Weekly Update: 8/12/2013

As we head into week 3 of the school year, here are the updates:

PLC and planning meetings:

We will continue this week with more grade level planning meetings.  Chris has been updating the PLC calendar so please check it out on blog for important dates.  We will hopefully find new impact teachers this week and be able to begin PLC rotations within a week or two.  Until then, if you haven’t already done so, please use one full day or two half day releases to help you plan upcoming “chapters” from your Units of Study.

Writing PD:

We will have our first writing PDs from SDAWP coming soon.  They will both take place at Emory in Rm. 21 for the first round.  Please bring something to write with and on.  The first training will be a full day with an overview of writing process and how to plan a writing unit step by step.  This hopefully will help you with an understanding of how a writing block in your schedule can be utilized.

K-2: Friday, Aug. 16th 8:00-2:30       3-6: Thursday, Aug. 22nd 8:00-2:30

Staff Meeting:

We will have a staff meeting this week in Rm. 21.  We will be discussing PBS, ELD, and view a video regarding Writing.  Please bring your writing composition book.

Emory Eagle Blog:

Our tech dept. is still working on the filters that are not allowing some of you to view the nicer version of the blog from our school site.  In the meantime, I still encourage you to check out the different tabs.  “Shout Outs” allows you to read about others or give praise or notice to someone or something that you want to celebrate or recognize.  You can do this through the “comments” box.  Under “Professional Development” tab, you can check out the latest of “Number Talks”, a quick read on ideas that you can use with your students around numbers and number sense.

Classroom Visits:

We have two visitors this week coming to Emory.  Ana Reyes will arrive on Wednesday to visit classrooms with me.  On Thursday, our new Superintendent, Dr. McNamara will be here from 12:30-2:25 and she hopes to visit every classroom for a few minutes in order to get  a sense of how we are incorporating expectations of Common Core into every lesson.  (opportunities for more student reading, speaking, writing….criticial thinking)


Thank you SO much for taking attendance on time every day.  Martha has commented that it has been better than ever before!! It really helps her to run her report and send out connect ed for absent students in a timely manner.  Most of you were able to access Synergy after following the step by step directions and for those that still had issues, I submitted a work order last Friday.  If you are one of those people, please email or call Martha will your absentees.

Quote of the Week:

“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities – brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems” – John Gardner






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