Weekly Update: 12/9/2013

Good morning, here are the updates for this week:


This week we will focus on Conflict Resolution and next week students will learn about proper behavior in holiday gift shops.


Please continue your work around Unit 4 and possibly Unit 5 for those of you that are looking ahead.  PLC’s will continue through the Dec. 19th.

Staff Meeting:

Last meeting’s staff meeting has been rescheduled for this Wednesday in Rm. 26.   Please bring your writing composition book and Unit of Study packet for UNIT 5.


Please make sure to read email from Adriana last week regarding ELD and Imagine Learning schedule for the next 2 weeks.

Classroom Visits:

Shelley Burgess and 3 of my principal colleagues will be visiting this Thursday to assess our implementation of CC and to discuss our own understanding of CC implementation.

Chris and I will continue to visit classrooms this week with an effort to visit to during your writing times last week.  We are using the schedule that you provided us.  Please remember, fluency writing/power writing should not constitute all of your writing block.  If you are experimenting with writer’s workshop, please let us know so we can visit.

Primary Writing PD:

K-2 Writing PD will take place this Friday in Rm. 21 from 8:00-10:50.  Please bring 5-10 books/mentor text per grade level around your current writing genre/text type.  This might include your Science or Soc. Studies books if you might be using them to teach a specific topic from them.

Employees of the Year:

Another huge “Congratulations” to our deserving employees of the year, Eunice and Rebecca!!  Mark your calendars as they will be honored at the Board Meeting taking place on Feb. 27th.

Congratulations to K.C. and our Emory Flag Football Team:

Our boys won District championship this past Saturday 28-12 and will be playing for the City championship this upcoming weekend.  See K.C. for details.

Book Fair, Canned Food Drive, Holiday Gift Shop:

Please continue to “publicize” these events to your students and parents.

Quote of the Week:

“Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also.”-Carl Jung



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