about a highlight from your Winter break! Please feel free to share.

Quote of the Week:

“You will always miss 100% of the shots you do not take.”

– anonymous

What professional “risks” or “shots” are you willing to take in 2014? (No need to answer, just something to reflect on)

16 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 1/13/2014

  1. Each time I read the CCSS I learn/understand something new. Today I was reminded again to look at the previous and following grades to help me better understand the expectations for 5th grade. Even though each standard has similarities through its progression, there are also different parts which make each grade unique. Those unique parts are where we need to focus.

  2. One thing that I walked away from today’s PD was that every lesson doesn’t have to start with the teacher’s “I do.” Starting a lesson with a “You do” every once and a while will get kids to think on their own and attempt a task independently…. As teachers we will get to see what strategies/ skills students are applying when solving a problem.

  3. I agree with Aranzazu that it was nice hearing that we could start with an I do. I think starting with an I do once in awhile gives kids a chance to show what they can do and use their critical thinking skills. 🙂

  4. After today’s PD, I got a deeper understanding of my grade level’s listening and speaking standard. I found the yellow sheet with questions to be very helpful to me because it made me reflect the way I am teaching this standard and what are the areas I need to work on to help my students be successful.

  5. The importance of looking below and above grade level and realized the importance and density of the speaking and listening standards for grade 6.

  6. Unpacking is a serious job…..communication (listening and speaking) involves patience and practice!

  7. Bloom’s v Costas v DOK
    similarities and differences –
    the idea of allowing students to work out a solution or discover strategies or seek answers at the BEGINNING of a lesson is intriguing–facilitating the development of self-reliance and perserverance.

  8. The Unpacking A Standard goldenrod handout will be beneficial to our team. Also, happy to be reminded that without frustration, there will be no problem-solving.

  9. my grandson discovered books recently. Last night I sat in the rocking chair and he came running, trying to climb in my lap to hear his book. the current fav is “Mr. Brown can moo, can you.” He’s trying to make the animal noises from the book. It’s hilarious.

  10. Something that I am currently working on that was also mentioned at the PD was the importance of rigor and differentiation in a lesson. Rigor is key when challenging students to think critically and preparing them to be 21st century learners. Planning a rigorous lesson is definitely a work in progress!

  11. It was very helpful to view grade level speaking and listening standards below and above my own so that I can focus on the target standard at my grade level. I learned that 3rd grade students need to come prepared for collaborative discussions. Also, establishing agreed upon rules for discussions is a must.

  12. I appreciated yet another opportunity to work and learn collaboratively with my team, bouncing ideas off one another.
    Vacation – lots and lots and lots of relaxing. Oh and we gave our kids a cruise this summer to join us in celebrating our 25th anniversary. 🙂

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