Weekly Update: 9/9/2013

Go Chargers! Here are the updates for this week:

Ronald McDonald Assembly:

Thank you to Eunice for coordinating this free assembly related to good character traits.  The rep from this assembly told me that quotes from teachers on their feelings about the assembly is the most powerful and influential way to ensure that they continue to receive grants for these free assemblies.  If you don’t mind, and you liked the assembly, please email me a brief blurb endorsing the assembly.  I will then copy paste them onto a school letterhead and send that to her.

PBS lesson:

Our next PBS lesson will take place today, school wide, at 8:15.  Chris sent the powerpoint and Melinda sent the flipchart last week.  “Hallway expectations” is the focus this week.  I will come around to see how it’s going.


PLCs will continue this week but for any minimum days on which PLCs fall, the upper grade PLC will be moved to the morning from 8:55-10:10.  The impact teachers are already aware of this.

Staff Meetings:

There will be no staff meetings until we return from break due to parent/teacher conferences.

Parent/Teacher conferences:

I highly recommend that you have resources available to give parents regarding the Common Core if you haven’t already given them at Back to School NIght.  There are tons of resources on our district website in both Instructional Resources (under “For Staff” tab) and in Common Core Resources (under “Parents, etc.” tab)


We have secured dates/times for the next Writing PD with SDAWP:

K-2: Wed. Sept. 18th 8-10:45 Rm. 21 at Emory

3-6:  Mon. Oct. 7 8-11 Rm. 21 at Emory

We tried to secure Oct. 7 for primary as well but the primary SDAWP and West View staff were unavailable at this time.  However, Ana Reyes will come on Oct. 7 to meet with k-2 grade levels to support you around writing, answer clarifying questions, etc.

PLNU Art Students:

Dr. Sangren from PLNU has asked once again if Emory would be interested in hosting her Art Students.  I know this is another “item on the proverbial plate” and appreciate that you all have been so open to it.  It requires extra time on your part and some minutes away from your instructional day for art lessons.  I have viewed this as a vehicle for our students to receive add’l art instruction and also a way to prepare future teachers for the challenges they will face in this profession.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE SKIPPED IN THE NEXT ROUND OF ART LESSONS, please email me.  I will not think differently of you if you choose to pass this time.  I just need to know before I schedule the fall sessions.

Quote of the Week:

“No subject of study is more important than reading . . . all other intellectual powers depend on it.”

—Jacques Barzun

Speaking of reading……Here is a great and short article on 5 steps to help students with Close reading;


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 9/9/2013

  1. Good article !! Reminds me of some of the P.U.C strategies that Hilltop Middle School has adopted. I forgot about horizontal chunking. It was effective with my 6th graders in the past. I need to go back to it with my little guys. Thank you for the read !! 🙂

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