Weekly Update: 8/26/2013

Here are the latest updates: Enjoy the last week of August – already!!

PLCs begin!: (schedule was sent last week but will be sent to you again Monday morning)

PLCs begin this week.  We have the same times as last year.

Monday: 1st grade 10:15-11:30, 4th grade 1:05-2:20

Tuesday: 2nd grade 10:25-11:40, 5th grade 1:05-2:20

Thursday: 3rd grade 10:35-11:50, 6th grade 1:05-2:20

This week, please use your PLC to continue planning around Unit 2 and bring a few select student work samples and any formative assessments around what you have done so far.  Chris will be there to help and I may drop in to see how I can support you.

We have new staff members helping us with our rotations: Ann Linn (Science teacher, will come to your rooms for the first couple of weeks.  We might consider bringing students to Rm. 4 in the future but will wait and see if this makes more sense or if coming to the room is easier.) Jamie Schoenbrun (Tech teacher, students will continue to come to Rm. 21.  We aim to have 35 operational netbooks in there since some of our grade levels might have more than 33) PE teacher update: I interviewed someone (Suzann Chalfant) over the phone last Friday.  She sounded great (personal trainer background, sports, etc) but she will come down this week to meet me in person.

Staff Meeting:

There will be no staff meeting this week.  Please meet with your grade level team to continue planning around Unit 2, Writing, or Unit 3 if you are ready.   Your team might also choose to set a timer and use 10-20 minutes reading through our blog and checking out what’s been posted in the different tabs, or checking out the district webpage to look at resources for Common Core.  There are many options of how to use this valuable planning time together.  Please have one person on yout team email me to let me know where you are meeting on Wednesday so I know where to come to answer questions or clarify anything.


Thank you for those of you who are trying out some of the ideas that we learned in our PDs.  I am working on scheduling our next PD (we will see if Oct. 7 might work and then we wouldn’t need subs.) Chris and I will continue to visit to see how we can help– just ask, it’s ok to ask questions or for help.  We are willing to jump in and help or co-teach with you.  All I ask is that you plan ahead of time by reading over some of the materials that you received because they are helpful.  Afterwards, if you are still unclear, ask for clarification.  Then give it a go.

Discovery Ed and Activotes/expressions:

Please make sure you have enough activotes/expressions for each of your students and that they are working.  I sent a link last week to help guide you through setting them up.  We will collect the expressions from 6th grade and begin using those to replace non-working ones in other classrooms.  Please also make sure you can access Discovery Ed.  Email Chris if you need help.  Please do not wait until right before the first performance exam to check on these items.

Box Tops/Campbell’s Labels:

Please spend a minute or two explaining to your class about the easy ways they can help us raise money.  Our proceeds from these go back to them.  We have purchased the equipment carts and additional PE equipment with these funds and have received megaphones as well.  Phylis will be by this Friday to collect her first batch of BoxTops.

Question for the Week:

If you were stranded on a desert island and only had one type of food to eat, what would it be? Please respond by using “leave a reply” to respond.

Quote of the Week:

“All children have the right to have their gifts and talents cultivated through the process of education.” – Anthony Muhammad

18 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 8/26/2013

  1. only one food???? how boring. well, if it’s only one, I’d have to choose fish or chicken because they can be prepared soooo many different ways

  2. Humm, you did say type of food. So I chose fruit. I’ll take an apple. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

  3. For the first week I’d indulge in chocolate and caramel. After that, common sense would dictate a switch to French baguettes and brie. : D

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