Weekly Update: 10/28/2013

Here we are in our last week of October!! Where did it go? Here are the updates.

Title I meeting:

I will be conducting our parent informational meeting for Title I schools on Monday morning in Rm. 16.


Monday morning, please teach Part 2 (of 4) PBS lesson on Bullying.  Chris and Melinda S. have sent you the powerpoint and flipchart.


Please continue to plan around your Common Core ELA.   This might include looking at PTA assessment, taking a deeper look at the standards, unpacking the standards to see what skill should be taught first, next, finally, etc.

This week, 5th grade will have their PLC on Monday and 4th grade will have their PLC on Tuesday.  Both will take place at normal time, 1:05.

Staff Meeting:

We will have another staff meeting this week with a focus on authentic literacy with a focus on close reading.  The meeting will take place in Rm. 13 at 1:40.

Writing PD:

We will have our next Writing PD for primary grades this Wednesday in Rm. 21 (bulletin says Rm. 4 but please disregard that).  PD will begin promptly at 8 and end at 10:50.  Please bring the packet that was given to you on your first full day of Writing Pd this year with the steps of writer’s workshop, tailored to your grade level.  (is copied on colored paper)

Costume Parade:

We will have our annual costume parade this week on Thursday at 8:15a.m.  Please see Roseann’s email for details.  (No ELD on this day)

Teacher Created Materials:

A rep from Teacher Created Materials, the same man that came to one of our staff meetings last year, will be in our lounge to give you any info on non-fiction texts.  He will be here on Nov. 4th.  Do not feel pressured to purchase resources from him.  Some of the schools are using him to order small sets of multi-leveled readers and have reported to me that he has been very helpful and accommodating to their needs.  Our first grade team went with another company which allows you to purchase from a variety of publishers so you might also ask the first grade teachers more about their purchases.  Remember, each grade level has $1000 (if you haven’t already spent this) to purchase resources that will help you.  The intent is for your grade level to purchase materials for the students and for it to be somewhat consistent for the grade level.  If you ordered Nat’l Geog. or Time 4 Kids, this will not be taken out of the $1000.

Bicycle meeting:

I have received all the paperwork for our bicycle parents meeting and will schedule this for the week after our Carnival.

Question for the Week:

If you participated in trick or treating as a child, what was your favorite “treat”?

Quote of the Week:

Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves.”

-Ernest Dimnet





21 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 10/28/2013

  1. Mrs. Adams across the street made rice krispie balls shaped like pumpkins with chocolate chip eyes and nose. Mmmm…

  2. full size Milky Way bars…
    Of course the old gentleman who gave out rolls of nickels was always a hit, too. That was back in the time when a full size candy bar cost only 10 cents.
    Oh no, I think I just sounded old!!

  3. In the neighbor hood where I grew up the houses are on half an acre lots. This meant that you didn’t get to very many houses. Therefore, people tended to make a bigger deal on their treats. My favorite was one house that served warm mini doughnuts sprinkled with sugar.

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