Welcome Back!

Welcome to the Emory Eagle Blog! This is where you will find everything related to Emory.  I will be posting my weekly update here plus much more.  This blog site will be your only way to access the Weekly Update, Weekly Bulletin, and other important information related to Emory.  I recommend that you subscribe to the blog so you can begin receiving each post via email. You can do this by looking to the links on the left, find “follow blog via email” and simply click on the “follow” button.   My hope is to have one place where you can find everything, thus avoiding the need to search through old emails or sift through papers on your desk in order to find important info.  This is my first professional goal of this school year, I hope we all find it helpful!

4 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

  1. One of my favorite children’s book (there are many) is The Tenth Good Thing About Barney by Judith Viorst, about a little boy who’s just lost his cat and how he learns how to deal with the loss. I’ve read it to my children and my classes scores of times and I still choke up when I read it. It is the sweetest book.

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