Weekly Update: 11/4/2013

Welcome to November! Here are the updates:

Attendance Awards:

Please bring trophies to the black top this morning for October attendance awards announcements.


Today’s lesson for PBS will be part 3 on Bullying.  This is a pervasive issue on school campuses everywhere so please take the time to discuss with your classroom and continue to encourage the idea of being an Upstander.


Please continue to focus your time around Units of Study.  Though there is no real pacing guide, you should be trying your best to stay around the recommended days/weeks for each Unit of Study.  If so, there should only be a couple more weeks of Unit 3 for most grade levels.  To make the most of your time, every grade level team should be communicating ahead of time about your specific agenda for the upcoming PLC which will allow to you to be most productive when you walk into collaboration time.

Grade level release time:

Since our Writing Consultants cost was a little less than first proposed, I can now use this money for more grade level release time.  At this time, I am offering each grade level one 1/2 day for additional planning around Units of Study.  This time cannot be used to do report cards or other important items, it must be used around Units of Study as all of “grade level release time” is written in our Site Plan to be used around deeper work around Units of Study.  If your grade level is intersted, please see Eunice to make sure the day that you have in mind is available.

No Staff Meeting:

There will be no staff meeting this week as we will have our Fall Carnival.

Fall Carnival:

Shelly has requested that everyone come to the cafeteria after school on Tuesday to pick up your booth items.  I will be making a connect ed tonight to encourage parents to help out with booths, set up, break down, and donations.   Please do the same in your weekly letters.

Certificated Employee of the Year:

Late last week we were requested to begin the quick process of selecting our Emp. of the Year Selection Committee.  These are the staff members that will read nominations and select the employee of the year.  Late Friday, nominations were placed in your cubby.  Please take a couple of quick moments to read it and write your names down and turn into Eunice.  I encourage you to do this while you are still in the lounge so you can get it done right away.  It is due to Eunice this Thursday.

Writing PD change of venue:

We have moved the upper grades writing PD for Nov. 15 (Gr. 3-6) to Conf. Room 4 at the district office because we will have PLCs (first and fourth grades) on that day since Nov. 11 is a holiday.


At last week’s staff meeting around Close reading, I shared with you another resource, Educreations, in which you can create your own lesson or view some from other teachers.  Another resource that I have been hearing about quite often is Khan Academy.  This online teaching website was created by Sal Kahn and has many teaching videos/tutorials for grades 3 and up though as I watched a couple of third grade tutorials and saw the topics, I think lower grades could use some of them too.  I have found the math tutorials to be particularly worthy but there are other subjects as well.  www.khanacademy.org will take you to an initial screen where you can sign in as a teacher or a student.  Students can take a pre-test and begin their own cycle of learning.  This might be a great resource for you to recommend to parents who are requesting tutoring in math.  For teachers, it provides you with step by step videos on teaching a variety of skills.  The math videos I have watched go the conceptual understanding level which is huge with Common Core math.  Once you have signed in, go to the “learn” tab in far left corner and it will give you choices on subject matter and then grade level.

Quote of the Week:

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.”

-Peggy O’Mara

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