Weekly Update: 11/18/2013

One week before a much-deserved break, here are a few updates:


This week is our PBS is on Library Expectations.  Please make sure to use Monday morning to review this.


This week please continue to work on Unit 4 planning and/or discussing and scoring PTA.  When we return from break, your class will be at a new rotation. (PE, Tech, Science).

Emory Golden Eagle awards:

Gr. 3-6 go on Monday.  Gr. 1-2 go on Wednesday.  We will be honoring 5 and 10 week winners.

Monday traffic:

We have received news that Coronado Blvd. will be repaved Monday.  It is supposed to open to traffic needing to get into our parking lot but no guarantees.  We will keep an eye on this during the day to see if we need to find alternate routes for dismissal.

Classroom visits:

We will have Amy Illingworth visiting classrooms with Chris on Tuesday morning to support Common Core as well as Chris’ coaching expectations.  On Wednesday, Shelley Burgess will have a group of 7 employees from Ramona school district visiting us from 10-12.  Our district is beginning to get some notoriety since we are one of the districts that is leading the way with Common Core.  For this reason, other districts are showing interest in visiting to learn more.

Teacher/Certificated Employee of the Year:

Miliedee will take the lead on our Emp. of Year committee and has already placed a nomination form in your cubbies.  There is a very short timeline for this from our district.  We must have your nominations by this week as we are to announce the winner when we return from break.   Please find a little time this week to write something up for one of your deserving colleagues and turn it in to Eunice.

Question of the Week:

What are your plans for your upcoming week off?

Quote of the Week:

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” — May Smith


24 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 11/18/2013

  1. Mammoth, we plan to get my four year old up on skis in a 4 year old ski camp. Snowmen and sledding and all the things I remember from growing up in Northern California as a kid.

  2. I plan to fix my son’s paddleboard using epoxy resin (an unknown element to me) , help prepare the feast, and assist my wife on Black Friday…holding her place in line, peppermint mocha fetcher, etc.

  3. Goin’ to Staples Center. I wish it was to see the Bulls play the Lakers but instead I’m stuck with Justin Timberlake…. I hope he sings his hit from Saturday NIght Live….

  4. Prepping for Thanksgiving dinner for 10, spending time with my sister here from NoCal, watching a whole lot of TV that I’ve DVR’d. 🙂

  5. Multiple hot dates:
    – “Catching Fire” with my eldest daughter
    – Desert dirt biking with my husband and son
    – Visiting Missions San Diego de Alcala and San Juan Capistrano with my 4th grader
    – Having any and all PLNU college students over for Thanksgiving who don’t have someplace to go.
    – Spending “Make Something/Buy Nothing” Day at home making 1000s of cookies with my kids and their friends

  6. Celebrate my birthday and hopefully hit the big one in a casino, have Thanksgiving dinner with my family, take a trip to Temecula and keep enjoying the time off.

  7. Sleeping past sunrise, hitting the gym, reading, feasting on a Thanksgiving dinner that I have no hand in preparing, and then working Black Friday (P.S. Sephora opens at midnight on Thanksgiving if you can’t sleep and want to come see me 🙂

    1. Let me know how you accomplish the “no hands in preparing” because that sounds nice. If you also add in “no hands in cleaning up,” I will have reached nirvana.

  8. Spend time with my delightful and curious granddaughters. Soleil the six year is quite the little artist. I promissed her that I would let her use my art supplies to create some crafts. Luna on the other hand, (the now four year old), wants to play outside and build. Ron and I will catch a movie and go on a hike to two. Enjoy your time off everyone with your family and friends and remember to give thanks-for we are truly blessed!

  9. I plan on finishing up the last chapter of my thesis, while spending time with my family and recently rescued Pit Bull puppy Daisy.

  10. FYI: I’m finally catching up on all my Emory Eagle comments….:)…. Sleeping in is always such a pleasure when on vacation……….no alarm…..so cool!………zzzz.

    It was also exciting to host a Thanksgiving dinner party for over 20 family members and friends………….lots of FUN!

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