Weekly Update: 1/27/2014

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, or Happy Monday, depending when you are reading this.  Here are the updates for the upcoming week:


We have had a last minute switch and 4th grade will have PLC on Tuesday and 5th grade will have PLC on Monday.  Barb Montfort, who was planning on coming on request of 4th grade will come the following Monday, Feb. 3rd.


2nd grade should be finishing up administration of their second PTA and all scores are due into DataDirector (DD) by Feb. 7th.  1st grade PTAs begins Mon. Jan. 27th and scores are due in DD by Feb. 18th.

Staff Meeting:

Thank you for your engagement at the last staff meeting focused on “Rigor”.  I very much enjoyed reading your “tickets to leave” and appreciate your willingness to try new techniques that will challenge your students.  We will have Part 2 of DOK professional development this Wednesday, Jan. 29th at 1:40p.m. in Rm. 11.  Please bring your composition book and any materials that you have received regarding DOK in last 2 weeks.  Barb Montfort will attend and support us in our learning.

Principal Round Table:

Our round table meeting will take place on Tues. Jan. 28th at 7:30 in rm. 11 (Thank you Maile).

Instructional Rounds:

This will take place on Wed. Jan. 29th with the support of some of our Impact Teachers.  Thank you Kindergarten for volunteering!! (ha, ha).  First grade teachers will be released from 8:15-11.  I will send first grade team an email with details.


Please read Adriana’s emails carefully for details about ELD cancellations for certain days and info about Imagine Learning.  I appreciate that Adriana sends out detailed informational emails so please take the time to read them.

Science and Math Sheds:

Thank you soooo much to Dana and Board Member Ellsworth, aka Melanie, for giving their time to clean and organize our two sheds.  Your classroom key now opens both sheds so I encourage and invite you to pop your head inside and see all the wonderful resources that are hidden there.

Staff Badges:

We are ALL expected to get our picture taken next Thursday while the Child ID program is here.  The district is expecting all staff members to get their picture taken through this program so that badges can be made for all of us to wear while we are on campus.  This is just one part of our effort to ensure the safety and welfare of our students.  Please make sure to stop by the cafeteria at some point.  If you are absent, I believe there are still other sites that have this scheduled in the future but it will require you to go to another site.

Resource of the Week:

I know there are so, so many websites that are helping us to learn more about Common Core but one of my favorites is here , Tulare County’s Office of Ed Common Core homepage.  I, and others, find it to be very user friendly and informative.  If you look on the lefthand side of this page, you will find easy links to other more specific resources.  (ELA CC, ELA resources, Math CC, Math resources, etc.)

Board Meeting:

Thank you for those of you who were able to attend the Board Meeting where I highlighted Emory, it meant a lot to me.  Please don’t feel badly if you weren’t able to attend, you all show your support of our school in many ways daily!  I am happy to report that my presentation was only 8 minutes!! We were supposed to keep it around 10- I don’t know that anyone would place a bet that I would stay under 10 minutes! My own “personal best”!

Gentle Reminders:

Please take a quick look on the other “tabs” on this site.  Weekly Bulletin will give you other specific information about the week and weeks to come and PLC Calendar also gives you a glimpse of what’s to come.  Feel free to post a “shout out” for one or more of your colleagues or share something you have found success with.

Question of the Week:

Do you have a favorite restaurant that you can recommend to others?

Quote of the Week:

“I believe that our very survival depends upon us becoming better systems thinkers.”

– Margaret J. Wheatley

Weekly Update: 1/0/2014

Good morning.  I hope you all enjoyed a beautiful 3-day! Here are the few updates for this week.


1st grade and 4th grade will have PLC this Friday due to Monday holiday.  All times are normal times this week.  Most every grade will begin new rotations this week.  Please see the schedule that I sent out last week.  Please continue your work on unpacking standards.

Staff Meeting:

We will meet in Rm. 15 Wednesday for staff meeting at 1:40.  Please bring your writing journal/composition book.

Writing PD:

Upper grade writing PD will take place on Wed. Jan. 22 in Rm. 21 from 7:45-10:50a.m.  Please bring student work samples from writer’s workshop and mentor texts for a new or upcoming unit you have planned or hoping to plan soon. (Could be SS, Sci. etc)

Board Meeting:

Emory will be highlighted this Thursday at the SBUSD board meeting at 6p.m.  Please join me if you can.  We will have two of our student council members leading the flag salute.

Supt. Community Meeting:

Supt. McNamara will be hosting community meetings at several sites in the next couple of weeks.  The forum for Emory parents will take place this Wednesday at Mendoza school at 12:30.  Parents have been notified via connect ed already and we have posted this around our school.  Please spread the word.

Quote of the Week:

“Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.”
―    Martin Luther King Jr.


Weekly Update: 1/13/2014

Happy New Year- wow, 2014!! I wish all of you a happy and healthy 2014 and thank you for your collaboration in our PD today/yesterday (depending on when you read this).

Flag Salute:

Please remember to bring a trophy, if your class currently has one, to the the flag salute Tuesday morning.  We will be announcing the attendance winners for the month of December.


We will have PLCs this week with a couple of changes that you are already aware of but I will post them again.

Tuesday: 5th grade in a.m. at 8:55 and 3rd grade (instead of 2nd grade) at 10:35.

Thursday: 2nd grade instead of 3rd grade at 10:25a.m.

Friday: 1st grade and 4th grade at normal times (make-up from Monday)  This will occur next week as well.

Please continue to use your PLC time to unpack standards and do chaptering for Unit 5 if you haven’t already.  If you are still working on Unit 4, that’s ok, but be talking as a team about Unit 5 and how you will pace yourselves to make sure you begin Unit 5 sooner than later.  Some teams might be using their time in January to finish scoring PTA (3rd grade) or looking at upcoming PTA (2nd grade is soon and other grades are approaching in later January)

PLC Calendar:

Chris has posted our January PLC calendar onto this site under “PLC Calendar” tab.

Staff Meeting:

There will be no staff meeting this Wednesday.  Please use part of the time to meet with your grade level team- using as much time for grade level planning is crucial right now and feel free to use a little bit of time to prep and get back into your routines.

Observational Rounds:

I didn’t get a chance to ask for a grade level volunteer at our Monday meeting so I will ask now.  Is there a grade level that is willing to be observed by another Emory grade level for our next installment of “instructional rounds” which will take place on Wed. Jan. 29th? We will visit each classroom for no more than 15 minutes each and address some of the district goals that we reviewed on Monday PD. (alignment, instruction, students engaged in speaking, listening, reading, writing including ELLs).  Please let me know as soon as possible.  If I don’t have any volunteers, I will choose from a hat.  Thank you to our 1st grade team that already hosted visits by our 2nd grade team earlier this year.

Writing PD:

Upper grade PD will take place on Jan. 22 in Rm. 21 here at Emory.  I sent an email with the agenda and requests of what to bring today.  (Monday)

Board Presentation:

I will be highlighting Emory School at the Jan. 23rd Board Meeting at 6p.m.  I would love to see you there if you can make it.  You are not expected to stay for the entire board meeting and as I will be first to present, I should be finished around 6:15p.m.  If you have any pictures that you think would be great for me to include in my presentation (student work samples around Common Core, PBS, community partnerships, etc.) please send them my way this week as I will be working on my powerpoint that needs to be submitted by next Monday.

Imagine Learning:

Please see Adriana’s email regarding start time and details with regards to Imagine Learning that was sent to you on Jan. 7th.  (Begins again on Jan. 23rd)


We will resume PBS school-wide lessons on Monday, Jan. 27th.  Feel free to review past lessons with students for the next two weeks.

Principal Round Table:

We will have our first round table meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 28th.  If you have any challenges that you would like to address, please place them in the box in the copy room.  Remember, we always like possible solutions to be included.  🙂

Resource for the Week:

Here is another great site from which to get ideas about possible Common Core units and performance tasks.  You can filter by checking on the grade level of your choice as well as by subject area.  It will give you an overview of the unit and if you click on the little red “pdf” link in upper right-hand corner, it will give you the Unit/task in detail along with black line masters.

Question/s of the Week:

1) What is one new idea or learning that you walked away with from our PD on Monday, Jan. 13th?

2) We would love to hear about a highlight from your Winter break! Please feel free to share.

Quote of the Week:

“You will always miss 100% of the shots you do not take.”

– anonymous

What professional “risks” or “shots” are you willing to take in 2014? (No need to answer, just something to reflect on)